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Rodney Ross National Volunteer Manager for the JLGB Jewish Lads’ & Girls’ Brigade.

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1 Rodney Ross National Volunteer Manager for the JLGB Jewish Lads’ & Girls’ Brigade



4 Jewish Community in Greater Manchester Jews have been a major part of Manchester since the late 18th century when immigrants from eastern and central Europe first arrived. Today, it is the UK's second largest Jewish community with around 35,000 people. The Jewish Community is spread across the whole of Greater Manchester: From the late 1800’s to 1970 the Jewish Community lived in Redbank and Cheetham Hill Bury, Salford, Didsbury, Hale, Cheadle.

5 The JLGB is Britain's longest serving Jewish National Voluntary Youth Organisation. “The Object of The Jewish Lads’ & Girls’ Brigade is to train its members in loyalty, honour, discipline and self-respect, that they shall become worthy and useful citizens and a credit to their country and their community”.

6 The JLGB was founded in 1895 by Colonel Albert Goldsmid, a senior British Army officer, to provide an interest for Jewish children of the many poor immigrant families who were coming to Britain at that time. The original Jewish Lads’ Brigade (JLB) owed its inspiration to the example of Christian uniformed youth movements, especially the Boys’ Brigade and the Church Lads’ Brigade.

7 Activities in 1895 The Brigade was organised and drilled as a ‘military body’ with special emphasis placed on parade ground discipline and physical fitness. Swimming, cricket, football and athletics events were to be encouraged. Local companies could join together on special occasions for camps, parades and sports tournaments.

8 The JLGB today Is a vibrant National Voluntary Youth Organisation Is increasing its membership in all age groups Is nurturing and developing young people in a Jewish context Is equipping young Jewish people to be better citizens Is investing in the future of Jewish youth While the JLGB is proud of and has remained true to its traditional heritage, today’s Brigade:

9 The JLGB provides youth work opportunities in over 30 Jewish communities around the UK. Greater London 12 Groups Manchester 4 Groups Leeds Liverpool Birmingham Newcastle Southend Nottingham Glasgow Cardiff

10 The JLGB today Currently, the JLGB has over 3,000 members and more than 300 adult volunteer leaders involved in all aspects of youth work programmes and activities. This work goes on in over 30 Jewish communities & schools across the UK.

11 Welfare Support Large numbers of young people can only attend JLGB activities through support from the limited JLGB welfare fund. Often these children come from single parent families or families on welfare support, and a significant number have special needs relating to physical or learning disabilities. Volunteering & Citizenship As Britain’s longest serving Jewish National Voluntary Youth Organisation, the JLGB has an ethos and tradition of volunteering. We are the main Jewish youth organisation offering voluntary work opportunities to both the Jewish and wider communities.

12 Musical Development The JLGB is the only Jewish organisation offering young people the chance to learn basic musical skills, and even become advanced musicians. JLGB bands offer something quite unique: the chance to learn an instrument and to play music with young Jewish people throughout the country. JLGB bands are often invited to provide music at important civic services and remembrance parades. Accredited Leaders’ Training Building on our already very high standard of training, we recently became an Approved Centre with the National Open College Network, which allows us to award NOCN credits to our members and volunteers. We are the first Jewish organisation to offer these accredited awards.








20 So what next for the JLGB? We are looking to develop all 3 areas of our work by bring together JLGB young people and young volunteers together our 3 Intergeneration Partners. Working together we will create templates that can be shared in other Jewish Communities around the UK. Create Legacies for the Jewish Community in the UK.

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