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Funding For Sport Colin Bennett, Coaching Development Manager.

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1 Funding For Sport Colin Bennett, Coaching Development Manager

2 Sports Delivery and Legacy 2012 The team leads work to ensure that the people of Essex capitalise on the benefits of the London 2012 Games and the positive impact it will have long after the Games are over. The team also incorporates sportessex, the Essex County Sports Partnership who act as the strategic body for sports development across the county.


4 GRANTfinder Is the UK's leading grants and policy database and includes details in excess of 7,000 funding opportunities. GRANTfinder subscribers include: local authorities; the voluntary and charitable sector; universities and colleges; housing associations; the health sector; and business support organisations.

5 Sport England Inspired Facilities An easier way to apply for facilities funding. Inspired Facilities is focused on making it easier for local community and volunteer groups to improve and refurbish sports clubs or transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sport facilities.

6 Sport England Small Grants Up to £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to deliver new community projects to either grow or sustain participation in sport or to support talent development.

7 Sport England Sportsmatch Sportsmatch makes awards to not-for- profit organisations that have secured sponsorship to deliver new community projects to grow or sustain participation in sport.

8 Sport England Iconic Facilities Drawing on the inspirational pull of London 2012 to create local beacons for grassroots sport. They are investing £30m over the next three years in innovative, large-scale, multi- sport facilities' projects that are regionally significant for at least two sports and can demonstrate long-term financial viability.

9 Sport England Protecting Playing Fields The programme is inviting applications for projects that help communities maximise the sporting benefits of playing field land.

10 The Jack Petchey Foundation Established in 1999, The Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25.

11 British Gas Club Grants Scheme A new scheme to help more people get into the swimming pool. Swimming clubs around the country are being offered the chance to grab a grant worth up to £1,000 courtesy of British Gas.

12 RBS Community Sport In partnership with RBS, The Daily Telegraph is aiming to support sport at a local level through the launch of its Sport for You grant.

13 The Ron Pickering Fund Applications are invited for grants from the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund from young track and field athletes who are in education and may need financial help towards training or provision of equipment.

14 Essex County Council Big Society Fund 2011 – 12 WHAT IS THE BIG SOCIETY FUND? The Big Society Fund is a small grants scheme, funded by Essex County Council (ECC), to build capacity within the network of voluntary organisations, socially significant enterprises neighbourhood groups, town and parish councils and community interest groups that enrich civic life in Britain.

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