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Marshall Youth Soccer Coaching Guide U10. 2010 Coaching Support Shannon VanDeVere In-Town Coordinator 507-532-4309 Coaching Support.

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1 Marshall Youth Soccer Coaching Guide U10

2 2010 Coaching Support Shannon VanDeVere In-Town Coordinator 507-532-4309 Coaching Support Coaching Age ClassPrimaryContactSupportContact Under 6 Under 8Lucas Hillgaman507-828-9535Thomas Williford 502-929-0367 Cory Vandevere507-532-4309 Under 10

3 2010 Season Goals Gain Fundamental Skills of the Game Ball Control Passing Shooting 1 vs. 1 skills Learn Basic Game Flow Basic Positions Game Stops (out of bounds, goal kicks etc) Game Strategy Have Fun!!

4 Weekly Practice Goals and Drills

5 Week 1 and 2 Overview Goals Get to know your kids Identify parent helpers and use them! Get back to basics – re-fresh skills from last year Practice Flow 10 minutesWarm Up 15 minutesDrills 5 minutes Water Break 15 minutesDrills 15 MinutesScrimmage Drills Ball Control Passing

6 Week 1 and 2 Drills Dribbling Warm up Setup Either use the center circle of the field or build you a circle with cones. Each player needs to have a ball and start inside the circle. Instructions 1.Have players dribble anyway they want inside the circle as long as they are using both feet for 2 minutes. 2.Have the players juggle for 1 minute using feet only trying to alternate from right to left. 3.Have players dribble with inside and outside of each foot with the following pattern: right foot - inside, outside, inside, outside then switch to left foot inside, outside, inside, outside and continue to switch feet. Do this for 2 minutes. 4.Have players juggle with their thighs and feet for 1 minute. Again instruct players to switch feet while juggling. 5.Have players work on cuts and turns. The players should be instructed to cut the ball quickly and have a short sprint after cutting or turning the ball. Make sure players are exploring with inside and outside of the foot cuts and staying with the ball when they cut. Do this for 2 minutes. 6.Now instruct the players to juggle again. This time juggle with the feet and pop the ball to the chest and back down to the feet. Do this for 1 minute. 7.Now have players turn the pace up a notch and play full speed working on cuts, turns, and avoiding collisions. Push players to work hard for 1 minute straight. Coaching Points Make sure the player is constantly lifting their head and checking their surroundings. This will help players find space and avoid other players. Make sure players keep the ball close to them while in congested areas. This will help them move the ball more quickly to avoid other players and obstructions. Encourage players to use all parts of their feet while dribbling (inside, outside, top, bottom).

7 Week 1 and 2 Drills 2v2 Dribbling to Beat the Defender Setup Create a 30X10 yard grid and divide it into 3 10X10 grids. Two attackers start at the top of the grid with one defender should start on the side of the 1st middle line, and another defender starts on the opposite side of the next line. A goal with a goalkeeper should be placed at the end line. Instructions Instruct player "A" to pass to player "B" and attack the goal on the opposite goal line. Player "C" and "D" become active when the 1st pass is made from Player "A" to player "B". Player "C" is limited to grid "1" and player "D" is limited to defend in grid "2". Player "A" and "B" must combine efforts and the player in possession must be willing to take more risks. The supporting player must offer good support angles and distance to the player in possession. A shot can be made once a defender has been beaten. Coaches should encourage players to beat the defender and finish with a shot. Coaching Points Approach when on the dribble Changing direction to beat the defender Change pace after change of direction go get past defender Supporting player must help player in possession Finish with a shot

8 Week 1 and 2 Drills The Passing Name Game Setup Form a circle with each of the players on your team. Only start with one ball. Instructions To play the name game, the player with the ball passes to a player. Before the receiving player receives the pass, they must yell the name of the player they are going to pass to. Upon the next player receiving the ball, they must yell the name of the player they are going to pas to. This is designed to make the players think a step ahead of the play. Make sure that each player has at least 2 touches on the ball; one touch to receive the pass, and the other touch to make the pass. Encourage players not to make a pass back to the player they received the pass from, and to pass to different people each time. Variations Create a grid and play the same game as above except players are free to move about the grid. Add a second ball. Coaching Points Remind players to be thinking ahead to determine who they want to pass to. Good First Touch Quality pass

9 Week 5 and 6 Drills Knock Out Setup Create a grid depending on the number of players and have each player with a ball inside the grid. Instructions Instruct the players to protect their own ball while trying to "knock out" the other player's balls out of the grid. Players must stay with their ball and cannot leave the ball for long periods of time. Players can only be "knocked out" 2 times where they do 5-10 pushups and get back in the game. On the 3rd time, they are out. Variations Make players dribble with certain parts of their foot. If player dribbles out of bounds their self they are considered "knocked out". Coaching Points Instruct players to keep the ball close and touch the ball often * Players heads should be up looking for other players and be aware of their surroundings

10 Week 3 and 4 Overview Goals Refine passing and shooting skills Practice Flow 10 minutesWarm Up 15 minutesDrills 5 minutes Water Break 15 minutesDrills 15 MinutesScrimmage (week 4 - :30 scrimmage) Drills Passing Shooting

11 Week 5 and 6 Drills 1 v 1 to Goal Setup Create a 12 X 5 yard grid just inside the penalty box and assign 1 defender to this grid. Have a goalkeeper play in the goal. Place a cone 7 or 8 yards outside the grid where the remaining players must start with a ball. Instructions The defenders job is to stop the attackers from getting through the grid and out the other side while being restricted to only defending within the grid. The attacker’s role is to simply beat the defender and get a shot on goal. The attacker must attack out the back of the cones and not out the sides of the grid. Rotate the defenders every 1 to 2 minutes. Variations If the attacking player is stopped by the defender, the attacker quickly becomes a defender attempting to stop the next attacker in line. Coaching Points Good Control and keeping the ball close. Good Shot on Goal. Beating the defender with speed.

12 Week 5 and 6 Drills Passing and Receiving Warm-up Setup Build a grid approximately 20 yards by 20 yards. Split up the team in two even teams with one team on the outside of the square and the other teammates inside the square. Every player on the outside of the grid should have a ball. The players inside the square will be working. Instructions The players inside the grid will move inside the square and check to any of the players along the outside of the grid and calling their name. The player on the outside plays a ball into the player who quickly returns the ball back to that player in one touch. Have the players work for 1 minute and switch inside and outside groups. Variations Players must have a touch with the inside of the foot before returning the ball to the outside player. Can also have the player make a touch with the outside of the foot before playing the ball back. Have the outside players pick the ball up in their hands and play balls into the inside players. The inside players can go through the following skills: Inside foot folley, top of the foot volley, thigh volley, chest volley, headers, etc. Have the players work 30 seconds at a comfortable speed, and 30 seconds at full speed Coaching Points Focus on good solid passes and a good controlled first touch.

13 Week 5 and 6 Drills 3-Minute Shooting Drill Setup Divide the group into 2 teams with a goalkeeper in the goal. One team spreads out behind the goal while the other team lines up at midfield. Each player at midfield should have a ball. If the penalty area isn't visible, the coach should set cones on the edge of the penalty area to serve as a shot marker. Instructions Each team is given 3 minutes on the attack shooting on the goal, and 3 minutes working on clearing balls first time behind the goal (defense). Each attacker takes a turn and dribbles with speed to the edge of the box and must shoot on goal before getting into the penalty area. As soon as that player shoots, the next player in line begins his attack. If the ball is shot wide of the goal, the defenders behind the goal must play a ball back and wide to the field of play before it stops dead. If the ball stops dead, 1 point is given to the attacking team. However, the defending team is awarded 1 point if they individually or collectively clear the ball or get two touches on the ball before it touches the ground. The attacking team scores 1 point for each goal scored. After 3 minutes the teams switch roles. Variations * The coach can serve the ball to the attackers at varying heights, angles etc before they start on goal. * Cones can be placed at varying distances from the goal to create different choices for the goalkeeper and shooter * Young players can be given 1 point for a ball shot on target and 2 points for a goal.

14 Week 5 and 6 Drills Small-Sided Shooting and Finishing Game Setup Create a small field approximately the size of the penalty area (18X44 yards) and mark the center point of the field with cones. Taper each of the sidelines towards the goals on each end of the penalty area. The field should be tapered to avoid bad shooting angles. Organize players in a 4v2 (4 defenders and 2 attackers) in each half of the field. Players are restricted to the side of the grid they were originally placed. Spare soccer balls should be placed near each of the goals for quick retrieval and quick restarts. Instructions The defenders have to shoot from their own half of the field and the forwards should follow any shots from the defenders and finish any rebounds. If the ball is shot and the goalkeeper recovers the ball, they should quickly distribute the ball to their defensive players and the play should continue. If the ball is shot over the goal, a new ball should be retrieved from behind the goal and play should resume quickly. Players should be encouraged to take half chances and limit the number of touches before shooting. Forwards should follow any shot for rebounds. Variations Place a restriction on the number of touches. Allow defenders to have 3-touch and forward's only 1-touch. This will encourage quick shots and more opportunities. Coaching Points Players should be instructed to take shots. Forwards need to be reminded to follow any rebound and get in the keeper’s face. The number of touches should be limited to take quick shots.

15 Week 5 and 6 Overview Goals Develop 1 vs 1 skills Ball Control Practice Flow 10 minutesWarm Up 15 minutesDrills 5 minutes Water Break 30 minutesScrimmage Drills 1 vs. 1 2 vs. 2

16 Week 5 and 6 Drills 1v1 Competition Setup Split the team into 2 groups with each group wearing alternate jerseys with a keeper in the goal. Place a cone about 25 years from the goal. 1 team defends by the goal, and the other team attacks by starting at the cone 25 yards from goal. Each team plays for 5 minutes. Instructions The 1st defender plays a ball into the 1st attacker and steps out to defend. The attacker attempts to beat the defender and a point is awarded to the attackers team for each goal that is scored. After a goal is scored, or the defensive player wins the ball, the next defender plays a ball into the next attacker and play continues. Each team attacks for 5 minutes and defends for 5 minutes. The team with the highest goal count wins. Play 2 games awarding a winner after each match. If each team wins a match, play another round to break the tie. Coaching Points Offensive: Attack defender with speed, quick explosion to get away, try to get behind the defender, and shoot at any half-chance. Defensive: Close down quickly, force the attacker to the weak side, break down, and close the attacker down. Remember Fast, Slow, Outside, Low. Fast - approach the attacker with speed. Slow - when the defender gets close to the attacker, the defender must slow their run and start stepping back with the attacker. Outside - force the attacker to the outside. Low - low center of gravity and get player low.

17 Week 5 and 6 Drills 2v2 Challenge Setup Start the soccer drill by splitting the group into two teams with a keeper in goal. Place two cones approximately 20-25 yards from goal about 30 yards apart. Instruct one team to line up behind one cone and the other team line up behind the other team (don't worry about lines because the players will be involved very quickly). Create a 5 X 5 yard box about 10- 15 yards past the two cones, and place all the balls in this box. Instructions Have 2 players from each team enter the playing area. Each team will play 2v2 to goal as normal. However, the dynamics of the game begin when you introduce the two rules. RULE 1: If a players shoots and the keeper saves it, or the shot misses the goal, the shooter must quickly run get their missed shot and dribble it back to the 5X5 box. That player will then goes to the end of their team’s line and await their turn again. Once the shooting player dribbles back into the 5X5 box, his team can send in another man to even up the match at 2v2. In the mean time, the other team will sprint to the 5X5 box attempting to catch the team who just missed a shot in a man down situation. RULE 2: If a team scores a goal, they are awarded with a point, the opposing player closest to the ball will be out and must dig the ball out of the goal, and return the ball to the 5X5 box. In the mean time, the attacking team is sprinting to the 5X5 box attempting to tack advantage of a man down situation. First team to 10 wins. Variations Limit players touches. Keep track of Off Sides. Play with 3v3 or 4v4

18 Week 5 and 6 Drills Shooting and Defending Drill Setup Create a grid that is as wide as the penalty box, and approximately 25-30 yards from goal. Place a goalkeeper in the goal and split the remaining players into two groups (Red and Yellow). The two groups will line up on opposite sides of the file on the cone set farthest from the goal. Make sure that every player has a ball. Instructions On the coach’s command, the first player in the Red group dribbles the ball with speed at the edge of the penalty box and quickly has a shot as they approach. Immediately after the Red player shoots, the first player from the yellow group dribbles at the penalty box as the Red player defends his attempt. After the Yellow player shoots, they immediately defend the next red player who is now attacking. Repeat this rotation throughout the drill. Coaching Points Attacking: Make sure the attack is quick, controlled and the player gets the shot off quickly Put the shot on target even when under pressure. Dribble with speed. Defending: Transition Quickly from Offense to Defense

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