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Freedom 2010 Your Success Today.

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1 Freedom 2010 Your Success Today

2 Freedom 2010 The most explosive growth year in the history of EcoQuest International. Everything we need is in place Industry best explosive compensation plan The new Essential Living Water World best air purification Energy and laundry Pure Wellness Lifestyle - the best line up of products in the industry. Great products does not ensure success Must have a system that is easy to learn and easy to teach. Vollara is America’s Best Opportunity of our time. 2

3 Freedom 2010 The System The Business Crank The Entry Funnel
The $104,000 Model Incentive Plan Recognition Plan The $104,000 Template Lead Generation System Each component can be found and explained in deeper detail on my web site at The web site is free.

4 Freedom 2010 The Crank The crank is a four part system that links all of our vital activities together in a cycle that propagates two key assets – Profit and People. The diagram shows us that first we teach every distributor how to retail. Retailing when done correctly is fun, easy, stress free and has a high degree of success and profitability. But, retailing is only one part of the “the crank”. We retail not just to earn profit as an end to itself. We retail to earn profit and then take part of the profit and reinvest into our business in the form of advertising.

5 Freedom 2010 So, what do we advertise for? We advertise for People. We are in the people business. Vollara allows us to be more than direct sales people. We can take advantage of the principle the ultra rich understand – Leverage. We retail to make profit and then take some profits and invest in advertising to find people. The people we find through advertising then complete and start the cycle over. Teach this simple and easy to teach principle to ensure our groups are not just conducting actions but rather actions for a purpose.

6 Freedom 2010 Building a highly profitable business with
The $104,000 Model

7 Freedom 2010 The following is a simple model that works.
One brick at a time builds the foundation and walls. Soon I have other brick layers (distributors) and the structure goes up faster. The more people with a dream and a work ethic laying bricks, the sooner we all have solid stable structures (business). To get started we need a plan, a blue print. All structures must start with a good foundation. They say when the foundation is laid; most of the vital work is done. After the foundation we need walls, a roof and then the finish work.

8 Freedom 2010 Let’s start with the end in mind.
Imagine having a business that produces income of up to $104,000 per Year. And, once you have it built, you are done. What would $ a week do for you? What lifestyle would you live with $104,000 a year coming in? After your business is built, what would you do with your free time? If it took six months to learn the system, would it be worth it? If it took a year to build your $104,000 model, would it be worth it? What would be more valuable: a college education that cost tens of thousands, years of work and no guarantees or a business model that paid up to $104,000 a year – year after year? Earn while you learn!

9 Freedom 2010 Follow the Simple Building Plan
The key is to get this simple strategy duplicating system beyond the third level of your business. . Get past the 3rd level. After this, the system can take over and create viral growth. The 2 Get 2 Strategy The 2 get 2 is 4 The 4 get 2 is 8 The 8 get 2 is 16

10 Freedom 2010 Duplication – Teach “How to teach”
Teach your two partners the 2 Get 2 Strategy Teach them to teach Use conference calls, web meetings and live meetings to teach 4 how to get 2 Teach how to Enroll 2 People Use conference calls, web meetings and live meetings to teach your entire team (8) how to enroll 2 Once your business is duplicating at the 4th level and they know how to teach “how to teach” your business should continue to propagate deeper and deeper.

11 Freedom 2010 OK, let’s start the construction Project for our $104,000 income model Step 1 – Lay the Foundation

12 Freedom 2010 Now that you have a vision and blueprint to build your business, it is time to get started. Using proven no-cost to low-cost methods enroll two people into the business. Use Free leads via the A-B Approach (see my blog dated 11/19 called the A-B approach at or Free Online Classified ads to generate candidates Use multiple advertising methods available including Paid leads to generate candidates Show each candidate our proven success system Teach the first two that join you the 2 Get 2 Strategy Plug first two into training Encourage your new leaders daily to build “their foundation” Congratulations – Your foundation is laid

13 Freedom 2010 Step 2 – Construct the Walls and Roof

14 Freedom 2010 The next step is to help your new partners get started by enrolling two people (their foundation) into the business. Your business is now moving forward and upward just as construction the walls to a new home. Help them lay their foundation by enrolling two people Teach them “how to teach” the 2 Get 2 Strategy as you teach their first two partners how to get started. Used free leads via the A-B Approach, Free Online ads, Pre-paid leads or other methods to generate candidates Teach the Success Cycle Teach their two partners the 2 Get 2 Strategy Plug new partners into training Encourage them daily to build their foundation

15 Freedom 2010 Step 3 – The Finish Work

16 Freedom 2010 Once the home is enclosed it is very exciting. However, there is still much work to be done in completing the project. You still can’t move in yet. Your business is beginning to take shape and you can see progress being made. It is now time to continue the building process. Help your second generation leaders lay their foundation by enrolling two people Teach them the 2 Get 2 Strategy as you teach their partners how to get started. Continue to teach the same advertising methods Continue to follow the Success Cycle Group and one on one training for all new leaders

17 Freedom 2010 When you see duplication begin on the Third Level – You are ready to move in!

18 Freedom 2010 Congratulations! You have now built your business and can enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you can see, you simply duplicated in every step of the blue print. Duplicated the 2 Get 2 Strategy Duplicated the teaching “how to teach” Duplicated proven advertising methods Duplicated the Success Cycle Duplicated the training and team work Your business will keep propagating deeper As it grows, the volume will flow up to you Now you can relax and enjoy a secure income Now you can enjoy a great lifestyle

19 Freedom 2010 Maintain Your Home’s Value
Now that your business is built, you can enjoy a great lifestyle with a secure income. Maintenance is important to the home you live in and it is important to your business too. Just as you would perform maintenance on your home to protect the asset value, you will have to maintain your business to protect your asset as well As with all businesses, attrition is a factor Replace lost leg leaders with a new one Keep your business well maintained

20 Freedom 2010 The next question we should be asking is what do the 2 that get 2 do! How they join is vital to how fast your business grows. Entry Matrix which provides options for our new Distributors. Becoming a product of the product is “not optional” Having a professional mini-office set up with some product will “always” create more business not less business.

21 Freedom 2010 The Entry Matrix
Vollara makes it easy to start your new business. Above are the best ways to jump start your business. With good credit and 25% up front, you can get a Success Pack investment with a 90 day installment plan!

22 Freedom 2010 The $104,000 Matrix Your Name
Fill in the blanks with people and you are on your way! Your Name Foundation Club _______ _______ Business Structure Completed _______ _______ _______ _______ $104,000 Club _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

23 Recognition and Incentive
Freedom 2010 Recognition and Incentive This is “your” business. We will recognize you at each level of success

24 Freedom 2010 The monthly Achievement Banquet
We conduct a meeting here in Greeneville every two weeks. Leaders also have their own cell meetings in between these events. Once per month we conduct an Achievement Banquet to recognize and reward new Foundation Club Members, Structure status and $104,000 Finished Status.

25 The Lead Generation System
Freedom 2010 The Lead Generation System This is a piece of the puzzle nobody likes to discuss. Where am I going to get my customers and Distributors? 6.8 billion people in the world and they all breathe air, drink water, use power and need good nutrition. The problem is not a people problem but an approach problem. A-B approach.

26 Scripts and presentations that everyone and anyone can learn
Freedom 2010 The A-B Approach – a no rejection sorting system Scripts and presentations that everyone and anyone can learn

27 Freedom 2010 The AB Approach – Sorting not selling
The AB Approach takes the fear out of recruiting and selling because there is not recruiting or selling involved. All we are doing is sorting A’s from B’s to determine who has an interest in extra income and who does not at this time. A’s apples and the B’s bananas. Our goal is to sort out who the A’s are, those that have an open mind about extra or second income streams from those who the timing is not right now.

28 Freedom 2010 The Script For some that have the gift of gab, a script may not be needed. But, remember the premise of being copyable. Use the script until, so you can be 100% duplicatible. Here are 4 easy to learn sentences that we use to sort A’s from B’s.

29 Freedom 2010 Step 1: Make a list of names. Don’t “prejudge” those you might put on the list. Typically, those who have demonstrated a high degree of success in another field will have success in this business. In many cases, these are the very names that get left off the list. “They wouldn’t be interested! They already have a lot of money!” Are you sure about that? Even if they have an abundance of money, might they want more control over their time? Remember that the key to this approach is to determine if they are in a point in their lives where they are looking for an opportunity for more control of income or time. The script is simple. It in includes the introduction, fielding questions, and scheduling the appointment if the timing is right for them to look at an opportunity. At any point in this conversation if they say that the timing is not right for them or that they don’t think this is for them, be ok with that response. That represents a response that is part of our SUCCESS FORMULA for this script. We are ONLY checking interest. Here are the 4 basic lines of the A B “Can’t Miss” Approach 1. I am working with a green technology company. 2. The products are cutting edge and profitable. 3. I can’t promise you anything at this point but the company is expanding. 4. (Name), do you keep your options open at this point for earning extra income?

30 Freedom 2010 Script For the A B “Can’t Miss” Approach
Call them and have some small talk and general conversation. Then follow the outline below: “(name), I wanted to throw something out to you. I am working with a company that is doing some great work with green technology. It looks like they have some really great products that are profitable and cutting-edge. (SLOW DOWN AND EMPHASIZE THE NEXT SENTENCE) I can't promise you anything at this point, but (name), right now we are expanding and, I’m curious, are you open right now for ways to make additional income? STOP and LISTEN. You are looking for “Yes, what do you have?” “Yes, of course!” or “Yes, tell me more.” IF NO or NOT RIGHT NOW: “Well let me know if anything changes or if you think of someone that could use some additional income. Would it be ok if I keep you on my mailing list to update you as my company grows?”

31 Freedom 2010 If yes or they ask you questions:
Let’s do this. First, let’s get you some basic information to review. The company has put together a 20 minute overview. I would like to have you review this information. This will give you a basic understanding of what the company does and the opportunity it represents. It’s really not designed to give enough information to make a full out decision on whether this is right for you but it will give you some really good, basic information. (name), if I sent this to you now, could you take a look at it by tonight? (Get that commitment!)

32 Freedom 2010 Set the Appointment (next 24 hours) – ASSUME the Appointment And then I would like to set up a 15 minute call with you tomorrow to get your questions answered. (Name), what is a good time for you tomorrow for about a 15 minute call? (IF NEW: I may have one of my business partners on the call so that they can help answer questions.) (Set the appointment and include your senior partner on the call). (name), I’ll send this out in the next 15 minutes. Let’s take this one step at a time figure out together if this might be a good fit. Have a great day.

33 Freedom 2010 Information that is sent:
Options: Use what your team likes to use. Here are some options. – under compensation

34 Freedom 2010 Fielding Questions:
If they ask, “Is it MLM? Or, is it a pyramid deal? Or anything along those lines: Response: “We have 3 branches to our business. One is direct-to-consumer, one is commercial, and the other is a virtual franchise opportunity where we can help others to be successful. So there are about 3 separate business models the company uses in the marketplace. But before we even get into the details, the timing has to be right for you. And I just want to know if you are in a position where you are open to ways to make income or is the timing bad for you right now? (Again, you are looking for some kind of a yes response. If a “yes” response, go to booking the appointment.)

35 Freedom 2010 Coaching Tips 1. Know that you cannot lose in this approach. ALL you are doing is checking the timing for that person. 2. Get a commitment to watch the video: If you make the offer to send the overview, make sure you ask them to review the information. “(Name), if I send this over to you now, could you take a look at it tonight?” 3. Assume the Appointment/Avoid “asking” for an appointment: A tendency is to ask for the appointment the next day. As an example, “Would you be ok if we get together tomorrow?” Instead, assume the Appointment. “(Name), what we need to do is set a time to get your questions answered. What is a good time for you tomorrow for a 15 min call?”

36 Freedom 2010 What about other advertising methods?
In my book called Guaranteed Prospects, I teach using multiple methods to keep the leads coming in. You don’t need to be desperate when you know you have 5 more people waiting to talk to. I like to keep at least 5 methods working at all times and sometimes 7. Here are a few of the strategies we teach. Home Shows Silent Prospector Lead Generation Boxes Newspaper classified ads Purchased Internet Leads Reverse Advertising using other peoples business cards or ads Magnetic Door Advertisers for your automobile Referrals DVD Hand Out System Water Brick Hand Out Whole Home Air Assessment Water Coupon Hand Out Invite to Team Call or Show Case Call There are dozens of ways and more being created all the time to get our story in front of probable buyers and probable Distributors. Do the thing you fear and your fear will leave you.

37 Freedom 2010 Your Success Today

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