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Williamston Soccer 2011. Tryout Week Fitness & Technical Testing Program Team Selection 1 st week of the Season.

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1 Williamston Soccer 2011

2 Tryout Week Fitness & Technical Testing Program Team Selection 1 st week of the Season

3 Who & Why? Everyone in the program will be tested. Accountability & dedication in all players. The results are public for all the players to review.

4 Fitness Test Beep Test Will be offered three times:  Wednesday, August 10 (1 st day of tryouts)  Wednesday, August 17  Thursday, September 1

5 Varsity Fitness Standards Starting Opportunity: 10.5 or above First Off Bench: 10.1 – 10.4 Minimum Playing Time: 9.8 – 9.11 No Guaranteed Playing Time: 9.7 or under

6 5 Technical Tests Passing Gates Distance Kick Shooting Power Figure 8 Dribbling Long Serve/Long Reception GK’s will complete additional tests

7 Passing Gates 1 minute round Alternate gates 1 pt. for each ball that passes the gate before time elapses 6 pts to pass

8 Distance Kick 8 balls kicked for distance  4 with each foot Where the ball lands in the air is the distance marked. The player will get an average score for each foot. The average of each foot will be added together – 75 yds to pass.

9 Shooting Power 8 balls shot into the goal  4 with each foot Radar gun will be used to measure MPH. The average of each foot will be added together - 100 MPH to pass

10 Figure 8 Dribbling Player starts behind the line. He dribbles the ball in a figure 8 around two cones. The cones are 10 yds apart. Each player will take 3 one-minute runs with different dribbling surface restrictions: just inside of the feet, then just the outside of the feet, and lastly both inside and outside of both feet. He is timed to see how many laps he can do in 1 minute. If he uses the wrong surface there is a ¼ point penalty. 7 ½(inside), 7 (outside), and 8 on each test to pass. Must reach each standard to pass.

11 Long Serve/Long Reception Pairs work together 2 grids – 10 x 10 Back edge of grids will be 50 yds apart Front edge of grids will be 30 yds apart Players serves ball IN THE AIR 1 min round & in order to earn point both the serve & reception have to be done correctly. 6 pts. to pass

12 Technical Test Standards Pass 3 Tests = +.1 on Beep Test Pass 4 Tests = +.2 on Beep Test Pass 5 Tests = +.3 on Beep Test Example: 10.3 + pass 4 tests = 10.5

13 1 st Week of Season Wednesday – August 10 3.00 – 6.00pm> Players will declare what team they are trying out for > Ensure physicals are turned in > Technical Testing 6.00 – 7.30pm> Meal Break/Video 7.30 – 9.00pm> Beep Test & Small-sided Games Thursday – August 11 3.00 – 6.00pm> Technical Testing & Full-sided Games *** Team selection is announced to players. *** 6.00 – 7.30pm> Meal Break/Video 7.30 – 9.00pm> Begin training with JV & Varsity teams Friday – August 12 3.00 – 5.30pm> Team Training 5.30 – 6.00pm> Cool Down & Stretch 6.00 – 6.30pm> Pack Equipment

14 Camp Leelanau Saturday – August 13 Depart for Camp Leelanau – 7.00am Tuesday – August 16 Return from Camp Leelanau – 5.00pm Scrimmages: Saturday – 6p vs. Leland @ Camp Leelanau Sunday – 6p Green/White @ Camp Leelanau Monday – 6.30p @ Suttons Bay (varsity only)

15 CAAC Divisions BLUEREDGOLDWHITE EasternDeWittCharlotteCorunna East LansingFowlervilleEaton RapidsLakewood EverettHaslettMasonLansing Catholic Grand Ledge IoniaLumen ChristiPerry HoltOwossoNorthwestPortland JacksonSt. JohnsWaverlyWilliamston Okemos Sexton

16 Season Outlook 5 games - everyone in our division only once 6 games – CAAC crossover games Williamston Showcase – September 17 th League Playoffs – Week of October 5 th  Seeding based on overall record  JV follows varsity District Playoffs – Week of October 17 th  MHSAA – Division 3  Blind draw seeding  Varsity only

17 Players Must be at ALL team functions. Must be on time & prepared for training.  Ball  Shinguards  Water Must communicate tardiness or absence with one of the coaches prior to event. Must arrive 1 hr. prior to home games.

18 Parents INTERACTION FUELS ACTION!  Communication is critical  Timing is critical  24/48 rule will apply Must leave the coaching to staff (on/off the field).  Keep in mind that what you may be telling your son may not be wrong, but it may not be what we want or what the team needs. Must leave refereeing to those on the field. Be positive fans.

19 Parents Check email daily for updates. Check website daily for updates. If issues need to be discussed, coaches will only meet in person – no communication through email or phone.

20 Contact Info Brent Sorg517.204.2689 Gerry Pace517.449.0707 Jason Davis248.343.7284

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