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Welcome to 4th Grade Curriculum Night

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1 Welcome to 4th Grade Curriculum Night
Mrs. Bowe Room Mrs. Broton Mrs. Gazlay, and Ms. Nicolletti

2 My Philosophy I believe that all children can learn
I believe that everyone has the right to learn and no one has the right to interfere with their learning I believe in high expectations for all children that they will become a community of learners I believe that all children should be actively involved in their learning I believe that children need to know how to work independently as well as cooperatively I believe that children, as well as adults, should treat others the way they want to be treated

3 Class Rules and Consequences
Respect Yourself Respect Others Respect the Environment Students will fill out a form explaining their behavior and what they will do to improve it. I will have a conversation with the student regarding their behavior.

4 Common Core This is the website to connect you with Parent and Family Resources of the Common Core. Please take home the Parent’s Backpack Guide to the Common Core handout this evening. You can also go to my website and on the homepage you will find links for parents as well.

5 Common Core in the Classroom
Reading Literature - Variety of Genre Informational Text *** Responding to Text Vocabulary Development and Fluency Foundational Skills *** Conventions What does it look like? CAFÉ – Power Strategies for Successful Readers Mini-lessons * Small group focus lessons & conferring Independent Reading

6 Lucy Calkins Units of Study
Writing Lucy Calkins Units of Study Text Types and Purposes: Opinion Pieces Supporting a Point of View Informational Writing Narrative Writing Respond to Text Writing 

7 Speaking and Listening
Comprehension and Collaboration Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas through technology, projects, research and presentations Language Conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking Knowledge of Language – choose words and phrases to convey ideas Vocabulary Acquisition & Use – MY WORD STUDY BOOK

8 Math Place Value, Rounding, Addition and Subtraction Algorithms of Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division of Up to a 4-digit by a 1-digit Number Using Place Value Order and Operations with Unit Fractions and Decimals Unit Conversions: Addition/Subtraction of Length, Weight, and Capacity Addition/Subtraction of Angle Measurements on Planar Figures Continuing to Explore Multiplication

9 Science Plant Structure and Function Animal Structure and Function
Ecosystems Measuring Matter Forces in Motion Electricity and Magnetism Measuring Weather Movements in the Solar System

10 Social Studies Native Americans of New York State
Major Explorers of New York State Colonial and Revolutionary Periods Revolutionary War in New York State The New Nation - Foundations for a new government Industrial Growth and Expansion Urbanization: Economic, Political, and Social Impacts

11 Homework Homework will soon take on a new look at the fourth grade. I am in the process of preparing for each week, homework that is meaningful and supports the Common Core/21st Century Learner. Students will be given their homework packet for the week on Monday. It will be due on Friday, however they may turn it in when it is completed. It will be a combination of writing, math, science, or social studies. At-home Reading will always be due on Mondays. Visit my website to see what is happening in our classroom.

12 Birthdays You are welcome to join and bring in a birthday treat for the class and celebrate your child’s birthday with us in the cafeteria at the end of lunch. Please try to bring in peanut free treats. We have 24 students in our class.

13 Parties This year at 4th Grade the parties will be for students only. We will be having a Halloween, Christmas and Valentine party with activities and some treats. I will be asking parents to send in treats for Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties. I don’t ask any parents for money. Our end-of-the-year picnic will be for students and parents.

14 Orchestra, Band, Chorus…
4th Grade Activities Orchestra, Band, Chorus… Students are responsible for the classwork they miss and complete it at home. It must be returned the following day.

15 Questions? My door is always open if you need me. Thank you for coming!

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