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1 The Importance of SEO/SEM Integration Terrence Gordon.

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1 1 The Importance of SEO/SEM Integration Terrence Gordon

2 A Quick Overview Why is it Important Advanced Discussions The Importance of Integration Agenda

3 Empower you with a renewed sense of your Search Engine Marketing directives Show you how to improve THROUGH consolidation Objectives

4 BA in Communications from University of Arizona Started selling online advertising in 1998 Worked for numerous internet start-ups Launched an interactive agency in Los Angeles in 2005 2006 spun off an automotive vertical offering SEO/SEM solutions to dealers 2009 merged that company with eCarList and built the Search & Media division for website clients 2011 sold to DealerTrack My Background

5 Overview of SEO / SEM

6 Why is Paid Search Important Targets consumers ready to buy – people PROACTIVELY searching for your products/services Allows branding to coexist with performance marketing (free to show up / pay when it works) If you’re not there – somebody else is SEARCH

7 Measuring SEM I’ve been searching all day and don’t see my ad Why am I only in SECOND PLACE???? Which ones are the paid listings again?

8 Why is SEO Important? Studies show that 70% of people click organic vs. paid 100% of users view the organic vs. 90% paid Our dealers receive on average 67% of their overall website traffic from Organic rankings* *eCarList study 2012

9 Measuring SEO 1.Type things into Google 2.Browse my SEO ranking report 3.Type things into Google 4.Yell at my SEO guy 5.Check Google 5 minutes later

10 Advanced Discussions

11 Proper Top Level Measurement ROI Return on Investment $=$$$? CPC Cost Per Click CTR Click Through Rate CPL Cost Per Lead Avg Position Keword Conversions SEO Conversions

12 The Importance of Integration

13 Why Integrate SEO with SEM? Best Traffic @ Lowest Cost SEO Data SEM Data The goal for any Search Engine Marketing campaign is to achieve the most possible, best- performing traffic at the lowest possible cost The only way to do that is by sharing data between SEM & SEO campaigns

14 keyword bidding campaign setup ad creative client consultation geo- targeting keyword optimization day parting budget allocation roi sem reporting landing pages test & mesasure client consultationmessaginglanding pages keyword mapping SEO reportingcontent writingtest & measurelink building SEM VENDORSEO VENDOR No C O M U N I C A T I O N Typical Dealer Setup

15 SEM + SEO VENDOR client consultation keyword mapping campaign setup landing page assignments content building ad messaging test & measure report Consultation Implementation Optimization Consolidating Efforts

16 SEM Ads should direct users to a landing page. How about a SEO-OPTIMIZED landing page… Organic Ranking Paid Listing Integration “kills two birds”

17 Integration is More Effective SEO keywords are limited. SEM keywords are not. With an integrated SEM/SEO approach, keywords that are performing in SEM can be exported to the SEM manager for SEO content Keywords that are performing in SEO can easily be purchased in the SEM campaign Top 3 SEM Honda Texas Honda Dallas Honda DFW Top 3 SEO Honda Texas Honda Dallas Used Honda Dallas

18 Integration is Cheaper Theoretically, the higher the Organic keyword, the less you need to rely on its PPC counter-part As organic rises, the PPC can be decreased – thus more traffic at a lower cost We set rules based on organic positioning to determine the appropriate decrease in bid

19 Integration = Better ROI With top performing terms being taken from each program and added to the top, keyword lists are consistently being optimized for better ROI across both programs BETTER ROI $$ keyword $$$ keyword $ keyword -$ keyword $ keyword

20 Four Marketing Birds Website Company SEO Company SEM Agency's Strategy Social / Reputation Strategy

21 True Integration SEM SEO Social & Reputation Social & Reputation Content Delivery Traffic Marketing Messaging Inventory Listings Traffic Keywords Landing Pages Marketing Messaging Website Marketing Messaging Appearance


23 23 Thank You Terrence Gordon 214.722.8215

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