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Want to sell composters? And make some money? Terracotta composters.

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1 Want to sell composters? And make some money? Terracotta composters

2 Cloning Daily Dump Start your own Daily Dump ‘Clone’! It is more ethical than genetic cloning!

3 By like-minded we mean… Q. What does ‘clone’ mean? A clone is what we call a like-minded enterprise 1. People passionate about turning composting into a viable business People committed to making customers capable home-composters 3. People committed to open source & willing to contribute to the evolution of this project 4. People who provide customers with great service 2.

4 The clone model is ideal for Q. Who is suited to ‘clone’? 1. People who are running related businesses like landscaping or eco-products and want to have this as an add-on venture. Retired people who have time and experience, who want to do something meaningful and related to the environment 3. Schools which want students to get first hand experience in running a small business 4. Entrepreneurs who want to set up a eco-related business. 2

5 Q. Are there different kinds of ‘clones’? 1. Evangelist Clone - Is primarily an evangelist of composting who has chosen Daily Dump as the primary composting solution for at least the individual composting category of product. They may or may not have a business angle to promoting this idea. They may be able to sell only a few composters in a month. They get their supplies in small lots from other Clone entrepreneurs in their city or from the main Daily Dump office. They do not have the bandwidth to develop local potters. They share their improvements or work with other evangelists and contribute back to the community to grow this idea. They enjoy staying in touch with the parent company as they see value in this relationship. They collaborate. Yes there are 2 types

6 Q. Are there different kinds of ‘clones’? Clone Entrepreuner who wants to set up or already has a eco-related business. Their business model is usually more diverse, but composting is an important part of their identity in their market. They have chosen Daily Dump as the primary composting solution for at least the individual composting category of product. May or may not have a "service model for composting". They work to create the market. They develop their own potters and may have very little connection with the Parent company. They will not be registered in the website as a partner, because they don’t want to acknowledge or credit Daily Dump for the idea or knowledge they use. They do not collaborate. 2 Yes there are 2 types

7 Q. Are there any other ways of selling this concept? 1. Become a Retailer (or Outlet) – This is basically a stockist of the DD composters. Someone who sells in a retail environment for a fixed margin, but makes no effort to promote the concept or product outside his/her retail environment. He also typically doesn’t provide any "after sales service", and largely operates on the interest and popularity of the product. Can be appointed by the principal Daily Dump office. Yes there are 2 ways

8 Franchisee Is an organization that it looking to replicate the Daily Dump model, in both its external appearance and internal processes or business model. It pays a franchise fee and benefits from all the tools that DD has created. They would be promoting the entire range of DD products and provides products, consulting and services. Its identity is distinctly as a replica of Daily Dump and has a physical office. Has to adhere to the brand values and growth vision. 4. Yes there are 2 ways Q. Are there any other ways of selling this concept?

9 Q. Which way are we discussing here? The Cloning way

10 First things first - Clarify for yourself why you want to clone Daily Dump Read the Attribution Licence that Clones need to sign with Daily Dump Write to us for the licence. Doing the intention report might help clarify some things. Download it off our website. Talk to us to refine your thoughts Believe us - Your business will only be as good as your thoughts!

11 Next …see if you have …. Space - to store/display and sell the terracotta products 2 Team - to help manage services, customer support and administration 4 Capital – depending on which size of business you want to start, Evangelist Clone, Clone Entrepreneur. 1 Time - to spend on demonstrations and talking to customers 3

12 Ready to start? Our step-by-step guide helps you do just that: Go to the clone section in our website and you will find a list of things to help you begin, and get you off the ground

13 So to begin you have to…. Buy the first truck load of assorted products from us at Daily Dump - ask us for a quotation. After you have sold the first lot you can continue buying from us or………. Develop a local potter Use the drawings to get the products duplicated.

14 What challenges do clones usually face …. Customer Support Setting up a customer support system - to make sure successful composters become loyal promoters 5 Locating - Potters who are willing to make these pots in their locality 1 Marketing Getting their first orders 2 Servicing Setting up a service support - hiring the personnel and training them to do servicing 3 4 Becoming an Expert Getting good at composting and understanding all the issues - takes hands on consistent effort Remember! Every customer you convert into a competent composter will in turn bring in 10 new customers. Every unhappy customer will keep away 100 potential customers!

15 What do clones celebrate…. Making a difference - Enabling people to actually reduce the waste that they contribute to the landfill is the biggest highpoint for each clone 1 Making money Making small amounts of money while making a difference feels good 2 Meeting interesting people Getting inspired by others who you come in contact with during this process is very fulfilling 3 Getting sensitized to natural systems Working with compost makes you a different and better person 4

16 At Daily Dump encouraging and supporting clones through the material we share in our website is integral to our philosophy. Because for awareness of waste to spread, it needs many people Why would Daily Dump want to encourage clones?

17 Also… More composter sellers mean home-composting will become more accessible as a way to manage household waste at source. This way, composting will be adopted by more and more people all around India.

18 We want many clones in every city - Imagine if more people like us do meaningful things they truly believe in – maybe we’ll save the world after all! So… propagate away! We are very excited that you are interested in selling composters

19 Remember… You are not just selling composters… 1. You are providing a community of potters a platform to cater to immediate urban needs as well as an additional means of income You are helping the Earth by drastically reducing the amount of waste that reaches landfills 4. 3. You are providing employment to youth 2. You are providing people with an option they didn’t have before – a sensible, easy, healthy, way of taking care of their own waste at home.

20 ... And Pat yourself on the back! So, Pause a minute... Smile.. Remember… You are not just selling composters… This is a Damn Good thing you are doing!

21 Last thoughts We don’t know how this is going to grow. We hope that this product will become ubiquitous... time will tell! The Daily Dump Team / Bangalore Dec 2008

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