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2 2 Briefly about Innove Established in 2003 by the Government as the non- profit foundation. Continues the activities of the foundation Vocational Education and Training Reform in Estonia (1995-2003): -Change agent, new ideas piloted and disseminated -Attracting employer and trade uninon representatives, different ministries, vet schools etc into the reform process of VET -6 Phare projects to develop VET and qualification system, Leonardo da Vinci Programme, career services projects

3 Briefly about Innove Foundation Innove has been established to promote initiatives and activities of lifelong learning through Estonian and EU programmes in the area of human resources development. 3

4 Main strands of activities VET Administration of EU funds Life long career guidance/services

5 5 Activities of the Foundation Administration of the EU Structural Funds in the area of LLL, vocational education and labour market services (MOSA); Develop and implement programmes and projects in the field of vocational education and lifelong learning, incl. international projects; Coordinate the development of career services; mediate information about career services and mobility for learning purposes; Organize the collection, analysis and distribution of information about vocational education and training.

6 6 Innove - partners Extensive network of international and local partners: -VET institutions in Estonia and abroad; general and higher education institutions -Different ministries (incl. Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance) -Employer organisations (incl. the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) -Trade Unions -Regional and local governments - Other EU Member States, and EU based organisations (incl. CEDEFOP, European Training Foundation etc)

7 7 Innove in figures Economic figures (EUR) Budget 2011: 104 mil € 2010: 101 mil € (incl. EU, Estonian state budget fund (11%) Turnover 2010: 85 mil € (growth 1,4 times compared to 2009) - Operating costs: 2, 8 mil € (incl. salarys, other admin. costs) - ERDF, ESF payments: 82, 2 mil € Average payments per day: 0,32 mil € Statistics on emloyees 2004 – 47 2011 – 79 (+ experts)

8 8 Innove – structure Administrative Unit Supervisory Board (5 members) Management Board (2 members) Finance Unit Structural Funds Unit National Resource Centre for Guidance Vocational Education Development Unit

9 9 Vocational Education Development Unit Promote new innovative ideas and methods in vocational education and training Initiate and implement new projects Coordinate national skills competitions in Estonia Coordinate and prepare Estonian teams for Worldskills and Euroskills Participate in transnational networks for training and consultation services

10 10 Vocational Education Development Unit – in more details ESF programme “Promotion of vocational education and training in Estonia” (2008-2013): skills competitions, newsletter, communication training, creative contest, ad-s, articles etc 22 national skills competitions in 2010+ Young Masters competition (covered10 specialities) Participation in EuroSkills (since 2008), Worldskills (since 2007) Estonia got 7 medals (3 gold medals) at EuroSkills 2010 in Lisbon Quality Award for VET schools since 2003

11 11 Innove is the Implementing Agency for EU Structural Funds since 2004 (when Estonia joined EU) Innove is responsible for managing and controlling EU Structural Funds projects and programmes incl. planning and developing the management and control system for implementation Period 2004-2007 Innove was responsible for all ESF and ERDF measures in education ESF 36,7 mil eur EUR+25% Est co-fin; ERDF 34,7 milEur+20%, absorbation rate almost 100% Structural Funds (SF) Unit

12 12 2007 – 2013 ESF human resources development for… Europen Social Fund (ESF) 2007-2013 Ministry of Education measures life-long learning education, incl. vocational training,career guidance etc. 56 M€+15% Estonian co-financing Ministry of Social Affairs measures employment; working environment social security; equality 128 M€+15% TOTAL ESF: 184 M€

13 13 ERDF 2007 – 2013 investments in… vocational schools; vchools intended for students with special educational needs (SEN) – includes children with disabilities; youth centres, information and counselling centres and hobby schools (youth work infrastructure) ----------------------------------------------------- European Regional Development Fund: 213 M€

14 14 National Resource Centre for Guidance Founded by the Ministry of Education and Research in 1998 Main aim – to develop a coherent national career services system in Estonia in order to provide quality services for young and adults within the bigger European framework for lifelong guidance Main target group – guidance practitioners, policy makers, regional and local governments etc. Main activities – producing different information and methodological materials, organising seminars and trainings, developing web sites, quality assurance

15 15 Agreement between two ministries In 2008, contractual agreement to develop career services was signed between the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Social Affairs stating the areas of responsibility in providing high quality career services to the whole population.

16 16 We support our target groups by producing different information and methodological materials, organising seminars, trainings on regional, national and international level and developing web sites ( ) National Resource Centre for Guidance

17 17 Homepage: E-mail: Contacts & more information about Innove

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