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Chapter 7 Part 3.

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1 Chapter 7 Part 3

2 Terms to Know Political Machine Graft Boss Tweed Patronage
Civil Service Rutherford B. Hayes James A. Garfield

3 Ore Terms! Chester A. Arthur Pendleton Civil Service Act
Grover Cleveland Benjamin Jarrison

4 The Political Machine Growing Cities Growing Poverty Growing Crime
And insufficient Government response

5 After the Civil War The Political Machine gained control of cities all ov er America An organized group that took control of a political party in a city

6 What the Machines Offered:
Services to voters and businesses In exchange for Political or financial support

7 Machines were like a pyramid
At the base were the block captains They helped the poor and got the votes when the poor became citizens At the top was the Boss: He could deliver the votes or the contracts

8 The Party Boss Was sometimes the mayor Or could be behind the scenes
Controlled city jobs Licenses Could influence the courts And city agencies

9 The Machine Built Parks Sewer Systems Waterworks Gave miney to schools
Hospitals Orphanages

10 The Machine By solving urban problems the machine continued to earn voters’ loyalty

11 Immigrants and the Machine
Block captains were often recent immigrants themselves They understood the problems of the new arrivals Helped with jobs, housing, medical care, getting ready for citizenship, education

12 The immigrants were grateful
They would vote for whoever the block captain suggested Help from the government and the Church was hard to come by

13 The Machine filled a need
BUT it WAS corrupt Boss Tweed was the most famous of the big party Bosses He led the Tweed Ring And defrauded NY city out of a great deal of money

14 The construction of a courthouse
Cost $3 million dollars BUT the taxpayers ended up paying $13 million for it Eventually there was a punlic outcry

15 Thomas Nast A political cartoonist inspired the outcry



18 1871 Tweed was indicted 12 counts of fraud and extortion
Was sentenced to 12 years in jail Was released after one year Then was rearrested

19 Corruption in National Politics
Patronage: giving government jobs to people who helped others get elected Was sometimes called the Spoils System Often the people in these jobs were not qualified for the jobs

20 Reformers Tried to end corruption in government Tried to end Patronage
Pushed for civil service reform Government jobs should be awarded based on merit Political views should not matter

21 Rutherford B. Hayes President 1877-1871
Awarded government jobs in his cabinet to independents Established a commission to investigate the nation’s custom houses for corruption

22 Garfield 1881 Was a Republican President who had Arthur (a Stalwart) as his VP Had Blaine (a Liberal who stood for reform) as his Sec. of State

23 Garfield was assassinated in 1881
By Charles Guiteau Guiteau was upset because he did not get a government job that he wanted Said, “I am a Stalwart. Now Arthur is President!”

24 Garfield was shot in July
Died in September Then Arthur was President

25 The Pendleton Act Provided for tests for government jobs
More of a merit system Also a bipartisan Civil Service Commission was appointed to make the appointments

26 Less financial help From people ho[ing for jobs
So money came from Big Business in exchange for government favors Businesses made big campaign contributions and it paid off

27 Cleveland 1884-88 The first democrat since the Civil War
Fought for a lower tariff Hurt Big Business Lost to Benjamin Harrison in 1888 Harrison favored a high tariff and was supported by Big Business

28 NOTE Harrison had won the electoral vote but Cleveland had the popular vote During Harrison’s term the economy took a tumble

29 Election of 1892 Cleveland beat Harrison
The first President to serve two non consecutive termsThen, Panic of 1893 And McKinley, a Republican, won in 1896

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