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Insert Title. Face to face interaction is a fundamental element of human communication.

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1 Insert Title

2 Face to face interaction is a fundamental element of human communication.

3 Our Mission “To transform how businesspeople communicate to get work done with visual communication and collaboration solutions.” Let’s democratize visual communication!


5 Video Conferencing Unified Communication Web Conferencing Telepresence Video Chat Total Visual Communication Solution IOCOM Visimeet...... “for Business People who Mean Business.”

6 Broad Geographic Reach 9 IOCOM serves customers in over 34 countries U.S.A. Angola Arab Emirates Australia Austria Azerbaijan Brazil Canada China France Germany Greece India Indonesia Ireland Japan Kazakhstan Kuwait Mexico Netherlands Nigeria Norway Poland Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden U.K. Ukraine Venezuela

7 When the technology makes it possible and the applications are: easy to use, available, and affordable, face to face communication will (with some exceptions) replace the alternative. Our Premise

8 VISIMEET: A total visual communication solution that provides a single, integrated platform with more effective and efficient alternatives with which to substitute: – A phone call – A conference call – A videoconference – A face-to-face meeting – A web conference – An IM session

9 IOCOM Visimeet is unique ‘Video First’ Communication & Collaboration Business targeted - enterprise class reliability & performance The most comprehensive communication/ collaboration tool available Network Agnostic Platform Agnostic Inter-operates to H323, SIP, and PSTN Multi-party Meeting Saver – Preserves sessions even when network connection is temporarily lost High scalable platform Highly scalable within a meeting Safe & Secure – compatible with standard firewall practices Provides best-in-class video, audio, and bandwidth management control creating a superior user experience

10 Illustration: 15 Endpoints; 18 Windows September 17, 2009

11 Visimeet Benefits

12 Reduces Cost Visimeet is the Lowest Total Cost Solution Saves you time Conserves your energy No incremental resources spent on additional computing devices Affordable subscription pricing Minimizes opportunity costs incurred “We almost incurred bridging fees for a single meeting that would have paid for an entire year’s subscription to IOCOM Visimeet for several users.”

13 Reduces Business Latency and Speeds Decision Making Ad hoc face to face meetings Point & click “any number- way” meeting enables instant productivity Convert any “available” time to productive communication time

14 Stronger Relationships Instant face-to-face interaction with colleagues, clients, superiors, direct reports Facilitates “Intimacy” - feeling of being ‘close’ Like working from the office next door Addresses the greatest shortcomings of the virtual company /distributed organization strategy

15 Improves Quality of Life More high quality options with which to manage work and personal concerns Ability to meet face-to-face from anywhere

16 Visimeet Pricing

17 Pricing Overview 4 Subscription Levels – Capabilities vary across levels 60-day FREE enhanced-capabilities trial for all users 1-4 paid subscriptions – Individual Pricing – No contract required – Payment by credit card only (month to month, quarterly or annually) 5+ paid subscriptions – Corporate Pricing – Requires Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) and Order Form with term and volume commitment – Receive discount based on # of subs and term length (1-, 2- or 3-years) – Bill to customer and payment by check. Billing is monthly, quarterly or annually

18 Feature Summary

19 Individual Account Pricing Summary Month to month pricing for individual subscriptions Free Edition (Good) Free Team Edition (Better)$50/month Enterprise Edition (Best)$100/month Room Edition $300/month Note 1: Individual Subscriptions are prepaid via credit card recurring approach. Note 2: A 1-day subscription can be purchased for ~40% of the monthly price.

20 Corporate Account Pricing Summary Minimum 5 PAID subscriptions Requires master subscription agreement with term and volume commitment Can mix and match subscription levels Receives annual, quarterly or monthly invoice with payment terms paid on a prepaid basis. Receives enterprise administrator portal with which to manage account Dedicated business customer service support for customer service requirements On boarding support

21 # of Paid Subscribers12 Month24 month36 month 5-495%15%25% 50-1006%16%26% 100-2507%17%27% 251-5008%18%28% 501-7509%19%29% 751-99910%20%30% 1,000-9,99915%25%35% 10,000+20%30%40% Corporate Discount Schedule Incentives for corporate customers signing a master subscription agreement and making a term and volume commitment with executed order form

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