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Presentation to the Delegation of Jersey E-Digital Team Erki Urva 10.06.2014.

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1 Presentation to the Delegation of Jersey E-Digital Team Erki Urva 10.06.2014

2 HISTORY The aims of HITSA are to assist in preparation of the highly qualified IT specialists and to support information and communication technology- related education development in Estonia Information Technology Foundation for Education started May 2, 2013, after a merger of: Estonian Information Technology Foundation Estonian Education and Research Network – EENet Tiger Leap Foundation Number of employees: 95 Annual budget 2014: 12,7 MEUR Offices in Tallinn and Tartu

3 Information Technology Foundation for Education Founders: Estonian Republic Tartu University Tallinn University of Technology Eesti Telekom Association of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies Non-profit organization Vision 2020: ICT skills supporting the development of the digital age society and their smart use are the sources of the prosperity of Estonia Strategic objectives OBJECTIVE No. 1: The graduates of each level of education are guaranteed modern digital competences OBJECTIVE No. 2: The smart use of ICT in teaching, learning and organization of teaching increases the quality of teaching

4 Basic matrix structure of HITSA Educational level Main acitivityPre-school and general education Vocational education Higher education Goal IT in educationInnovation CentreStrategic goals of main ectivities Information systems Development Centre for Information Systems IT educationDevelopment Centre for IT Education Strategic goals of educational levels

5 HITSA structure 2014 HITSA Founders HITSA Supervisory Council HITSA Management Board Innovation Centre Development Centre for Information Systems Development Centre for IT Education HITSA subsidiaries Estonian IT College EENet EITSA Kinnisvara Back Office

6 Innovation Centre Established by a merger of: The Estonian e-Learning Development Centre (part of former EITF) Tiger Leap Foundation 3 consortiums/programs: “Tiger Leap in School” „e-vocational school“ „e-university“ Main activities: Staff training and support E-learning content development Quality management Learning services

7 Development Centre for Information Systems Main activities: Development and maintaining information systems for education; Supported Information Systems: SAIS – Admission Information System for universities 5 universities, 13 institutions of professional higher education, 5 vocational schools ÕIS – Study Information System for universities of applied sciences and vocational schools 14 universities and vocational schools, 17 000 students Plagiarism Detection System - KRATT Educational portals, repositories E-learning content management systems, learning environments Basic IT solutions for schools

8 Development Centre for IT Education Main activities: Tiger University Program 1 MEUR in 2014 Funded by Estonian Government ICT Program 1,6 MEUR in 2014 Funded: 85% European Regional Development Fund, 10% Government, 5% partner IT Academy 2,8 MEUR in 2014 (Government plus Skype sponsorship) Infrastructure support programs for schools ProgeTiger Program School Robotics Program

9 IT Academy – Study IT IT Academy – „Study IT in Estonia“ Is not a new university; Is a cooperation program between government, universities and industry; Official launch: September 2012; Main objectives: To improve the international competitiveness of ICT studies; To fulfil the needs of ICT industry for quality graduates; To support the growth of Estonian economy Main activities: International marketing; Additional financing of selected curricula; Scholarships; Compensation of tuition-free studies;

10 Estonian IT College – brief facts Birthday: May 17 th, 2000 Status: Private, non-profit Applied, the first degree level studies (Bologna-type) Three curricula in Information Technology Commercial (Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun) and open source software study programs CISCO, Telecommunication, Robotics, Mobile and Multimedia labs ~900 students 13 full time lecturers, ~40 visiting lecturers from universities, enterprises and state structures

11 IT College - study programs and forms Study programs IT System Development (since 2000) IT System Administration (since 2000) IT Analysis (since 2003) Study forms Regular (max 50% auditoria load) Evening (max 40% auditoria load) Distance (max 25% auditoria load – on every 3-th Friday- Saturday-Sunday )

12 Estonian Education and Research Network – EENet Established in August 1993 as a governmental non-profit organization. From 1997 until April 2013 EENet operated as a state agency administered by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. On April 12, 2013 EENet merged with EITF 4 departments ~1100 service contracts 21 employees Located in Tartu

13 Estonian Education and Research Network – EENet The mission of EENet is to provide a high-quality national network infrastructure for Estonia’s research, educational and cultural communities. Services: Dedicated Internet access; Webhosting, e-mail, ftp, DNS; Consultations in the event of security problems; Computing infrastructure for universities and research institutions; Estonian GRID project etc. Represents Estonia in several international organizations (TERENA, CEENet, etc)

14 EENet – Network and GRID Services Backbone network and connectivity services: 10 Gbps fibre-rings in Estonia 5 Gbps international connection (GÉANT) 7. FP projects GN3 ja GN3plus Computing and storage capacity 400 processor cores 40 Nvidia Tesla GPU-s 400 TB storage capacity

15 Thank you!

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