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Computer Hardware & Software. Computer Electronic device that has: 1. Input 2. Output 3. Storage 4. Processing.

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1 Computer Hardware & Software

2 Computer Electronic device that has: 1. Input 2. Output 3. Storage 4. Processing

3 Software Collection of instructions that tell the computer what to do Types: 1. System Software 2. Application Software

4 Operating Systems Interface between the user, the application software and the computer Examples: Windows (8,7, Vista, XP) Mac OS (Mountain Lion, Leopard, OSX) Linux Android IOS

5 Interface - The way the user communicates with the user Types: 1. Graphical User Interface 2. Command Line 3. Voice Recognition

6 Application Software Performs specific tasks Examples: Microsoft Word Internet Explorer Angry Birds

7 System Software Utilities - Used to optimize or maintain a computer Examples: Disk Defragmenter Screen Saver File Compression Others

8 Desktop Computer – displays all drives and hardware Window Views – ways to arrange multiple windows (right click on task bar)  Cascade, Tile Horizontal, & Tile Vertically Active Window – window you are currently working in

9 Special Keys Alt – used with an underlined menu character Ctrl – performs a command within a menu Windows – opens the start menu Aerosnap – maximizes the window Aeroshake – minimizes all other windows

10 Screen Shots Take a picture of what is on your monitor Print Screen – allows you to paste a picture of what is on your monitor Alt Print Screen – allows you to paste a picture of the active window Snipping tool – allows you to select what you want to create a picture of what’s on your monitor Clipboard – temporary storage area, where copied or cut items are saved

11 Computer Eras Pre-Computer Era – not electronic  Abacus, slide rule, & mechanical calculator First Generation – powered by vacuum tubes Second Generation – powered by transistors Third Generation – powered by integrated circuits Fourth Generation – powered by microprocessors  Personal Computers Fifth Generation – artificial intelligence  Allows the computer to think, learn, and reason

12 Types of Computers 1. Personal Computer 2. Mid-range Server 3. Mainframe 4. Supercomputer

13 Data Data – raw, unorganized  Numbers, letters, symbols Information – data that has been processed and has meaning Bit- binary digit, smallest unit of data  Either a 1 or 0 Byte – combination of bits (8, 32, or 64 bits)  1 byte = 1 character

14 Data Representation TypeAbbreviationApproximationActual KilobyteKb1 thousand1024 MegabyteMb1 million1,048,576 GigabyteGb1 billion1,073,741,824 TerabyteTb1 trillion1,099,511,627,776 PetabytePb1 quadrillion1,125,899,906,842,624

15 What is a Computer? An electronic device that has: 1. Input 2. Processing 3. Output 4. Storage

16 Input Hardware Accepts data from the user Examples: Keyboards Mouse Scanners Microphone Others?

17 Processing Hardware Microprocessor or Processor  Speed is measured in Hertz Other hardware inside system unit  Motherboard  Expansion ports

18 Output Hardware Display the results (information) Examples: Monitors/Screens  Pixel – block or dot of color  Size – measured diagonally Printers  Laser, Ink Jet, Dot Matrix, Specialty printers Others?

19 Memory (Storage) Random Access Memory (RAM)  Volatile – temporary, erased when power it turned off Read Only Memory  Non-Volatile – permanent  Magnetic – floppies  Optical – CDs & DVDs  Flash – jump drives, memory cards  Remote

20 Considerations (Essential *) 1.Processor (type and speed) * 2.Memory (RAM) * 3.Drives (type/capacity) * 4.Peripherals–(screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.) * 5.Ports or connections (types and locations) * 6.Price 7.Tasks it must perform – Gaming, productivity …. 8.Chassis/Form Factor (footprint) 9.Platform (OS) 10.Networking (wired and wireless) 11.Bundled software 12.Potential vendors 13.Warranty/Shipping/Support

21 File Types File ExtensionType of File.htmlWebpage.docWord document.xlsMicrosoft Excel spreadsheet.jpgPicture file.mp3Compressed audio file.movVideo file

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