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SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director Oak Lawn Public Library July 8, 2014.

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1 SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director Oak Lawn Public Library July 8, 2014

2  SD Consortia Summit  Timeline Drafted  Symphony Profiling Underway  Data Extracted from Millennium & Undergoing Analysis by SD

3 Lending & Borrowing Patron Notification Security Profiling MARC & Item Patron fields Types/Groups Mapping Data Migration Acquisitions Cataloging Group Circulation Searching Training UIX for Discovery/OPAC 77+ Profiles Enlist library grp Search eResource Central setup Collection mgmt E-books EBSCO Discovery Service Online Subscriptions Integration EDS Self-checks Peripheral hardware (spine labels, etc.) RFID, AMH 3 rd Party Integration Online patron payments Debt Collect RB Billing Credit Cards Financials Analytics Ad Hoc Rpts Reports Info for Patrons Enlist Library PR staff PR SD person on site 3 days (pre, during, post) Go Live Address issues 12 weeks of phone calls SWAN staff grp “Sure Start 12” BookMyne+ MobileCirc Mobile Facebook app Enlist library grp? Social Portfolio Conversion OMAI harvesting Digital Collections Before Go Live After Go Live

4 Project Manager Data Analyst Symphony Consultant Enterprise Consultant SVA Consultant Server Hardware Consultant Core Trainers (Train the trainers) System Admin Circ, Cat, Reports, Enterprise Custom Development

5 SirsiDynix Consortia Summit: Hosted by SWAN June 4  Consortia Managers & Staff  CCS, LINC, MAGIC, & RSA– all SirsiDynix customers  How they designed Symphony  Resource Sharing  Managing Enterprise  Summit #2 Scheduled: July 28  Review SWAN Symphony Profile, aka “Sanity Check”

6 Start Wed 6/11/14 Finish Wed 4/15/15 July 21September 11December 21February 11April 1 Project Prep SWAN Core Training 9/15 - 1/16 3rd Party Int. Enterprise Config. SVA In Person Library Staff Training 2/3 - 4/10 Install Symphony Production Environment 7/16 Load Policies 8/13 Install Workflows Implementation Team 9/1 Unique Management Onsite 10/13 Library Staff Access Mentor 11/3 Symphony 3.5 Upgrade 1/4 Install Workflows All Library Staff 1/16 Final Data Call and Data Resolutions 3/23 Suspend Tech Services 3/30 Start to Offline Circ 4/11 – 4/13 GO LIVE 4/14 COW 7/8 Quarterly 9/4 Test Data Load Policy Profiling November 1

7  Symphony ILS Software New features  Focus on Patron Experience  Is preserving current practice best for patron?  Opportunity to rethink design & services that make patrons happy

8 Use Technology to Provide the Best Patron Experience


10 #1 Set ILL Lending/Borrowing at Home Library  The default setting in Symphony allows the borrowing library to determine the loan rule  For INNOPAC/Millennium: currently, the reverse – the owning library determines the loan rule  Patrons express dissatisfaction when they pick up materials and discover that the ILL materials circulate differently  SWAN patrons do not understand how they receive overdue notices from libraries they have never visited Recommendation: Opt for the Symphony software default setting & allow the borrowing library rules to define the circulation rule, instead of the lending library Patron Home Library A Materials (3 wks) ILL Materials Library B Rules (2 wks) Patron Home Library A Materials (3 wks) ILL Materials Library B (follow Library A rules) Now Proposed

11 #2 Consolidate Circulation Configuration: Create uniformity for the optimal patron experience  Set all grace periods to two days  Allow unlimited renewals, but with “unseen renewals” set to 2, with the 3 rd at the library  Provide Symphony “alternate loan periods”  Member library sets checkout period & fines Have the SWAN Circulation Advisory Committee make a final recommendation to the SWAN Board for approval in August 2014

12 #3 Create Uniformity in the Way that Member Libraries Catalog Volumes  SWAN should resolve this patron service issue for go-live, during the profiling phase  Uniform data entry for volumes will make Symphony & Enterprise software work better Recommendation: Have the Bibliographic Services staff set the standard for data entry for multi- volume records for all cataloging libraries and non- cataloging libraries in SWAN


14 #4 Recommendation: Standardize Treatment of Boxed Sets Recommendation: Have all boxed sets cataloged uniformly by SWAN libraries starting January 1, 2015.  Boxed sets will circulate for two weeks to allow patrons time to view the material.  This applies only to new sets acquired by SWAN libraries. Existing collections will not have to be repackaged or re-cataloged (unless a library choses to do so)

15 Library staff enter a “pre-cat” brief record for the complete boxed set based on ISBN Patrons place holds on boxed set pre-cat record, AKA bib level hold Upon receiving their items, some libraries add the complete boxed set as a single item, while some add each disc as an individually circulating item ILS cannot distinguish between a boxed set or a specific disc for holds placed on a pre- cat, and patrons may end up receiving disc six instead of the boxed set or the first disc of the set Unhappy patron Does This Sound Familiar?

16 Pre-cat example of upcoming DVD release: 60 holds waiting 5 videodiscs in box set

17 #5 Pick Up Anywhere for All Public Libraries  Colleges & Special Libraries exempt  SWAN must focus on its reciprocal borrowing experience, as it is higher than ILL within the consortium (1.5 million RB annually vs. 1.1 million ILL)  Creating greater flexibility in pick up locations will better serve patrons with diverse needs Recommendation: All public libraries in SWAN should allow patrons within the OPAC to select a location other than their home library for pickup of materials

18  Symphony “profiling” work began July 7  Final design is due on August 8  Go-live date of April 2015  College Spring break  Two months prior to start summer reading  Request the SWAN Board take action on the following five recommendations at Friday July 18 Board Meeting

19  SWAN Board July 18 9:30am: RAILS Burr Ridge  RAILS Parking Lot will be repaved that day  Park next door in west lot of 100 Tower Drive ▪ When using their parking lot please park your vehicle along the back East section, the row close to RAILS ▪ During the construction period, please use the kitchen door only for ingress and egress  Committee of the Whole August 12 9:30am: Tinley Park Public Library  Quarterly Sept 4 9:30am : RAILS Burr Ridge  Live Streaming & Recording

20 Aaron Skog,

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