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LevelTen Presentation April 11, 2008 The Academy High School.

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2 LevelTen Presentation April 11, 2008 The Academy High School

3 About LevelTen LevelTen is a full-service Interactive Agency What We Do Interactive Strategy Creative Design Application Development Online Marketing Facts Nine year-old company 16 full-time employees Growing at a rate of 70% per year for last four years Validate Return on Investment through statistics

4 Types of Projects Web Development Brochureware E-Commerce Social Media Online Marketing Search Engine Optimization Pay-Per-Click / Ad Buying Online PR Viral Marketing Social Media / Guerilla

5 Success Stories AT&T Wi-Fi Internet Access Client: AT&T AT&T’s Wi-Fi service is available in Barnes & Noble, Caribou Coffee shops, hundreds of airports, and many other venues. After LevelTen completed a successful redesign of their Wi-Fi Connection Site, AT&T challenged LevelTen with creating a campaign to increase traffic to venues while reducing the typical cost per acquisition. Project: Increase visits to venues & create awareness Results: Measurable ROI results of online marketing exceeded traditional forms advertising. Acquisition for the various LevelTen online marketing campaigns was at a mere $15.00/per user compared to typical cost per acquisition, $50.00/per user. 70% lower cost per subscriber acquisition

6 Success Stories The Staubach Co – Monday Morning CEO Client: Roger Staubach Create a concept for building The Staubach Company brand online to match The Staubach Company and Roger’s uncompromising personality and philosophies. Project: Blog & Online Marketing Results: The buzz level was tremendous as Roger’s posts sparked numerous conversations across the web. Three months after the launch, over 15,000 pages referenced “Monday Morning CEO” and over 300,000 new web pages referenced “Roger Staubach”. The blog’s extraordinary buzz transferred successfully to the company's practice. Nearly 200,000 new web pages referenced both Staubach and “Real Estate”3 - a 243% jump. Over 50,000 new web pages referenced both Staubach and “Commercial Real Estate”, a 227% jump.

7 Success Stories Client: Simon & Schuster Simon & Schuster challenged LevelTen to create an online marketing concept that would match the enormous scope and vivid imagination of the novel. Project: Website Design, Programming & Online Marketing Results: Prayers for The Assassin made the Los Angeles Times best seller and New York Times extended best seller lists, a first for author Robert Ferrigno. The novel achieved a top 20 ranking on’s literature & fiction top sellers list.

8 Other Projects Web Development National Breast Cancer Foundation NEC Word Play Corvette Gear Comedy Defensive Driving In The Works MadeLoud Traxo

9 Project Process

10 Career Options Agency vs. Corporate Freelance vs. Employee @Office vs. @Client Site vs. @Home Large vs. Small

11 Interactive Roles Client Services –Project Management –Business Analyst Usability Analyst –Account Management Marketing –Search Engine Optimization –Pay Per Click Ad Buying –Content Developer Knowledge worker Press Releases –Social Media Guerilla Marketing Creative Design –Graphic Designer Print Designer Web Designer Multimedia / Animators Illustrators / Vector Graphics Video Producers Audio Producers Photography –Client Side Coder Markup (HTML/XHTML) JavaScript / AJAX –Art Director –Creative Director IT –Programmers –Server Admin –DBA –Systems Integration –Network / Security –QA / Testing

12 Types of Agencies Marketing / Design Advertising PR Interactive IT Consulting Management Consulting

13 Types of Interactive Agencies Large Midsize Boutique Eye Candy App Developers Online Marketing

14 Corporate Gigs Brick & Mortar website department Brochureware Knowledgebase Extranet/Intranet Web based business Software solutions with online components

15 Higher Education Options Four Year College & Universities Work Skill Degrees Classical Education Community College Vo-Tech Schools Art School Tech School Self Taught

16 Why College Critical thinking / problem solving skills Be well rounded Chance to explore opportunities Will matter to some companies Social aspects

17 Degrees Computer Science Programming IT – Server Admin MIS (Software Development) Graphic / Multimedia Design Communications / Marketing Library and Information Science Cognitive Psychology Design your own

18 Artist vs. Commercial Designer/Developer

19 Trends Rich User Experience –Separation of data & display (tableless CSS design) –AJAX Frameworks –Flash Rich Media Applications Interoperability –Web Services (API Interfaces) SOAP REST –RSS / XML –Semantic Web Interaction –Social networking –Corporation-Customer interaction & communities –Social book marketing –Social aggregation Open ID Web 2.0 Frameworks –Rails Ruby on Rails –Python Django –Microsoft.NET 3 –PHP Code Igniter Cake Zend –Java Spring Advertising to Online PR –From here is how great our ketchup is to here is our ketchup, lets talk about it. –(Or here is an animated version of our ketchup, tell it to dance)

20 LevelTen Design Tom McCracken, CEO

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