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Pollution Overdose in Dubai By: Ben Palmer, Period 9 On the outside it is… But it is really…

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1 Pollution Overdose in Dubai By: Ben Palmer, Period 9 On the outside it is… But it is really…

2 Dubai developments Dubai has tons of oil making them very rich Dubai built: Underwater hotel, Ski dome (in desert), worlds tallest building, & artificial islands In process: Air- conditioned beach, A city dedicated for sports, Dubailand (theme park) 24/7 construction is going on in Dubai Fastest growing city in the world Each place gets constant irrigation

3 Growth of Dubai Dubai has grown by a million people in about 35 years Over 13 years (1990-2003) created a whole skyline Despite this, there is only 1 sewage plant for 2 million people Over 800 buildings have been built in the past 10 years (over 500 foot buildings) Breathable air has gone significantly down

4 Construction Waste Plenty of carbon gets emitted from all the construction Carbon left in the air poisons people and causes some sicknesses Having to send unlimited oxygen to the underwater hotel cost lots of $ and air Besides destroying environment, it destroys Dubais almost perfect wealth Artificial islands are also taking land away, and leaving their footprint in that place Leaves leftover construction metals, woods, and other objects, on beaches

5 Sewage Waste Over 3,000 tanks of waste in Dubai Waste left on beaches transfers into water Trucks often drop sewage into storm drains Kills off all algae=making less breathable air (algae creates oxygen) So much waste they had to shut down salt removing power plant Usually take from 12-16 hours for the sewage to get deposited

6 Water Pollution Dubai has the worst water systems in the world Red tide, and other disease are all over the coast of the Dubai coast All raw sewage is sent to the Persian gulf making (over 22 mil tons so far) Undrinkable water, has to be taken from oasis and streams Oil from ships also sometimes leaks into the water Water processing isnt perfect, sometimes poisons like E.coli left in water

7 Light Pollution Due to increased buildings and lights in Dubai- there are fewer visible stars Dubai is one of the most light polluted cities in the world Dubais light pollution travels over many miles Dubais steps to stop it: use less powerful lights or more energy efficient lights Dubai light pollution still continues to grow

8 Traffic Pollution Traffic emissions are one of the highest causes of traffic pollution Dubai has one of the highest amounts of traffic in the world Also has extreme amount of cars per person, more than 600 per 1000 people Cars have a high amount of gasoline, rather than modern cars Very little public transportation (per capita) However, there are plans to change this like no lead gasoline and etc.

9 New Taxi and Car Plans There is hope for car pollution: cars will emit less fuel, from now on in Dubai All cars 15 years or older will not be registered All vehicles over 5 years old will not allowed to be fixed if broken New electric taxis are coming out to weaken noise pollution, only 10 so far Each car will have two engines instead of one, it will suppress gas emission Changes speed over time so accelerometer doesn't spurt more gas out more steady

10 Air Pollution Dubai has the highest ever air pollution rate buildup Usually caused from hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxides Air pollution is usually made by construction, or taxis Has not enough attention to pollution, is an unknown pollution place to be talked about Pollution grows a thick ozone layer More than half of the air pollution is from construction

11 Air Pollution Control IRENA= worldwide organization to reuse energy IRENA is set up in Dubai this year, plans to stop air pollution, and control it Environmental Protection and Safety Section has been monitoring Dubais air pollution since 1988 EPSS helps spread the word and get people involved in helping Dubai of problem

12 Dubai Carbon-Neutral Developments Only carbon- neutral city so far= MASDAR city (carbon-neutral city= no overall net release of CO2) MASDAR CITY also creates power for homes with solar power Nebula Dubai Building consumes CO2 with plants outside buildings Has a hotel development powered by water Masdar City Nebula Dubai Building

13 Plans to Stop Pollution Dubai plans to have laws to reinforce recycling Garbage and sewage will be monitored Old automobiles will be rid of Slow down growth of city and plan more

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