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SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director Prairie State College May 13, 2014.

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1 SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director Prairie State College May 13, 2014

2 Overview 5 Years 0% Maintenance Migration Products Consulting Adding New Libraries


4  Weekly Conference Calls w/ SirsiDynix  Drafting Project Plan  Review Profiling & Software Policy Docs  Visits to Lansing & Winnetka Libraries  Shared Experience with HALAN: migration from III to SD

5 Lending & Borrowing Patron Notification Security Profiling MARC & Item Patron fields Types/Groups Mapping Data Migration Acquisitions Cataloging Group Circulation Searching Training UIX for Discovery/OPAC 77+ Profiles Enlist library grp? Search eResource Central setup Collection mgmt E-books EBSCO Discovery Service Online Subscriptions Integration EDS Self-checks Peripheral hardware (spine labels, etc.) RFID, AMH 3 rd Party Integration Online patron payments Debt Collect RB Billing Credit Cards Financials Analytics Ad Hoc Rpts Reports Info for Patrons Enlist Library PR staff? PR SD person on site 3 days (pre, during, post) Go Live Address issues 12 weeks of phone calls SWAN staff grp “Sure Start 12” BookMyne+ MobileCirc Mobile Facebook app Enlist library grp? Social Portfolio Conversion OMAI harvesting Digital Collections Before Go Live After Go Live

6 SirsiDynix Consortia Summit  Planning Underway  Consortia Managers & Staff  CCS, LINC, MAGIC, & RSA– all SirsiDynix customers  How they designed Symphony  Resource Sharing  Managing Enterprise

7  COSUGI  All SWAN Libraries Now Members!  2014 Conference Detroit, Michigan  May 15-17, 2014 

8  SirsiDynix Library Users of Illinois  Held April 24, 2014 at the Bloomingdale Public Library  Presentation “Caution, change ahead: Skill sets for today and tomorrow” presented by Kelly Krieg-Sigman

9 You may not have the answer The answer “will sometimes be a collaborative effort." “If we don't know how to do this, someone is going to find out.” So it is important to have a trusting place. Also, people will need to have some points of success, so they feel the achievement Valued & recognition: everyone has a different take on it Make sure to let the folks doing the work help with how this works Ignore it or dismiss it at your peril Allow some of freedom within the environment Talk about it Build trust Provide Time to Practice and Prepare Give Permission to Fail Make Sure There Is Time to Play Humor & Irreverence Go a Long Way Have Patience

10 SWAN Member Services Has Designed a Workshop with Our Changing the ILS  Coming this Fall: Two half-day workshops  Library Leaders, will  Know the differences between/among types of change  Be able to apply specific change concepts, analytically, to organizational change  Understand how transition periods support healthy adaptation to change  Examine the current reality of the transition period within the SWAN libraries  Craft personal change strategies and strategies to influence the collective future  Be able to use effective techniques for communication in teams undergoing change  Be able to see how everyone can contribute in a positive way to change efforts  Library Managers, will  Have a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of change  Recognize sources and types of power in organizations and how to use power effectively  Be able to apply strategies for lessening anxiety and overcoming resistance  Have an understanding of organizational culture and how to tap it to balance necessary change  and tradition-bearing important to the organization

11  Baker & Taylor Axis360 Authentication Issue *Resolved*  Quick Clicks Issue following Network Migration *Resolved*  Affected Brodart, Baker & Taylor, Innovate Ecommerce, Ingram, and Midwest Tapes  Intermittent slowness following Network Migration  Relating to new encryption method and interaction with aging SonicWall hardware  Working with libraries individually and SonicWALL to resolve the issue  JAR Issues  Can be caused by… ▪ Corrupted JAR installation (Resolved by reinstall) ▪ Network congestion issues

12 Workstation, Thin Client, Tablet Specifications Sanctioned Peripherals Hardware Specifications for Symphony Survey Out For Adopters & Interested Libraries RFID Workshop Planning For SWAN Support Staff Who Are Our Customers? SugarCRM currently in evaluation CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Half of 77 Library SonicWALL appliances are End of Life Upgrading Old SonicWALLs

13  Surveys distributed via SWANcom and homepage last week ( )  SWAN will be requesting tag inventories and volunteer presenters for an upcoming workshop  Contact Steven Schlewitt, SWAN IT manager at 630.734.5130 for more information

14  Current TZ-170, PRO-2040, and PRO-3060 users are outside of hardware support cycle  Hardware will continue to function, but cannot be replaced or supported under warranty  TZ170’s are no longer capable of supporting the security levels required of SWAN  Slowness following Network Migration Project related to hardware performance capacity issues  ILS migration is a great reason to upgrade! Pictured Above: SonicWall TZ-170 Unit

15  How do YOU want to hear from SWAN?  Existing Methods… ▪ SWANCom Emails ▪ homepage  Future candidates… ▪ Twitter? ▪ Facebook? ▪ Google Plus?

16  BizCom 2.0  Rich Wolff & Rodger Brayden  1 st meeting May 9 th  Reviewed 2010 SWAN Business Plan & Scenarios documents

17  Co-chairs Jim Deiters & Anne Kozak  Met May 8 th, meeting June 5th  12 Ambassador Representatives  Focus for 2014

18  SWAN Board May 13 12PM: Prairie State College hosting (changed from Friday May 16)  Quarterly June 5: RAILS Burr Ridge  What Do You Think About Live Streaming?  Recording?  Visit by SirsiDynix & Presentation Under Discussion

19 Aaron Skog,

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