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Saving the Planet By: Brian A..

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1 Saving the Planet By: Brian A.

2 Energy SAVING!!!!!!!! By: Brian Amado

3 What is Global Warming? Global Warming is when green house gases trap the sun rays and make Mother Earth really hot.

4 Cause of Global Warming
People keep leaving their TV on. This is called “ Electrical Pollution

5 Cause of Global Warming
Car Emissions All cars contribute to Pollution!

6 What Can We Do To Make It Better?
We could take the bus instead of driving your own car for less energy in the world to stop Global Warming to make a difference and heal the Earth. To turn everything off from your house when you leave anywhere.

7 What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with Global Warming?
Hurricanes have to do with global warming because when you go to the beach, ponds, or even lakes, if the temperature rises a big body of water starts a huge speed of wind and becomes humid.

8 Hurricane Katrina On August 28,2005, The city of New Orleans, Louisiana, was devastated by an enormous hurricane know as hurricane Katrina. At first it was not strong but at this time it was crossing over Florida into the gulf of Mexico.

9 What Happened After the Hurricane?
When it reached the Gulf of Mexico, The water was so warm and the air was windy and humid, the Hurricane Katrina gained a lot of strength. It turned into one of the strongest and deadliest Hurricanes ever!!!!! When Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, it caused terrible damage to people and the environment. People, as well as animals, died. Houses, schools, and hospitals were destroyed.

10 What is Energy? Energy is what we use every day to power up things and to make it work. We use mostly controls, running, computers-- everything that’s needs to be powered up with energy. The difference between renewable and non-renewable energy is that nonrenewable, like when fossil fuels get burned, release carbon dioxide.

11 [Source of Non-Renewable energy]
It works when we use it in gasoline and when it is all gone we can’t use it again we burn out the fossil fuel to find another one again. We get energy from it to power are things like cars. Well for me we waste more energy than when its all gone it maybe hard to find another one. Nuclear power is also non-renewable and causes radioactive waste.

12 [Source of Renewable energy]
Renewable energy is what we could use again and again instead of wasting more energy like non reusable energy. The three things that we could use are: Wind energy which is only powered by wind so its good but when there is no wind at all no energy, Sunlight: We use solar panels to gather the sun to make energy, Water energy: We use the water cycle from the waters that have been evaporated. It powers the stuff we need to have energy. It effects our environment because it doesn’t cause pollution

13 What is Recycling? Recycling is throwing stuff that could be used again The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Paper, cardboard, bottles, glass, and cans can be recycled

14 Why Should We Recycle? We should recycle because we could spend less money on stuff that could be used again for different purpose. We could make cardboard into toys, games, holders, and storage boxes. For bottles, if you have a soda bottle then use it again for water or juice.

15 How Do We Recycle? For bottles just finish drinking what type of drink it is, wash it, and throw the cap away and recycle.

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