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Proper Fueling On & Off the Field: Nutrition 101 for Your Athlete

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1 Proper Fueling On & Off the Field: Nutrition 101 for Your Athlete
Presented By Christine Patorniti, RD Registered Dietitian for ShopRite of Livingston

2 Sports Nutrition Basics
Fueling Goals: Eat Small, more frequent meals to keep energy level up. Ex. Breakfast => Snack => Lunch => Pre Workout Snack=>Post Workout Snack=> Snack => Dinner => Snack Nutrients to give your Body energy Carbohydrates Protein Fat WATER

3 Carbohydrates Body’s main choice of energy for fueling
Contains B-Vitamins Should contain the largest part of the diet Simple Carbs: Jelly, Cookies, Candy, Drinks Complex Carbs: Breads, Pasta, Cereal, Bagels Fruit Vegetables Corn, Peas, Potatoes Dairy Starches Gels, Goos, Blocks, Sports Drinks Whole Grain and Wheat Products

4 How Much Carbs… Amount depends on frequency, intensity, duration, and individuals fitness level No real % recommendations for carbohydrate intake for athletes General recommendation: 50-60% of total daily intake Carbohydrate recommendations for atheletes… 5-7 g CHO/kg BW for athelets in off-season & for those trying to ‘lean out’ 7-10 g CHO/kg BW for endurance athletes 11 g CHO/kg BW for ultra-endurance athletes

5 Protein Protein Needs depend on level of activity: Runners vs Body Builders Purpose: Build/Repair Muscles, hair/nail growth, boost immunity, red blood cell production Lean meat: chicken turkey, lean ham, lean red meat, fish, tuna, turkey bacon, turkey sausage Eggs and egg whites Low fat dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese Nuts, seeds, peanut butter Whey Protein: Not approved by the FDA

6 Fat Saturated Fats: “Bad Fats”
Fried Foods, Pastry/Baked Goods/Creamy Foods Unsaturated Fats: “Good Fats” Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Nuts, Seeds Olive Oil, Canola Oil Avocado, Flaxseed/Oil Fatty Fish (ie. Salmon) Remember you will get some fats from dairy products, meat, whole eggs, energy bars, etc. Essential Fatty Acids (which aid in Brain/Heart Health) are necessary in the diet LOW FAT DIETS BEWARE Low Fat may not meet the needs energy needs for growth and development in young athletes Cause Deficiencies in Fat-Soluble Vitamin Absorption Cause Menstral Cycle Dysfunction Gain 1-2 lbs/week: Add Calories/day

7 Pre-Exercise Eating Timing in Digestion
Pre-Exercise Meal Include: Plenty of fluid (16-20 oz) High in Carb + moderate in protein (Low in Fat/Fiber) White Pasta Dinner, White Toast and Egg, White Tortilla Wrap with Chicken Immediate Pre-Exercise meal: ~30 minutes before High carb, little protein 5-10 oz water or sports drink Timing in Digestion Allow 3-4 hours for large meal: Meat, Pasta, Vegetables, Salad, Roll Allow 2-3 hours for smaller meals: Sandwich, Crackers, Fruit Allow 1-2 hours for blenderized meals: Smoothie/Shake Carbohydrate Snack 30 minutes prior to Workout/Game Gives “Burst” of Energy High in Carb (70%) + Low in protein (30 %) Pretzel Sticks, Crackers

8 Morning Training Athletes who train early cannot always eat 2-4 hrs prior to work out High Carb Snack Energy Bar: Clif, Zone, Balance, Go Lean Crunchy, Luna, Power Bar Harvest/Triple Threat Low Fat Energy Bars: Kashi Crunchy/Chewy, Nature Valley, Quaker Oatmeal squares Fruit: Banana (nothing very acidic) Plain Bagel or Dry Cereal Drink with Carbohydrate Gatorade/Odwalla

9 During Workout {After 1 hour of Activity}
Carbs…Carbs…Carbs = Digest the quickest- therefore provides energy the fastest Avoid Fats, Fiber, and Protein when working out…slows digestion and doesn’t allow carbs to be fueled as fast. calories of Carbs (30-60g Carbs) per hour AFTER 1 hour of practice FLUID: match sweat lost, 5-10 oz every minutes

10 Mid-Practice Workout Snacks
Carbohydrates, some protein & little fat…. Energy Bars Granola Bars Plain Bagels Peanut Butter Crackers Dry Cereal with minimal nuts High Calorie Snack Sports Drink w/ Snack

11 After Workout 2 Hour Window of Recovery
0 – 45 minutes: Best time to eat a snack…muscles are more sensitive to absorb nutrients. CHO: High GI foods to promote quick recovery bread, potatoes, sports drink low fat chocolate milk Granola bar with low fat milk Greek Yogurt with string cheese 45 min- 2hours: Try to get a meal or larger snack Lunch/ Dinner This window is the most important time to consume carbs, protein, & plenty of fluids to replenish and refuel

12 Sample Menu 30 Minutes before work out
For AM practices: Aim for a breakfast with 50 grams Carb’s 30 Minutes before work out 2 ounces of raisins (about two handfuls) 30 grams of Carbohydrates 1 medium-size banana grams 1 tablespoon of honey grams Sports / Energy Bar grams 1 serving of energy gels or gummies grams Low-fat granola bar grams 3 fig bars grams Mid work out: high carbohydrate, little protein or fat

13 Proper Hydration Pre-exercise During exercise After exercise
2 hours Prior to Workout Consume ounces water 30 minutes before Workout 5-10 ounces water During exercise Every minutes: 5-10 ounces water Sports Drink are indicated after 1 hour of workout and/or very hot and humid conditions After exercise Drink plenty of fluids (24 fluid ounces)

Aim to have 2 glasses water with every meal & snack Avoid high sugar and high salt dishes Have balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (50% carbohydrates) Early game next day: avoid late night snacking

15 GAME DAY If game is at 7 PM…
4 PM: have high CHO, moderate protein & low fat dish 2 Cups Pasta with 3 oz White Meat Chicken 6 PM: smoothie with fruit, fruit juice, and ~1/2 cup low fat milk During Game: Proper hydration & snacking Post Game: Carbohydrate replenishing snacks 30 min Granola bar with 1 % milk 1 hour  Turkey Sandwich & crackers 2+ hour Dinner (50 % carbohydrates) + Water

16 GAME DAY If game is at 10 AM…
7 AM: have high CHO, moderate protein & low fat dish= Pancakes with 1 egg or scrambled egg whites 830: Odwalla Smoothie or 2 fruit yogurts During Game: Proper hydration & snacking Post Game: Carbohydrate replenishing snacks 30 min Chocolate Milk with handful of grapes 1 hour  Fruit flavored greek yogurt with 8 oz Sports drink 2+ hour Whole Wheat Burrito with brown rice & white meat chicken/lean ground beef

17 At our Village Food Garden… for this week only!

18 Remember ALWAYS Replenish, Repair, and Rehydrate
Questions? Christine Patorniti, RD Remember ALWAYS Replenish, Repair, and Rehydrate

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