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Student Employment Sheila Anderson Kelley Guldenpfennig Dorene Spotts 3/26/14.

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1 Student Employment Sheila Anderson Kelley Guldenpfennig Dorene Spotts 3/26/14

2 Will Cover Hiring student workers On-boarding student employees Banner ePAF - Electronic submission of student personnel actions Students web time entry Questions

3 Hiring Student Workers Definition: Student worker – UT students currently attending classes at UT and work part-time on campus FWS or CWS – students are eligible to work part-time up to 20 hrs per week & paid minimum wage from a fed grant admin by Financial Aid. Where do I find info on hiring student workers? Working on MC - t_employment.html t_employment.html Working on HSC - ml ml

4 Hiring Student Workers Hiring Dept should find out; If student is currently working on-campus – if so where? Has student ever worked on-campus / received payment via UT’s payroll? Is student currently enrolled in classes – if so number of credit hours? Is student in good academic standing? See policy #3364-71-01 Has student been awarded work study by Fin Aid Office? Does student have their work study contract yet? Is student a GA through Grad School? If yes – need approval from Grad School to work both pos What is their anticipated grad date?

5 On-Boarding Student Employees Required Forms - complete list found on website PIF – all 4 pages – add Rocket ID # in upper right corner of first page I-9 – need pages 7, 8, 9 and a copy of ID attached International Students – form must be completed by International Student Services Fraud Alert – signature page only State Tax Form OPERS Exemption Certificate – student completes top portion only; payroll completes bottom portion Work Study Contract (if applicable) Hiring dept attaches forms to a copy of ePAF & sends to Student Empl Office MS112; SU 1533 Student completes on-line (after 1 st pay has been issued) Federal W-4 tax form Direct Deposit

6 Classifications S1 – 61308 Taking classes in same semester - work up to 20 hrs/week fall & spring & up to 30 hrs/week breaks & summer - Exempt from OPERS S2 – 61308 Work study appointments – contract from Fin Aid - Work up to 20 hrs/week - Exempt from OPERS S3 – 61311 (may not be processed within the same pay period as a S1) Not taking classes in same semester - Usually summer only (took spring classes & pre- registered for fall classes) - Must pay into OPERS S4 – 61321 Internships – taking classes in same semester – flat rate or stipend – exempt from paying into OPERS S4 – 61904 Taking classes in same semester – flat rate or stipend – exempt from paying into OPERS


8 Banner ePAF - Primary Issues Dates Start dates must all be the same End dates must all be the same Work Study Students New Hires with several positions – how do I submit? Beginning of FY requires new PCN and suffix will always be 00 Ending one position but not others Use “Ending Students Job” (ENDJOB) option Before SUBMIT – contact HRTD by e-mail HRTD will remove current end date and will e-mail you back

9 Timeframes & Deadlines - Banner ePAF Using Banner ePAF Tentative effective fall 2014 – finalizing grant funded setup Deadline for ePAF submission 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday of non-pay week Missed deadline could result in Student unable to submit time on-line Student may not receive pay timely


11 Web Time Entry - Instructions

12 Web Time Entry – Superv Approval Example Instructions Web Time Entry for Students –Supervisor Approval Time Sheets must be approved by 2:00 p.m. Monday of pay week. Holidays could cause this deadline to be moved up. Employee Tab ->Select More Employee Options… Select Time Sheet

13 Web Time Entry – Supv Approval Sample Instructions Select approve or acknowledge time If acting as a proxy, use the drop down arrow to select the person you are approving time on behalf Select Dept and pay period to approve

14 Timeframes & Deadlines – Web Time Entry Students Work week - Saturday thru Friday Pay period – paid one week behind Have until midnight on Sunday to enter & submit time worked Ex: 3/28 is end of pay period – students have until Sunday, 3/30 to submit time for period of 3/15/14 thru 3/28/14 This is a new deadline Holidays move the due date up – will send notice a week in advance Approvers Have until 2:00 p.m. on Monday of pay week to approve Final Step Finalizing pay starts on Monday afternoon and final run is Tuesday afternoon

15 Timelines & Deadlines Spring semester ends Work study – 5/2/14 Non-work study – 5/9/14 Summer assignments begin 5/10/14 Forms required OPERS enrollment SSA-1945 Summer assignments end 8/15/14

16 Who Do I Contact For - Posting Student Positions Student Employment Office – Sheila Anderson - 8553 Student Employment Forms – Onboarding Questions Student Employment Office – Sheila Anderson - 8553 Banner ePAF Questions Kelley Guldenpfennig - 1494 Web Time Entry Questions Payroll – LaToya Jackson - 8799

17 Questions

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