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LINC Directors Group May 21, 2008 Lincoln Trail Libraries System.

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1 LINC Directors Group May 21, 2008 Lincoln Trail Libraries System

2 Agenda u Financial Update u FY2009 Shared Costs u A review of FY2007-8 u WorldCat Local

3 FY2009 Shared Costs u Included shared costs for MyMediaMall and LibraryThing u Horizon Maintenance for all products rose 3-5% u Added 9 new online libraries to the shared cost spreadsheet u Data used for calculation comes from FY2007 Annual Profile Summary (building data)

4 FY2009 Shared Costs u OCLC costs for FY2009 will continue to be billed separately to libraries u Review data on the draft and submit any changes before May 30 to

5 LINC Policy Council u Local Holds allowed for libraries - for borrower requesting items owned by the library. Currently, 11 libraries using for 5,100 items (.2% of catalog) u Approved recommended changes to existing Circulation Policies u Circulation Subcommittee continues its work - examining ways to make circulation rules more consistent u Discussed e-commerce solutions - this discussion continues

6 LINC Activities u 9 libraries came online during the last year: Bement School, Giertz Education Center, Mattoon HS, Mattoon Middle, Bismarck-Henning JH, Kansas Public, Newman Public, Philo Public, Paris Public u LTLS held Future of the Integrated Library System Symposium in fall - over 240 attended

7 LINC Activities u Installed 2 additional T-1 lines (total of 3) at LTLS u 1 new library signed contract to join LINC; 7 libraries submitted LSTA grant requests to join u Worked with Champaign Public on new conveyor sorting/self-check integration with Horizon u Posted online Horizon forms and 6 month statistical ILL, RL, and Circ summaries on web site

8 LINC Activities u Added LibraryThing to LINCPac u Implemented WorldCat Local interfaces for 7 LINC libraries (pilot project) u Eliminated Cataloging Center backlog u Ran maintenance programs - purged patrons, merged duplicate records, eliminated 500 unused collection codes

9 LINC Activities u Upgraded and replaced network firewall software and hardware u Offered downloadable video through MyMediaMall u Eliminated 53,000 Social Security numbers from LINC borrower records u Offered over 30 LINC training classes

10 Questions?

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