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Do Now Section 1 Quiz.

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1 Do Now Section 1 Quiz

2 HOT POTATO How is this game like politics?

3 What is Nast accusing Boss Tweed’s organization of doing?
What does Boss Tweed’s position next to the ballot container imply?

4 Which one is Tweed? How does this cartoon illustrate a political machine at work?

5 Thomas Nast Political Cartoons helped the illiterate
Also famous for other artwork

6 Nast is also famous for…
HINT – Ho Ho Ho

7 How many successful assassinations have been made on presidents?
Lincoln Garfield McKinley Kennedy


9 Who were they? 18 – 25… find a fact for each. Gilded Age Presidents
This period was characterized by weak, forgettable presidents. Presidents ignored many of the problems created by the expansion of industry and the urban environment. The politicians believed in a “do-little” government, which relied heavily on laissez-faire and Social Darwinism. Who were they? 18 – 25… find a fact for each.

10 Ulysses S. Grant – 18th Famous Civil War General
Consistently used Congress as guidance for his decisions, he was seen as bewildered and lost.

11 Rutherford B. Hayes – 19th His election was the most controversial up to that point in American History. After months of uncertainty, the final electoral vote was A hard working man, he advocated temperance and honesty

12 James Garfield – 20th James Garfield worked hard against political corruption, and gained back much of the prestige that the president lost during the Reconstruction period. Was assassinated by a bewildered lawyer named Charles Guiteau in 1881. Guiteau used an early form of the “insanity defense,” but it failed.

13 Chester Arthur – 21st Under his administration the Pendleton Act of 1883 was passed. Enacted to curb the Spoils system Also instituted a civil service exam

14 Grover Cleveland – 22nd He served 2 terms, one before and one after the Harrison administration A very solid supporter of Laissez-Faire, he once vetoed a bill that would have supplied aid to drought ravaged Texas. Turned to J.P. Morgan to bail the federal government out of a gold crisis.

15 Benjamin Harrison – 23rd First peacetime Billion dollar Congressional budget (high tariffs from Cleveland) The first to try to slow down the trusts with the Sherman Antitrust act

16 William McKinley – 25th                                                         Last Gilded Assassinated VP - Roosevelt

17 Guess Who Grant

18 Hayes

19 Garfield

20 Arthur

21 Cleveland

22 Harrison

23 Cleveland

24 McKinley

25 Why were these known as “forgettable” presidents?

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