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62.1-2007 COMPLY © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions1 Quick and Easy “Ventilation Rate Procedure” Compliance Calculations Quick and Easy “Ventilation.

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1 62.1-2007 COMPLY © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions1 Quick and Easy “Ventilation Rate Procedure” Compliance Calculations Quick and Easy “Ventilation Rate Procedure” Compliance Calculations H VAC D ESIGN S OLUTIONS ENGINEERING SOFTWARE

2  62.1-2007 Comply from HVAC Design Solutions is a package of software programs for establishing compliance with the ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007 “Ventilation Rate Procedure”.  Includes Proprietary “Auto-Optimize”© and “VAV Scheduler”© which provide significant improvements over current “ASHRAE 62.1 User’s Manual Spreadsheet” and over the ventilation calculations in current “Equipment Manufacturer’s Load Calc” software. © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions2

3  Portions of the included information, descriptions, procedures, and forms are excerpts from ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1- 2007 (© 2007 American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. ( Used by permission.) © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions3

4  ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007 has made significant advancements in calculations and directives to help improve ventilation air delivery to the occupants.  These changes and additional calculations, especially for multiple zone systems, have made it more difficult for engineers to determine the required outdoor air quantities. © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions4

5 5 Ventilation calculations can become quite complex.

6  A few necessary formulas: © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions6 Keeping track of all the required formulas and calculations can be difficult.

7  Input Occupancy Category Number  Input Zone Square Footage  Input Number of Occupants, or use defaults  Input Air Distribution Config. Number  Input Design and Minimum Air Quantities  Perform Quick Optimization Procedure  Print out Compliance Documents  Quick and Easy © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions7 Our software programs Minimize your Time and Efforts, and give you the Required OA Quantities, Min. VAV Settings, and Compliance Documents

8  The following example of a typical multiple zone system calculation will show the Quick and Easy input for 62.1-2007 Comply, and the Ventilation Rate Procedure compliance calculations.  Optimization procedures will show the actual reduction from an original 5,423 CFM outdoor air requirement to a final “Optimized” quantity of 2,824 CFM. This can result in a significant reduction in Owner energy and operating costs, while still complying with ASHRAE 62.1-2007. © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions8

9 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions9 Your company name will appear on all output sheets and compliance documents This project information will automatically transfer to all relative project calculations.

10 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions10 You can print out blank forms for easy project take-off. Makes calculation input Quick and Easy.

11 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions11 Input Form for OA ventilation compliance calculations - Multiple Zone systems

12 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions12 Quick input of AHU and associated zone numbers.

13 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions13 Category Numbers assigned to ASHRAE “Table 1” categories. Appropriate rates automatically transfer to program calculations.

14 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions14 Quick input of Occupancy Category numbers - brings the People and Area OA rates into the calculations

15 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions15 Quick input of each zone’s Floor Area.

16 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions16 Easy input of normal and peak occupancy, if known. If left blank, the ASHRAE default occupancy numbers will be used.

17 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions17 Configuration Numbers assigned to ASHRAE “Table 2” Air Distribution Configuration descriptions.

18 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions18 Quick input of Air Distribution Config. Number - brings Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness (Ez) into the calculations.

19 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions19 Easy input of each zone’s Design Airflow and Minimum Airflow. Alert colors automatically indicate which zones are least efficient at delivering OA to occupants. Yellow highlight in row for “Zone Primary Outdoor Air Fraction” (Zp) indicates the ventilation-critical zone. Preliminary “Required OA Intake Flow” is calculated during zone CFM input.

20 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions20 “Critical Zone” before Optimization After completing the zone Design and Minimum air quantity input, the next step is to “Optimize” the system and required OA quantity. To Optimize, simply click the “Auto-Optimize” button. “Required OA” before Optimization

21 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions21 Program automatically adjusts “critical zone” VAV Minimums, which reduce the “Max. Zone OA Fraction” from original 0.75 to 0.37. This results in a reduction of Required OA from original 5423 CFM to final 2824 CFM.

22 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions22 VAV Numbers and “Optimized” Air Quantities are automatically transferred to VAV-Reheat calculation program. (In VAV Version of software package) Program calculates required Reheat Coil capacities, based on minimum air quantities and zone heating loads.

23 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions23 User Input of zone Heating Loads (excluding OA Loads: “Envelope Loads” only). Program calculates actual coil loads (including “Reheat Penalty”). Also calculates required Coil GPM.

24 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions24 Automatic printout of VAV Schedule, for input to ACAD drawing schedule or for final selection by equipment manufacturers. Also calculates “most economical” pipe sizing for coil supply pipes.

25 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions25 After completing input and optimization, compliance documents can be printed for submittal to building department officials and for LEED submittals.

26 © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions26 For more information, see our article appearing in the November, 2006 ASHRAE Journal

27 © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions27 Also, with “VAV” Version

28  Straightforward takeoff and input allows easy analysis of ALL zones, to assure that the correct “critical zones” are analyzed.  All procedures, formulas, charts, and tables as prescribed by the Ventilation Rate Procedure have been included and have been used to establish the “Optimized” outdoor intake flow rate requirements.  Capacity of over 100 zones per air handling unit, using Appendix A calculations. © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions28

29  Proprietary “Optimization” procedures to assure that the prescribed outdoor air requirements are being met while also assuring that the outdoor air quantities are not grossly excessive. Optimization can save significant energy and operating costs over the life of a facility.  Output in the form of “Compliance Documents” for submittal to appropriate code enforcement officials or building departments. © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions29

30  Separate calculation procedures for multiple zone systems with and without local recirculation systems, as well as single zone systems and 100% outdoor air systems.  Time averaging algorithms for occupancy, where allowed.  Extensive “Help Files” that are hyperlinked to each program, form, or table.  Available in either I-P Units or SI Units © Copyright 2007 HVAC Design Solutions30

31  Limited time “Special Pricing” available at our website  62.1-2007 Comply (Inch-Pound or SI Units) Original Price: $250 US, Special Price: $189 US  62.1-2007 Comply-VAV (I-P or SI Units) Original Price: $300 US, Special Price: $219 US © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions31

32  Current Version: 2.38, with latest update (06/04/2008) Free updates as available.  To purchase 62.1-2007 Comply, visit our website at and go to the Prices/Orders  Software can be downloaded for immediate installation (with password) after purchase is confirmed © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions32

33  OS: Windows® 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista  Processor: Pentium® or equivalent  Ram: 512MB (recommended)  Disk Space: 100 MB (recommended)  Software: MS Word®, MS Excel® © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions33

34  Thank you for taking your time to review our 62.1-2007 Comply software package  If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail to: steve”at”, or support”at”  We also have an interactive demo of our 62.1-2007 Comply software that can be delivered, on request, via e-mail. © Copyright 2008 HVAC Design Solutions34

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