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Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club Transplant Cricket Vision.

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1 Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club Transplant Cricket Vision

2 PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to review the status of “Transplant Cricket” within the United Kingdom and to outline potential strategies for development. IT WILL COVER: What is Transplant Cricket? What are the aims of Transplant Cricket? What is the current structure of Transplant Cricket in the United Kingdom? How could this change? Who would our main partners be? We hope that this review will demonstrate the great experiences that all those who have been involved in Transplant Cricket have already had and show the potential to give these to many many more.

3 WHAT IS TRANSPLANT CRICKET? Every year in the United Kingdom approximately 5,000 organ and tissue transplants are performed, giving a “second chance” of life to the lucky recipients. Transplants can be: Bone Marrow Cornea Heart Kidney Liver Lung Pancreas Transplant Cricket is open to anyone who has received one of these life-saving and life-changing transplants. Transplant Cricket is open to anyone irrespective of race, religion, age or sex. For many transplant cricketers, medical treatment is an on going fact of life, with lifelong drug regimens and visits to hospital. Transplant Cricket brings people together in their shared experiences and love of the game of cricket.

4 WHAT ARE THE AIMS OF TRANSPLANT CRICKET? 1.To celebrate the “second chance of life” that transplantation provides and in doing so promote the need for organ and tissue transplantation. 2.Promote the benefits, post-transplant, of a healthy lifestyle. 3.Provide opportunities to engage with the sport of cricket for newcomers to the game or individuals whose involvement has lapsed, for whatever reason.

5 WHAT IS THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF TRANSPLANT CRICKET IN THE UK? The Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club is currently the only side solely for Transplant Cricketers in the United Kingdom and was formed in 2004 as the representative side in the UK for cricketers who had received transplants. The main body for Transplant Sport in the United Kingdom is Transplant Sport UK (“TSUK”), to which the club is loosely affiliated. TSUK’s main focus is on athletics and individual sports. TSUK assists in press and publicity, as well as some assistance in drawing in interested individuals. TSUK does NOT assist with: Fundraising Administration Fixture, training or strategy planning. Although a number of those involved in the GBTCC are also involved in TSUK activities, the experience our members get is distinctly different due to the team nature of the sport.

6 WHAT IS THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF TRANSPLANT CRICKET IN THE UK? (cont.) 20042006 2008 2010 2012 GBTCC Founded First series against the Australian Transplant Cricket Club in Australia ATCC Tour England and play games in the North East and South West 2007 and 2008 saw tours against club sides within the UK. Website and twitter launched. ATCC toured with games in North East and London. 20052007 2009 2011 “Active” Players – i.e. played in a match or attended training

7 WHAT IS THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF TRANSPLANT CRICKET IN THE UK? (cont.) 27 “Active” Players (i.e. have played, trained, or known to be attending) Ages 17 - 55 Includes EVERY type of transplant Players from Plymouth to Newcastle and Swansea to Southend Linked clubs at Tynemouth (Durham) and Dulwich (Surrey). As can be seen from the previous page, even initial efforts have had a significant uptake in player numbers. With over 5,000 transplants taking place in the UK every year, there is a massive opportunity to use the game of cricket to bring wellbeing and fulfilment into a huge number of lives. No formal registration/status as a club or charity.

8 HOW COULD THIS CHANGE? UK TRANSPLANT CENTRES Birmingham Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Edinburgh Glasgow Leeds Leicester Liverpool London Manchester Newcastle Nottingham Oxford Plymouth Portsmouth Sheffield GBTCC NORTH SOUTH Yorks Lancs Dur Notts Scot? Warw Surr Midd Hamp Wales Many transplant cricketers have played all their lives, but the game should be accessible, even to those playing for the first time. As well as the “normal” adult game, their could be: Children’s level quick games and training, possibly centred on clubs. An adult “entry” game for those looking to take part for the first time or who are potentially worried about the hard ball game and sensitive areas post transplant! Transplant centres are located throughout the UK, but people often travel to their centre – although these could be used to spread information and news, provision would also need to be widely available. All the above is predicated on achieving increased player numbers and involvement. At this time, the GBTCC is a functioning club with a good membership, but this would not support an active set up below this level. Going forward a full “representative” setup, on top of a feeder network would be the best way to represent the aims of transplant cricket in the UK and internationally.

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