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2 INTRODUCTION The Global warming, is one of the most dangerous things that affects nowadays to our planet. It’s produced by the pollution of the cars, the oil, the factories, and other things that pollutes the environment. In the last ten years, some scientists and engineers, have designed new types of energy which are named “Renewable energies”.

3 TYPES OF ENERGIES The renewable energies are energies which don’t pollute and we’ll never waste them. There are three most important types of renewable energies: - The wind power - The solar power - The hydropower

4 THE WIND POWER The wind power is the conversion of the wind energy into a useful type of energy. They make it with a lot of big turbines, which are moved by the wind energy. It’s connected with a big power unit, which transforms the wind energy in electricity. In the last three years, a lot of countries are developing this renewable energy, because it’s one of the most important and profitable.

5 SOLAR POWER The solar power is the generation of electricity or it’s used too, to heat water. They make it with solar panels, which are putted in the roofs of the houses, builds or in big surfaces. Nowadays, the law says that the new houses have to heat the water with solar panels to save energy. It’s an important type of energy, but it’s not the most important.

6 THE HYDROPOWER The hydropower is like the wind power but the source of the energy is the water and not the wind. Under the water, there are a lot of blades, which are moved by de energy of the water, and the power unit, generates electricity. It’s a very popular energy in Catalonia, because here we have a lot of hydroelectric centers.

7 CONCLUSION In my opinion, I think that the renewable energies are the future and at the end we’ll get all the energy of them.

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