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WELCOME 2 nd Grade Parents * Sign up for a conference and pick up your child’s packet. (Start time is 6:05)

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1 WELCOME 2 nd Grade Parents * Sign up for a conference and pick up your child’s packet. (Start time is 6:05)

2 2 nd Grade Introductions Meet the Teachers Linda Pape Kimberly Howell Katie McDermott and Kim Schmidt Emily Bucago Marianne Nylen

3 Standards Common Core State Standards Video Website No state testing in 2 nd grade.

4 LANGUAGE ARTS Reading groups (RTI) - one hour of direct instruction to focus on specific skill sets. Writing Presentation skills Spelling

5 MATH Manipulatives--(hands on learning) Focus on Problem Solving/Explaining their thinking! New math adoption Basic facts are important!!!Counting fast is not fluent! Will be a part of homework –First in Math- at home

6 SOCIAL STUDIES Citizenship: Developing respect for self, others, and the community. Awareness of cultures of the world

7 SCIENCE 1st Trimester2 nd Trimester3 rd Trimester Earth Science Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Physical Science Balance & Motion Life Science Insects (and plants)

8 Purpose of Homework Review and practice what was taught. Retain basic skills needed for learning new material in class. Build good homework habits. Teach students to work independently. Encourage self-discipline and responsibility.

9 HOMEWORK Homework folders go home each Monday and are due Fridays. *Math workbook/packet- do assigned pages only! Check your child’s work and sign the contract! Parent Grades: O / S / N Extra Learning Opportunities Menu/Spelling Activities sheet *Read every night.


11 Homework Tips for Parents 1.Help your child choose a homework drop spot for completed homework – guide them to always put completed assignments in the same spot. 2.Set up a study area – have child do homework in the same spot every night. 3.Create a homework survival kit – keep all supplies in the study spot. –pencils, pens, writing paper, colored pencils, markers, crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener, erasers, glue, tape, construction paper, stapler, hole punch, scissors, paper clips, index cards, folders, dictionary, planner. 4.Schedule daily homework time – same time each night - be sure all other activities stop at this time.

12 More Tips Attempt the “hard” homework first Sit with your child and go over homework Let him/her know that you will check it Write a note to teacher if homework is too difficult or a problem Offer simple rewards when an assignment is finished

13 Communication Conduits go home every Thursday – Please sign and return every Friday Information is important – go through carefully. Check the Westpark website! website -2 nd grade Homework Parent Portal * Email

14 Communication Email is the best way (be mindful of volume) *Website will have information (ask your child, practice those speaking skills.)

15 Parent Volunteers Applications for volunteers on your class table Thank you!

16 A.I.R. (School-wide behavior plan) K-6 AIR Cards

17 PTA THANK YOU PTA!!! Primary music, PE, school events, and many, many more activities Please join!

18 Special Programs Star of the Week NO FOOD Business Day- use classroom cash every quarter (save those treasures) Bonus Points

19 Donations Each child’s table has an envelope for donations if you would like. Used to reimburse teachers for purchases throughout the year - Additional large school supplies (pencil sharpeners), Grammarsaurus, scholarships for interactive assemblies, etc. *Please note, this is optional.

20 Odds and Ends Office first -lunch drop off, volunteer sticker *Campus safety Bathrooms

21 If you have not already, go to your class table: Sign up for a conference time. (Miss Howell’s class: see website for conference link) Pick up a packet Please save personal questions for the conference!

22 Thank you for coming... Don’t forget to sign up for your conference time! Save personal questions/concerns for conferences. ONLINE TIMER

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