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And it’s environmental Issues By. Michael Levin.  Dubai- Big city in United Arab Emirates, Middle east  Dubai has billions of dollars from oil production.

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1 And it’s environmental Issues By. Michael Levin

2  Dubai- Big city in United Arab Emirates, Middle east  Dubai has billions of dollars from oil production  Dubai also depends on tourism  Dubai has many environmental issues  Recently some organizations starting to fix environmental issues

3  Very Wealthy from striking oil in 1966  Use’s money for many projects  Examples of projects: Hotels, Buildings and Islands  Wealthy tourists visit these projects  everyday less and less tourist are vacationing in Dubai  Projects need factories that produces waste and sludge

4  Luxurious hotel  Second tallest hotel in the world  Sits on a artificial island on the coast off Jumeriah Beach  Private bridge connects it to land  Artificial sand pollutes sea  Lots of trash and waste gets thrown from off the hotel

5  first underwater hotel  $300 million dollar project  Also off the coast of Jumeriah beach  Due date continues to be pushed back  DESTROY’S MARINE LIFE INCLUDING FISH AND SEEPLANTS

6  Experiencing climate change  Water pollution from sewage and sludge  Air pollution from harmful substances including carbon dioxide  Pollution contributing to climate change  Climate change contributes to global warming  Need many waste producing plants for desalination and electricity

7  Dubai borders Persian gulf  Persian gulf is getting contaminated with sewage  Many tourists can’t swim because of the raw sewage  Marine life is getting destroyed

8  Dubai lacks drinkable water  Lots of salt in water  Desalination plant takes salt out of water so it’s drinkable  Plants put salt back- too much salt in swimming water  Sludge from desalination plants also pollutes water  Produces about 3-4 thousand bottles of water a fay but not much backup water

9  Air pollution is the worst it’s ever been in Dubai  Pollutions in the air include hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide  The main contributors in the air are car emissions  Air pollution is leaving a carbon footprint  Carbon footprint=giving off pollution that effects the whole world (some footprints can be smaller or bigger than others)

10  Dubai has very little electricity  Finds solar energy and energy from wind power inefficient  Dubai can’t continue to use Qatar’s(Middle east country) natural gases for power  Coal costs too much because of transportation  Starting to use nuclear power for electricity  Many other Electricity producers inefficient to environment

11  Barack Obama fears Iran(Middle East country) will get nuclear power and use it as weapon  Many Dubai citizens disagree with President Obama  Many other Middle East Countries interested in Nuclear Power  Countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar…  Nuclear power helps environment because less electricity demand

12  25,000 people part of trash picking program  Trying to pick enough trash to take away from Carbon Footprint  Stockholm Enviroment Institute and Tufts Institute are doing research  Abu Dhabi (UAE capital) and Masdar (UAE city)put together program called Masdar Initiative  Masdar Initiative helps renew energy Trash picking up program’s symbol

13  Dubai has very little natural resources  Dubai Uses many waste producing plants to replace Natural resources  Dubai has NO NATURAL POWER  Dubai is starting to build projects and towers in a big sandy area  Water is contaminated with salt  Salt levels continue to raise

14  What are the two greatest environmental concerns in Dubai, UAE? What are they doing to help the environment  How and why has this changed over time?  How does this affect?  (Answers are on the next slide)

15  The greatest environmental concerns in Dubai is the carbon foot print it’s leaving from air pollution and the waste that is polluting the water  Around forty years ago, Dubai did not have much environmental issues, recently Dubai started to build many projects  This pollution is affecting the world because Dubai’s climate change is putting global warming into full affect

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