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Registered, Licensed Dietitian

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1 Registered, Licensed Dietitian
Barbara Pearl Registered, Licensed Dietitian

2 Make a Splash with Healthy Eating
Fueling the Swimmer

3 A Performance Diet Your performance depends on a healthy diet:
Carbohydrates Protein Fats Water Vitamins and Minerals

4 Your main energy source
CARBOHYDRATES Your main energy source

5 PROTEIN The muscle builder


7 The KEY to hydration and top performance
WATER The KEY to hydration and top performance

8 Not a problem is you eat a healthy diet
VITAMINS AND MINERALS Not a problem is you eat a healthy diet

9 Where do CALORIES come from??


11 CARBOHYDRATES About 60% of a swimmers Calories need to come from Carbohydrates

12 CARBOHYDRATES Best FUEL for Muscles

13 CARBOHYDRATES SWIMMERS need 2 to 4 grams of CARBOHYDRATES per pound of body weight during competition and training season

14 How much food is that?? For a 130 pound swimmer, that’s about 15 pieces of bread, 4 glasses of milk, 4 pieces of fruit, an 6 cups of pasta

15 Good Sources of CARBOHYDRATES:
Whole grain breads and cereals Potatoes Rice Pasta/noodles Fruits Vegetables Milk


17 PROTEIN Build and repair muscles Fight infection
Makes hormones and enzymes

18 Protein Swimmers need .6 to .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day during competitions and training season

19 How much food is that??? For a 130 pound swimmer, that’s
4 glasses of milk, and about ½ a chicken

20 Good Sources of PROTEIN:
Fish Chicken Lean Beef Milk Yogurt Nuts Eggs Soy



23 FATS SWIMMERS need .45grams of fat per pound of body weight per day!!
HOW MUCH IS THAT??? Only about 3 teaspoons of oil or butter

24 Good Sources of FATS Nuts Olive Oil Canola Oil Olives Avocado
Heart healthy margarines

25 VITAMINS AND MINERALS Usually not a problem
Take a multivitamin-mineral if diet is restricted

26 FLUIDS Drink BEFORE swimming to improve performance: 2 cups
Drink DURING swimming to keep going: 1-2 cups every minutes Drink AFTER swimming to recover faster: 2 cups for every pound lost during exercise

27 Pre-Event Healthy Eating
Eat enough foods to provide energy to keep you going throughout the competition Stay hydrated High Carbohydrate, low fat meal 2-4 hours prior to competing Choose foods you like and are familiar with

28 Sample Pre-Event Meals
4 Hours before event: 2 cups pasta with marinara sauce 1 slice whole grain bread ½ cup grapes 16 oz milk 2 hours before event: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich 1 banana 8 oz chocolate milk

29 During the Event Drink enough fluid to maintain hydration
If the event is longer than 1 hour, performance will be better if you drink a sports drink instead of water

30 Post Event Healthy Eating
Need to replace the energy and fluids lost during the event Eat plenty of carbohydrates and drink lots of fluids Recovery is better if you eat soon after the event is completed High carbohydrate foods to include are: bagels, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal bars, muffins, chocolate milk

31 Nutrition Tips to Improve Performance

32 Eat CARBOHYDRATES !! Needed all year and especially important during the competitive season! Energy bars and sports drinks can be helpful A high carbohydrate snack is needed minutes before practice or competition Include another high carbohydrate snack after practice or an event to re-fuel

33 Eat at Competitions Pack easy to digest foods that you like and that can be eaten at poolside: Bananas, crackers, sport drinks, bagels, honey, chocolate milk, energy bars, gels, peanut butter crackers, trail mix

34 Stay HYDRATED!! You may sweat more than you realize
Make sure a water bottle or sport drink is accessible to you

35 Snack Ideas Yogurt smoothies, milk, chocolate milk, yogurt parfait
Hard boiled eggs, breakfast sandwich with cheese and egg, turkey, lean roast beef, peanut butter, cottage cheese, nuts Bagels, graham crackers, waffles with fruit, cereal, bars, trail mix with dried fruit Banana, applesauce, apples, grapes, oranges, dried fruit, veggies

36 Thank you for listening
Good luck with your competitions!! ANY QUESTIONS????


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