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? Despite his status as a military hero, General Ulysses S. Grant proved to be a weak political leader. Why?

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3 ? Despite his status as a military hero, General Ulysses S. Grant proved to be a weak political leader. Why?

4 ? Which group played a major role in getting U.S. Grant elected President in 1868?

5 ? In the tumultuous period following the Civil War these were the three big problems for business and government:

6 ? How did late 19th century politicians remind voters that the Republican party had fought and won the Civil War?

7 ? What caused the pressure that landed NYC’s Boss Tweed in jail?

8 ? What was the source of the Crédit Mobilier scandal?

9 ? How did the owners of the Crédit Mobilizer try to avoid prosecution?

10 ? What was the primary motivation of the Liberal Republicans and their revolt from the regular Republican party in 1872?

11 ? How did Grant get reelected in 1872? One of the main reasons please.

12 ? What was the major cause of the Panic of 1873?

13 ? What did debtors support as a solution to the depression that followed the panic of 1873?

14 ? What was the major result of Republican hard money policies in the mid 1870s?

15 ? What were the significant policy differences between the Democrats and Republicans during the Gilded Age?

16 ? What was the voter turnout like in the presidential elections of the 1870s and 1880s?

17 ? What was one of the major reasons for the extremely high voter turnouts and partisan fervor of the Gilded Age?

18 ? Despite the lack of national political issues, why did Gilded Age elections often produce fierce local contests?

19 ? In religious and cultural terms, the Republicans appealed especially to groups that derived their views from what tradition of strict moral codes and government regulation of morality and society?

20 ? What was the lifeblood of both the Democratic and the Republican parties during the Gilded Age?

21 ? Where was the political base of the Democratic party in the late nineteenth century? (hint: people/groups & areas of the country)

22 ? What was the major problem in the 1876 presidential election?

23 ? What were the results of the Compromise of 1877?

24 ? What is the sequence of presidential terms of the “forgettable presidents” of the Gilded Age (including one President’s two nonconsecutive terms)?

25 ? In the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson, what did the Supreme Court rule?

26 ? What were the legal codes that established the system of segregation were called?

27 ? Blacks who violated the Jim Crow laws or other elements of the South's racial code were often subject to what form of punishment?

28 ? Sharp class conflict and a national railroad strike were problems that began for this new president:

29 ? What caused the national railroad strike of 1877?

30 ? What was the fundamental attitude of Hayes and other Republican administrations toward labor agitation?

31 ? Labor unrest in the 1870s and 1880s resulted in the use of what measures to control and end strikes?

32 ? In the aftermath of anti-Chinese violence in California, what was the government’s response?

33 ? What was one of the main reasons the Chinese came to the United States?

34 ? Who were the first and second presidents to be assassinated while in office?

35 ? Who assassinated President James A. Garfield?

36 ? This required people applying for many federal government jobs to take a competitive examination.

37 ? After the passage of the Pendleton Act, prohibiting political contributions from many federal workers, politicians increasingly sought money from this source:

38 ? The 1884 election contest between these two men was noted for its vicious personal attacks between the two candidates.

39 ? Which one of the Gilded Age presidents had a different party affiliation from the other four?

40 ? When he was president, Grover Cleveland's strong belief in this approach to government gained the support of businesspeople.

41 ? President Grover Cleveland departed from the broad agreement of most Gilded Age presidents by advocating this (involved an economic theme ):

42 ? In addition to supporting a lower tariff, Grover Cleveland stirred political opposition by doing this, which was very unpopular:

43 ? What was the major campaign issue of the 1888 presidential election?

44 ? How did Grover Cleveland propose to address the problem of the large federal budget surplus?

45 ? What was unusual about Benjamin Harrison's victory over Grover Cleveland in the election of 1888?

46 ? So, what was the Billion-Dollar Congress’ solution for quickly disposing of rising government surpluses?

47 ? What did the tariff bill, sponsored by Congressman William McKinley of Ohio provide for? Who did he irritate in the process?

48 ? After an epidemic of violent strikes and labor conflicts in 1892, industrial workers were more favorable in supporting this group:

49 ? What were the four states completely carried by the Populists in the election of 1892?

50 ? How did the conservative white Bourbon Democrats of the South largely succeed in crushing the Populist revolt?

51 ? The Populist campaign to create a coalition of white and black farmers ended in a racist backlash that resulted in the loss of this for Southern blacks:

52 ? What were the political developments of the l890s largely influenced and shaped by?

53 ? Economic unrest and the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act led to the rise of this pro-silver leader:

54 ? What was the fear that primarily drove President Cleveland's hostility to silver and silver-backed currency?

55 ? President Grover Cleveland aroused widespread public anger by his action of borrowing $65 million in gold from…?

56 ? Who were the greatest political beneficiaries of the backlash against President Cleveland in the mid-term Congressional elections of 1894?

57  END

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