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Your guide to the employment and supervision of student employees.

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1 Your guide to the employment and supervision of student employees.

2 Student appointment types What to expect from Student Employees Role of Hiring Department/Supervisor Role of Student Employment Office Steps in Hiring a Student Employee

3 Federal Work Study Student Temporary Wage Graduate Assistantships

4 A federal grant award, that is part of an eligible student’s financial aid package. Enables students to earn money through employment, rather than taking a loan. University is obligated to provide jobs for these students. Financial advantage for departments.

5 Federal Work Study funding is typically provided for an academic year. Financial Aid determines who receives this funding and the amount they can earn. Students that have been awarded the grant, must accept it before applying for a Federal Work Study position. Federal Work Study students are paid an hourly rate and can only work up to 20 hours a week. Federal Work Study appointment forms, are only issued through the Student Employment office.

6 All Federal Work Study students are required to attend an orientation, the first time they accept their award. Students learn how to search, apply and secure a Federal Work Study job.

7 Are open to all UNC Charlotte students. Students are paid through the department’s operating budget or grants. Limited to 20 hours per week. Students are paid an hourly rate.

8 Offered to only Masters and PhD candidate students. There are three designations for assistantships: Teaching, Research, and Administrative assistant. Appointment must be approved by the Graduate School. Limited to 20 hours or less per week. Paid a stipend twice a month.

9 Students are expected to: Perform work assignments at an acceptable level. Communicate with supervisors: assigned duties and responsibilities, absences, notify supervisor of changes in student status, changes in class schedule or academic status, etc. Federal Work Study students are required to monitor work hours to ensure they do not earn more than their award amount.

10 Monitor work hours to ensure Federal Work Study students do not earn more than their award amount. Train students and set expectations for the required work. Be available to students for questions. Be open to students and encourage them to communicate.

11 Student Employees are ‘students’ first and ‘employees’ second. Sensitivity to the academic calendar is necessary when scheduling students. Academic should take priority.

12 The Student Employment Office is here to facilitate the hiring process for students. Processes all paperwork concerning student employment assignments. Serves as a central point of reference for employment questions and issues.

13 Post your job opening via PeopleAdmin Interview applicants Direct students to HR to complete I-9 /Hiring packet Complete appointment forms Train student employees Time Sheets/Paychecks Evaluations/Terminations

14 All positions are now required by law to be advertised, including: Student Temp, Federal Work Study, GA, and Temp appointments. All submitted jobs are posted online at for students to view.

15 Complete posting online Student Temporary Wage jobs can be posted at any time during the semester. However, Federal Work Study jobs have deadlines for posting. Make sure contact information is correct.

16 Describe job duties and expectations. Discuss hours of availability. Ask if they have past work experiences. Show them where they will be working. Follow-up with those students you interview.

17 All students must complete an employment packet prior to the start of their employment. This is in compliance with Federal Law. Ask for the I-9 Verification card. The card is yellow if completed in the Student Employment Office. Students on a F-1 or J-1 visa status must complete their packet in the International Student/Scholar Office. Their card is blue.

18 New Federal Work Study students will complete their employment packet and receive their appointment form in orientation. Returning Federal Work Study students will need to report to the Student Employment Office to pick-up their appointment form. Students will present their Federal Work Study appointment form to the Hiring Official, prior to starting work. Hiring Official completes ‘Employing Department’ portion and returns form to Student Employment Office.



21 Student Temporary Wage appointment forms can be found on the Student Employment webpage: Ask for the I-9 Verification card. The card is yellow if completed in the Student Employment Office. The Hiring Official or Departmental Coordinator completes the Student Temporary Wage form and submits it to the Student Employment Office.


23 Selective Service Registration form Federal/State Tax Withholdings form Student Profile Confidentiality Agreement

24 Completed in Banner Self Service Employee Tab Pay Information Link Establish or Change Direct Deposit Enrollment

25 International Students, new to the United States, cannot apply for a Social Security card until they have been in SEVIS for 10 days and have secured employment on campus.

26 Set aside time for training Have procedures/processes in writing Ask questions and monitor work Correct work immediately

27 Freshman $7.25 -8 Sophomore$8-9 Junior$9-10 Senior$10-11 5 th Year$11-12

28 Freshman$7.25 – 8 Sophomore$8-9 Junior$9-10 Senior$10-12 5 th Year$12-15

29 Offer frequent feedback. Develop a rapport with student (s). Encourage questions and open communication.

30 The University utilizes the use of online time sheets, via Banner Self Service, known as Web Time Entry. Student Temp Wage (hourly) and Federal Work Study, must record their time worked through the web. However, they cannot access their time sheet, until their work assignment has been set up in Banner, by their appointment form. In order for employees to access their time sheet on their first day of work, their appointment form must be received by the Student Employment Office, no later than two weeks, before their start date. Late submissions will cause the student not to be paid on time. More information about Web Time Entry can be found at

31 Federal Work Study and Student Temporary Wage employees are paid on the 15 th of each month for hours worked in the preceding month. Graduate Assistants are paid on the 15 th and the last business day of the month. Student Temporary Wage employees earning a stipend (fixed payment or lump sum) are paid on the last business day of the month.

32 Upon completion of the employment assignment, an evaluation of the student’s performance may be completed and submitted to the Student Employment Office. The evaluation is helpful to provide information for references. Evaluations are required if you are terminating a student.

33 Discuss any potential termination of a student with the Student Employment Office Discuss problem areas with the student, prior to initiating corrective or disciplinary actions. If the problem continues, you may initiate termination action. Submit the Federal Work Study Change Memo or Student Temporary Wage form, to the Student Employment Office, indicating effective end date and attach the required evaluation form.

34 Status - If a student has withdrawn from school, they must be terminated as a student employee. To maintain their employment they must be transferred to a SPA Temporary work assignment. Salary - Rate changes are initiated by the department through a Student Temporary Wage form or a Federal Work Study Change Memo. Rate changes will be effective the first business day of the month following the approval date. Pay rates cannot be retroactive.

35 Fund number Add/Change – Submit a Student Temporary Wage appointment form or Federal Work Study Change Memo indicating old and/or new fund number. Name changes – Student must submit new social security card with new name. Address changes – can be done by the student, by simply logging into 49er Express or Banner Self Service.

36 Please ensure that your student employees are aware of FERPA guidelines. For those that handle sensitive information, implement some security precautions, such as: Know what your student employee is working on. Make sure that they are aware of UNC Charlotte’s Code of Student ResponsibilityCode of Student Responsibility Ensure that they understand what information can and cannot be given out and what they could possibly expect in the way of requested information. Give the student employees a chain of command to follow, when they are not sure if they should give out any information.

37 FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is to protect the privacy of student information, and this protection is achieved by controlling access to and disclosure of students' "education records," as that term is defined in FERPA Please see Policy Statement #69- Student Records and FERPA Guidance and Resources.Policy Statement #69- Student RecordsFERPA Guidance and Resources The Office of Legal Affairs has a PowerPoint presentation on FERPA at

38 Creating appointment and reappointment forms, for the academic year. FWS end date: May 14 th STW end date: May 31 st Graduates end date: Graduation Date

39 If you have any questions about this presentation or about student employment, please contact Teresa Shook, University Student Employment Coordinator at or 704-687-0671 or come to the Student Employment Office at 222A King.

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