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Welcome! Find your student's desk Please write a note to your student! Register or join PTSA on a computer (if 90% register, we get free books!)

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1 Welcome! Find your student's desk Please write a note to your student! Register or join PTSA on a computer (if 90% register, we get free books!)

2 Three Truths & A Lie I grew up in Texas I graduated from Utah State University I used to own a hedgehog I love coffee

3 About Me! I grew up in Austin, Texas B.A. in K-8 Elementary Education, Utah State University Taught 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade 2nd year at Newcastle!

4 Mission Statement 5th graders are leaders by embodying the CARES philosophy. 5th graders will also inernalize skills and strategies into habits as lifelong learners.


6 Classroom Management Class Dojo Binks Bucks

7 Communication 425-837-5873 Class Website: /newcastle/staff/mrs_binks_site/default.aspx /newcastle/staff/mrs_binks_site/default.aspx Newsletters & Emails

8 Homework Reading: 20 minutes a day Math: studylink-should take 10-15 minutes Word Study: assigned daily task Planner Check

9 Homework —Planners: -Done daily -Student responsibility to check it off and ask for signature -Hoping to eliminate parent signature during the year —Late or missing work: -Parents OFF the hook (only accepted from student) —Work quality: -In pencil -Proper heading -Student driven and completed -Up to standard (will be returned to fix if necessary) — Website contains many helpful resources for homework.

10 Homework Tips! —Help your child come up with a plan - empowerment —Students allowed to type assignments —Tell them you trust them to stay on track and check-in to make sure they are following the plan. —Help them with strategies to solve problems when they are stuck. (Tools like dictionaries, ruler, sharp pencils, online resources, etc.) —Support your child in their decisions, but clearly establish consequences when they do not follow through. —Don’t engage in the battle, make me the bad guy. —Establishing routines quickly is very helpful. —CONSISTENCY! This does not happen over night.

11 Homework: Extras! Khan Academy IXL Xtra Math Read Around the World Spelling Options

12 Read Around the World independent reading visit & study other countries student and parent discussions at home to submit form

13 Graded Work Packet —Each Friday an envelope of corrected work will be sent home. This will contain ALL checked work from the week. The empty envelope is to be returned Monday. The work is for you to keep (unless it indicates it must corrected and returned). Please sign it to show you have seen the work. —This a great way for you to see what is going on in class and how your kiddo is doing.

14 Reading —Readers’ Workshop – specific reading skills are taught and modeled by me. Students practice in groups and then apply the skills independently. —Small groups – I will be meeting with students most weeks to practice skills specific to meet their needs. Groups are constantly changing. —Literature circles – small group meeting to discuss novels – our first one is Mystery genre in late September. —Independent reading – students will be reading DAILY in class. They have various responses to complete in their journal. I will also be holding individual reading conferences to help students set goals.

15 Common Core Reading Golden Keys A bunch of golden keys is mine To make each day with gladness shine. "Good morning!" that's the golden key That unlocks every door for me. When evening comes, "Good night!" I say, And close the door of each glad day. When at the table "If you please" I take from off my bunch of keys. When friends give anything to me, I'll use the little "Thank you" key. "Excuse me," "Beg your pardon," too, When by mistake some harm I do. Or if unkindly harm I've given, With "Forgive me" key I'll be forgiven. On a golden ring these keys I'll bind, This is its motto: "Be ye kind." I'll often use each golden key, And so a happy child I'll be. The theme of this poem is that manners are important. Write a paragraph explaining the key points and use details from the poem to support your response. This is an example of a CCSS reading question.

16 Writing Writer’s Workshop – a consistent time where strategies are taught and practiced. (Lucy Calkins Units of Study) Genres covered this year: —Personal Narrative —Informational Text —Memoir —Argument Essay —History Lens Essay —Poetry

17 Student Writing —What is your impression of this writer? —What did they do well? —What would you teach them next? rts/writing/resources/scostuwk/grade5/imaginativ e/wrigr5imh-reunionshipwreck.pdf

18 Writing Key Points —Teach the writer, not the writing —Conventions, grammar, etc. should only be taught 20% of the time —Always lead with a compliment —Give one specific, targeted teaching points to individuals —Expect struggles and simple work at the beginning…they are LEARNING.

19 Math: Everyday Math partially aligned to CCSS workshop model math journal: stays at school math notebook Student Reference Book: at school & can be found online! Games: in class, EDM online, IXL, Khan Academy: emphasizes concepts we're studying Homework: corrected in class problem solving from multiple reliable sources

20 Math: Parent Tips —Unit Letters - These are to be used to help your child when they have questions. They are on our class website. —Homework not graded, just looked over to see how student is doing. Please don’t correct their work, otherwise I will not know what to help students with. If you must correct it, have students do work in another color so I can see their misconceptions! —It is ok if you don’t understand – your child is the one that should be practicing the concept, not you. —Khan Academy —Games, iXL, - all online to practice basic math skills.

21 Common Core Math…

22 Social Studies: U.S. History Mapping Native Americans Exploration Colonization Revolutionary War Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

23 Science: Taught By Mrs. Rickey —Force and Motion —Energy —Fossils —Behavior and structure of plants and animals —Heredity and adaptations —Science Labs with Kate Poster

24 Health: F.L.A.S.H. Spring 2015 teachers trained in the curriculum All students must attend the FLASH health unit and learn about Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS by law, unless a parent attends a district viewing of the curriculum and signs a waiver. The FLASH curriculum covers reproductive organs, puberty for boys and girls, and HIV/AIDS. anchored in science, health, & anatomy

25 Grading —Standards-based —4 = Exceeds Standard —3 = Meets Standard (exactly where your child SHOULD be) —2 = Approaches Standard —1 = Below Standard —Numbers do not correlate to traditional letter grades

26 Grading 1 2 3 4

27 End of Year Testing Stanford-End of January Smarter Balanced Assessment -Math & Literacy -online Science MSP

28 Service Learning Yearlong focus Launched with Kickin It with the Kinders Goal: become independent, leaders, and seek opportunities to help others Hours will be celebrated & tracked in the classroom Form to track/reflect on experiences Different levels of service based on hours served recognized at Promotion Partnering with PTSA Continuing to model and plan service learning projects at Newcastle Elementary Volunteer opportunities in the community will be shared

29 Field Trips! —Gates Foundation – Mid-October —Writing Trip - November 6th —Burke Museum – Late January —Camp – March 2-4 —Maywood Middle School Tour in spring

30 Middle School —Class choices – a great deal of information will come out in the spring regarding classes for middle school. All classes are self selected, but the district provides recommendations using different scores. I am happy to talk with you in the spring about this. —Advocacy – getting students to ask for help —Presentations – teaching and practicing effective public speaking strategies —ORGANIZATION – we are working hard on this, myself included! Grading System-percentage/letter based practice

31 To Do: Sign up to be our Auction Art Parent!!! Check the sign-up for Art Docent See Liz Rattie to fill out contact info for parent communication Consider donating a Mentor Text to our class! Check and approve/edit volunteer calendar Join PTSA on the computers Leave me any questions/comments on a sticky note and place on the "Parking Lot"

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