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Presented by Erik Padilla, Financial Aid Specialist Extraordinaire and Amber Rost STUDENT EMPLOYEE SELECTION TRAINING.

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1 Presented by Erik Padilla, Financial Aid Specialist Extraordinaire and Amber Rost STUDENT EMPLOYEE SELECTION TRAINING

2  A student employee is a temporary part time employee working for minimum wage without benefits a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session and up to 39 hours during the interim. How are Student employees paid?  Student Hire  100% from the hiring department’s budget  Work Study –  State Work Study 80% – Department budget 20%  Federal Work Study 75% – Department budget 25% WHAT IS A STUDENT EMPLOYEE?

3  A Student Hire, working 20 hours a week at $7.50 an hour = $150 a week from your budget.  A Federal Work Study, working 20 hours a week at $1.88 an hour $37.60 a week from your budget.  A State Work Study, working 20 hours a week at $1.50 an hour from your budget, $30 per week. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO THE BOTTOM LINE?

4  Purpose: To provide Associates degree seeking, Ruidoso students with resume building work experience and financial aid while attending ENMU-Ruidoso.  Time Frame:  March– Summer, Fall Semester or Fall/Spring semester  September- Spring Semester  Required Tools/Documents: Requisition for Student Employee Form and completed FAFSA application and current job description.  NOTE: To receive Federal aid (grants, loans and/or work study) students must ANNUALLY complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA). It takes a minimum of 5 weeks before the student receives notice of approval or decline of federal aid.  Need to be admitted and registered REQUISITION PROCEDURE & FORM

5 Steps of Hiring a Student for Employment: 1. Requestor – completes Section I of the Requisition for Student Employee and submits it with a current job description to the Business Office for funding approval. 2. If approved, the Business Office will forward the approved Requisition with Section II completed (total funds available for Work Studies or Student Hire) and alert the Requestor that it has been forwarded to the Financial Aid Specialist (FAS). If the funds are not available, the requisition will go back to the Requestor without approval. 3. With the Business Office’s Approval, the FAS will post the position via website and flyers to begin receiving applications. 4. The FAS completes Section III of the Requisition for Student Employee and prescreens applicants to confirm WS/SH eligibility and budget approval before forwarding applications via an USSV representative to the Requestor. HOW DOES ONE HIRE A STUDENT EMPLOYEE?

6 5. The Requestor will schedule an interview with the candidates. Once the student is selected the Requestor will complete Section IV of the Requisition for Student Employee located in Student Services and it will be delivered to the FAS. 6. The FAS notifies Portales Financials Aid that a student has been selected for the funds to be awarded via the work study request form. (Note: this process can take up to two weeks). 7. When the funds are awarded, the FAS creates the Student Personnel Action Notice (SPAN) in Banner, with submission a copy of the SPAN is automatically delivered via email to ENMU Human Resources Department (Portales), Financial Aid Office (Portales), Requestor/Supervisor and Ruidoso HR. The FAS completes Section V of the requisition form and forwards it to HR. STUDENT EMPLOYEE REQUISITION PROCESS (CONT)

7 8. The Requestor will contact the selected and approved candidate to let them know they have been hired and will forward an email with all required paperwork for their new hire orientation. 9. HR processes the new hire paperwork to Portales for payroll entry, reviews policies and procedures, conducts Fire and FERPA training and provides a campus orientation. HR completes Section VI of the Requisition for Student Employee and scans and delivers a copy to the supervisor to indicate that the new employee is ready to begin. In the event of a “transfer” the Orientate Date will be marked NA but HR will still notify the supervisor that the process is complete. 10. The Requestor will contact the student employee to determine a start date, work schedule, calling in sick procedures and to determine the timesheet submission process with the new student. STUDENT EMPLOYEE REQUISITION PROCESS (CONT)

8  Quality and Quantity of Work  responsive to deadlines and notifies affected parties when meeting deadlines is not possible.  Plans and observes work time responsibly.  Works effectively and efficiently with all co-workers.  Accurate and thorough in all work assignments.  Completes work following specific instructions, policies and procedures.  Completes work with little or no supervision.  Demonstrates high quality standards in all interactions and work assignments.  Exercises good judgment and makes appropriate decisions in performance of duties.  Work Characteristics and Attributes  Presents and promotes a positive image of the institution through business-like conduct, attitude, and appearance.  Customer service-focused, exhibiting helpful, friendly, and courteous service.  Demonstrates punctual, reliable and consistent attendance.  Demonstrates the ability to appreciate and work with a diverse population.  Proactively and willingly acquires new skills, tasks, procedures, and projects.  Self-starter; takes action without being asked.  Willing to accept suggestions and training; takes direction.  Flexible.  Asks questions when needed WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT OF YOUR STUDENT EMPLOYEE


10  Supervisors First Day with the new student employee  Explain the activities of the department within the college.  Inform students of the "do's" and "don'ts" of the job - proper attire, proper behavior best way to communicate with you.  Post the payroll schedule and discuss the procedures that ensure the Thursday, 12 noon deadline for timesheets is met.  Review procedure for calling in sick or other reasons keep a student away from daily work assignments and show how you track them.  Review job description with employee and ensure his/her understanding.  Ask your student employee what resume building skills or accomplishments they want while working for you.  Supervisors train, motivate, communicate, guide and evaluate their student employees. You serve as models for the development of good work habits such as punctuality, dependability, cooperation, honesty, and efficiency. WHAT STUDENT EMPLOYEES EXPECT OF YOU

11  Evaluation is an on-going process that occurs almost daily. After the student is given initial training, make periodic checks to see that performance is meeting the desired expectations.  The long-range goal of student evaluation is not simply to provide a system for grading work. It is designed as an instrument to assist the student in her/his development and to enlarge the dimensions of the work experience. EVALUATION

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