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Senior Activities Senior Activities. Graduation Friday, June 5 th at 4:00pm at Animo Venice 4 tickets per family member Parking will be available at Broadway.

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1 Senior Activities Senior Activities

2 Graduation Friday, June 5 th at 4:00pm at Animo Venice 4 tickets per family member Parking will be available at Broadway Elem. Campus will be closed 30 minutes after the end of the ceremony ***Rehearsal- Thursday June 4 th at 12:30pm (mandatory for all graduates) Students must wear cap and gown. Panoramic photo will be taken of senior class this day.

3 Prom: Friday May 15 th 6:30pm Olympic Collection in West LA Theme: Arabian Nights Dinner is from 6:30-7:30 Over by 11:00pm

4 Pictures of prom venue!!

5 Prom Tickets + Permission Slips  Date Friday May 15 th, 2015  $85 individually (until week of April 2 nd )  Week of April 13th th - $90 individual  Week of April 20 th - $95 individual  Week of April 27 th - $100 individual  No sales 2 weeks prior to event.  Last date to purchase prom ticket is Friday May 1st  Friday- Students must attend school in order to go to prom.  Guest tickets are “individual” price.  All permission slips due Friday May 1st- NO EXCEPTIONS *every AVCHS student must turn in a =STUDENT CONTRACT *every guest must turn in a =GUEST PERMISSION SLIP

6 Prom: Guests Permission slips must have: -parent signature (regardless of age) -principal signature (if in HS) -valid California or HS I.D. -must be 20 years old or younger We have the right to refuse ANY guest who does not meet qualifications (will notify by April)

7 Prom: DO’s and DONT’s YESNO

8 Prom: DO’s and DONT’s YESNO

9 Follow dress guidelines below or you can be sent home with NO REFUND! GIRLS: ◦ Must be appropriate for school function ◦ No slit must be shorter than the tips of your fingers ◦ Must not show excessive cleavage, stomach, or back. BOYS: ◦ Must wear a tie/bow and dress shoes ◦ Can wear slacks and dressy shirt ◦ Can wear tuxes ◦ No tennis shoes or jeans

10 ◦ Gradnite at Six Flags- student ticket included in Gold and Platinum Packages  Date: Friday May 29th th @ 9:30pm  Return: Saturday May 30 th @ 6:30am  Transportation: School bus  Tickets will be sold until: May 15 th  Ticket price: $70  Permission slips due May 15 th

11 GradNite Guidelines: No alcohol, drugs, etc… No outside food Must arrive and leave on school bus. No T-shirts, No Shorts, No Backpacks or any large duffle bags Any clothing affiliated with a school, sports team, group, club, etc. Clothing in poor condition (torn) Extremely revealing clothing All briefcases, hip packs, camera bags, tote bags, and oversized purses. No headwear of any kind No clothing or belts with spikes, sharp studs, chains. Gentlemen must wear a collared shirt (Polo style shirts are ok). OK-> Flip flops, jeans, khakis, dress pants, dresses, capris, skirts. Purses should be no larger than 8.5” x 11” Jackets / Sweatshirts / Sweaters (gentlemen must wear a collared shirt underneath)

12 Gradnite : info from Magic Mountain In addition to our lineup of World Class Coasters — including GREEN LANTERN: First Flight, TATSU, and X2 — the Premier Package includes: All-night controlled private event FREE Hurricane Harbor return ticket * FREE Kodak souvenir photo DJ's playing top hits on multiple stages with dance areas Opening Countdown Celebration Live music & more! **

13 Expectations for Gradnite and Prom Academics: - Credits- 185 minimum by end of first semester Behavior: No more than ONE referral the quarter of the event ~No suspensions quarter of event Debt: No outstanding debt ----- detention minutes or financial (due one week before event) Attendance: No more than 2 unexcused absences average per month (Remember: more than 30 minutes tardy is absent) ** Final decisions are left to the discretion of admin**

14 Pricing Information Individual Packaged Prom Ticket (for student; guests pay “individual price”) $85$70 Yearbook $85$70 Senior Apparel (sweater, t- shirt, or cardigan) $40$35 Gradnite $70$60 Senior Field Trip (Mulligans) $40$35 Total Pay Total of $320 Total of $270

15 Senior Awards Night ◦ June 2 nd @ AVCHS  Free, Tickets may be limited Apply for Distinguished Grad ◦ Complete this application and submit to the office by May 5 th. ◦ Complete additional hours Above and Beyond the Community Service ◦ Completed credits above and beyond the minimum A-G ◦ Completed 1 course at a college or university with a C grade or higher prior to high school graduation. (AP courses will count towards this requirement) ◦ Must have a 3.0 weighted cumulative GPA.

16 Jostens Mail or Online ◦ Student Name, address, phone #, Male or Female, School Name, Height and Weight Mail to: ◦ Jostens P.O.Box 409 North Hollywood, CA 91603 Call if you need help 818-760-7220 Cap, Gown and Medallion- $63 late orders

17 Ticket Sales Tuesdays and Thursdays only AFTER SCHOOL in Office with Ms. Garcia Sales for individual items: ◦ Prom (guest and student) ◦ Gradnite ◦ Mulligans ◦ Yearbook ◦ Senior Jacket MUST TURN IN ALL PAPERWORK WHEN PURCHASING GUEST TICKET FOR PROM

18 Earning a diploma A student can only earn a diploma from a Green Dot school once he or she has done the following: Completed all graduation requirements with regards to classes and credits. Any student who has not met all credit requirements by the date of graduation must complete all units by the summer of his/her graduation year in order to earn a diploma from a Green Dot school. Otherwise, the student must take alternate routes to receiving a diploma from a non-Green Dot school. Passed both sections of the CAHSEE. ◦ A senior who has not passed the CAHSEE must be afforded three opportunities to take the CAHSEE in his/her senior year. ◦ Seniors who have not passed the CAHSEE must be placed in a CAHSEE intervention course until he/she passes both sections of the test. ◦ If a senior has not passed the CAHSEE by graduation, he/she must be afforded three more opportunities after graduation to pass the CAHSEE and must be enrolled in a CAHSEE intervention course at the school in order to be afforded these opportunities. ◦ If a student does not pass the CAHSEE after three attempts post-graduation, he/she is no longer eligible to earn a Green Dot diploma and must take an alternate route to earn a high school diploma.

19 Walking at graduation A student can walk across the stage at graduation only if: The student has paid all debts to school The student has met all of the school’s graduation requirements with regards to classes and credits AND the student has passed the CAHSEE Student applied to at least 3 four year colleges Student applied to for financial aid (FAFSA) Student applied to at least 3 scholarships Student has completed his community service hours

20 Counselor Updates FAFSA and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form is due ASAP, priority filing deadline is March 2 nd · FAFSA should already be completed, if you have not completed your FAFSA please set up an appointment with Ms. Moreno so you can complete your application. · Cal Grant GPA Verification Forms have been collected, list of student who did not submit forms to Ms Moreno was provided to your advisor. Please check in with advisors. Ms. Moreno will be submitting Cal Grant GPA Verification forms online by mid next week.

21 Counselor Updates Gentle Reminder about Scholarships, you must show evidence that you submitted three scholarships. Below is a list of items that need to be submitted per scholarship to demonstrate you fulfilled this requirement:  Copy of completed application  Copy of essay submitted  Verification of submission (email or certificate of mailing) Advisors will be notified this week which students have not completed scholarship requirement.

22 Chinatown and Mulligans Field Trips Chinatown Field Trip- March 17 th Mulligans Field Trip- March 18th Mulligans: ◦ All you can eat pizza and drink from 11:30-1 ◦ All you can do wrist bands from 12-3:30 Permission slips and last day to buy tickets: due by March 6 th Turn in to: Ms. Stone’s room

23 Panda Express Fundraiser! February 2712-9pm We are heading to Panda Express again, Seniors! Because of the incredible success of the last fundraiser, we hope twice as many students go to support at this next event. Bring your underclass friends

24 Reminders Senior Quote—now until March 20 Yearbook Page—April 24 We still have left over sweaters!! $40 each

25 Senior Research Paper Paper is due Friday March 27 th to student’s paper advisor. If you have not yet chosen a topic or an advisor students should do so asap. This is a major assignment and counts for a summative grade in English, Anatomy, Cultural Relations and Economics classes.

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