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2014 TigerLead Success Summit Closing Remarks Howard Tager, Co-Founder, TigerLead Solutions.

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1 2014 TigerLead Success Summit Closing Remarks Howard Tager, Co-Founder, TigerLead Solutions

2 Party at Tao!



5 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! Worth $99?

6 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! PeopleWork Book by Chris Smith 2 Continental Breakfasts 1 Kickback Wine and Beer Networking Reception 1 Raging Client Appreciation Party & Dinner Cove Financial Program (Full Commission + $250) Realtor Recommendation “Heads Up” Running Start Doorsteps for FREE for One Year

7 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! Two Full Days of Incredible Tips, Strategies, Advice, Success Stories Full Documentation of all Presentations and “Pearls”

8 Success Summit Wrap Up: What did you learn?

9 Pearls of Wisdom

10 Where We’ve Been There is always something that you can do better. Use the Summit as the starting line of a new course. 37% of buyer leads are also sellers – Add it to your script/dialogue. Who doesn’t want to double down?

11 FSCP Fast Service-oriented Consistency Persistency You’re not going to get fit if you only work out twice a month.

12 You’ve heard the success stories and tips from other TigerLead clients themselves. TigerLead is in high demand and works, provided you are able to change your business practices and work hard to cultivate your leads and build a strong team.

13 In the digital age, information spreads much faster, so it’s much more important to be that much more responsive to customers/leads. Really define the purpose of your business and how it can help people. Make your business focused on people and relationships. Focus on quality – Quality creates quantity.

14 Providing a good service and focusing on relationships is a form of marketing. Build a community based on your business and surround yourself (business) with good people. Be passionate about what you do and never quit.

15 The best emails give a sense of urgency, are personalized, and end with a question. Know your metrics, especially closing rate. Closing rate is what matters - all agents are not created equal, so don’t treat them that way. Have the hard conversations about effort put in and problems with performance.

16 Consider invitation-only hiring. Build a great brand, and now you can pick and choose your agents. Hire less than 30% of the people interviewed! Hire for good character and work ethic and train on skills. Build your reputation = build the brand = perception + reputation.

17 The number of leads grows faster than homes available. What is TigerLead focusing its efforts on: o Lead quality o Consumer home search site o Paws dashboard

18 Officially introduced the launch of TigerLead mobile search! Your mobile site is live now!

19 New TigerLead technology being released soon: o Two emails per lead o Persistent login o Map search In progress for 2014: o School & Neighborhood information o Search Suggest o Home Values will become “Home Search Trends”

20 These updates are only possible because of the excellent suggestions and feedback that we’re receiving (keep it coming). Cove Financial is an alternative mortgage program for buyers that don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. This program is a great opportunity for TL clients who may have had to turn potential buyers away because of bad credit. Cove is offering $250 towards a TigerLead client’s bill if a buyer purchases a home through Cove.

21 Finish emails with a question that is not ‘how can I help you?’ Some clients get 50-60% responses off initial texts. When hiring new agents, ask questions, do multiple interviews. If it doesn't work out the first month, it's not going get better.

22 Every lead on the first day: o Call immediately o Revise criteria o Push listings o Update activities on the first day Use the star system to track leads’ progress. Have an Action Plan and stick to it.

23 Speed to call incoming leads (<2 min), be ON IT. Number/amount of calls and emails to leads is important, but not as important as the QUALITY of those contacts. Stay in touch after closing the lead, they’re not just a transaction.

24 Staying in touch pays, utilize the social network of those leads you’ve established relationships with. “Sending something is better than nothing” – FALSE, quality IS important. Have systems and processes in place in order to keep track and follow up with the leads (i.e. Maria’s system of contacting new leads first, then priority, leads, then last logins, and then inactive last logins).

25 Be innovative and think outside of the box as far as places to find a great ISA. May be better that they haven’t worked in the real estate industry previously. People with retail or hospitality industry experience are great examples. Concierge approach is KEY. The conversation should be all about the search and what you can do for the lead.

26 Consumers most frequently look for reputation of an agent (i.e. looking for ratings from past clients the agent has been engaged with). Consumers like ‘ease of working with/not pushy/understands budget limit.’ More important to listen to someone who has lived the experience. More recs = more leads

27 Learning from your mistakes is the way to greater success, so don’t be discouraged by failure. Stop making excuses. Recruit agents with Facebook. Set clear expectations with your new agents and yourself! Maintain a positive attitude.

28 The office visit is part of the showing. If something’s not working, tweak it! Everyone should know their numbers! Provide great and personalized incentives, in addition to coaching and motivation to your agents. Peer accountability is also key!

29 Don’t fear the cheesiness, make it fun and make it culture building, make you believe in it. Are you willing to do what it takes and will your actions achieve your goal? We make time for what we truly want! You need the belief that Tigerlead can change your world!

30 Book Recommendation – “The Four Day Work Week” – Trying to boost not only ROI but also ROT – return on time. 90% of home search is done online (good thing you’re all already taking advantage of that). You can leverage through outsourcing using external personal assistants to manage email accountability and compare stats.

31 Success isn’t just about what you accomplish, but what you inspire others to accomplish. Win hearts and minds of your customers! Partner effectively. Get deep into data. Build culture consciously and continuously.

32 Dream big, dream scary.

33 When you get your leads, you have to immerse them in an experience. Give them information. They will respond to it. Develop strategic partnerships with vendors. Make your vendors contribute to the cost of the system. When working with lenders, synergy needs to be aligned. The lender needs to do weekly calls. Over communication is key.

34 Look at your leads’ ‘listings viewed’ and send personalized emails to check in. You gain so much info from the site and dashboard – USE IT! Talk about the specific community and show your knowledge and expertise.

35 You can use technology to increase productivity if use it in the right way. Joining an online group is recommended in order to share information. Utilize Facebook – You can create custom lists (i.e. geographic radius search or past clients) in order to help generate more referrals. Make life easier through anticipatory applications, which work in the background automatically (such as MileIQ, EasilyDo, Tempo, and TopProducer).

36 What did TigerLead Tech deliver over the last year? o ‘Team Management’ improvement capabilities o Reassign Leads- tools within Paws o Filter leads by license type o Quicker navigation through lead sets within PAWS o Password reset

37 TigerLead issued a survey with 1K agent participation resulting in 3K recommendations Paws Dashboard improvements: o More Efficient o Easier to use o More Inclusive o More Integrated

38 TigerLead Tech updates coming in 2014: o Video embedded emails o Lead action plans o Daily task sheets o Enhanced follow-up o Custom labeling o Enhanced lead routing (improved round-robin) o Mass lead file import - lead aggregation service o Bulk lead import/export o Market Snapshot integration o Top producer integration o Gmail and Google contacts integration

39 In order to be successful, you have to know how to create a team that is actively able to manage all leads effectively. Different strategies work for different teams, but you need to be diligent about keeping tabs on your agents and effectively manage your dashboard. Leverage videos to win leads

40 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! Worth $99? Priceless!!

41 Three Types of Leads



44 Get “LISTED” and Take Your Biz to the Next Level

45 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! L eadership

46 Only You Can Take Your Team to the Next Level!

47 Leadership Qualities


49 Leadership and the Four R’s

50 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! E ntrepreneurship

51 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! Entrepreneur n. someone who enthusiastically embraces solving problems in their industry, typically taking additional risk and going outside established solutions. (Generally thought of in conjunction with starting a new company.)

52 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! Agents & Brokers shifted to a whole new innovative medium and channel of advertising and marketing. Agents & Brokers took on the financial risk of spending more per month on digital marketing then what they were spending on all other expenses combined. In many cases, Agent teams became more productive than entire brokerages. This spurred true independence from brokerage brands. Many of TigerLead’s licensees have become true entrepreneur’s in every sense of the words.

53 Lessons from My Entrepreneurial Journey It’s only after hitting rock bottom that you can reach new heights. Struggle, adversity, failure will be the best thing that ever happened to you and when you will learn the most When I start a new venture I look for the “4 Wins” Good opportunity for me intellectually Big Financial Potential Great opportunity and environment for my employees Truly important and valuable product or service for my customers 100% of zero is zero and 25% of $100M is $25M. The right partners unleash more value than they consume in equity. Work with complementary, not overlapping partners.

54 Ask questions, be nosy, be pushy, find and grab opportunities. Finding luck along the way only happens by actively putting yourself in a position for “luck” to find you. Send out an “I’m approachable and open to ideas” vibe. Be receptive and give lots of free counsel to others. Do what you do best and let others do the rest. Practice “triage.” Approach each work day as if you’re an emergency room physician who has to decide which patients to attend to first. Triage your to-do’s, block out the unimportant, focus on the highest priority items that will have the most impact on your top or bottom line Hire slowly, fire quickly and know that “red flags” will most often not go away Lessons from My Entrepreneurial Journey

55 Always gauge the risk/reward ratio on any venture or any investment. Is the risk of your time and/or money justified by the potential returns? Surround yourself with positive people and eliminate all negativity. Surround yourself with proven winners and people who have achieved. Always spend a significant amount of time doing research and due diligence before you jump headlong into a new venture. Hire people who are “smarter, faster, stronger” and they will make you rich. Leverage, whether it’s money or people, is the only way to achieve true wealth. Lessons from My Entrepreneurial Journey

56 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level! D esire

57 Take Your Tiger Team to the Next Level!

58 “I don’t fear failure. I fear mediocrity, routine, anonymity, and boredom.” -- Me

59 This Is What I Fear and Therefore What Motivates!

60 Visualize Your Goal



63 “Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass..” -- Napolean Hill, from Think and Grow Rich

64 The Key to Success 1)Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. Be specific! 1)Determine exactly what you intend to give or sacrifice in return for the money that you desire 1)Establish a definite date by when you intend to possess the money that you desire

65 The Key to Success 4)Create a very specific plan for carrying out your desire which must begin immediately without any delay 4)Write down a personal, concise statement that includes the amount of money that you intend to acquire, the time horizon for acquiring it, what you intend to give up or sacrifice in return for the money, and the plan through which you intend to acquire the money 4)Read your written statement twice daily, once when you wake up and once before you go to sleep

66 The Key to Success “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking what’s in it for me?”

67 The Key to Success!

68 Thanks!


70 The TigerLead Success Summit “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” -- Marc Anthony

71 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level!


73 Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

74 There is a Ton of Cash in Your Computer!

75 Take Your Tiger Team to the Next Level!

76 Take Your Tiger Business to the Next Level!

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