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Picture This: Sheffield 2020 Developing the Sheffield City Strategy Sharon Squires Director SFP.

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1 Picture This: Sheffield 2020 Developing the Sheffield City Strategy Sharon Squires Director SFP

2 Sheffield City Strategy Sustainable Communities Strategy. Long term (10 year) integrated economic, social and environmental strategy. Sets the long term vision and ambitions for the city. Delivered through business plans of partnership boards, Community Assemblies, organisations and sectors.

3 Leadership of Place Working together for the success of Sheffield. How communities, organisations, sectors, businesses and individuals join up to achieve a shared vision and outcomes.

4 Evidence base for strategy Extensive consultation with local people November 2009-February 2010 State of Sheffield Report 2009 LAA, CAA performance data Organisational objectives

5 However more to do In draft form State of Sheffield 2010 Consultation Community Assemblies, thematic boards and agencies Bringing document alive; it should mean something to local people (stories)

6 Sheffield 2020: Our vision and ambitions Draft Vision statements but further work underway The city of choice: a great place to live, work, visit and stay Or Sheffield will be a successful, distinctive city of international significance at the heart of a strong city region, with opportunities for all

7 Ambitions Sheffield: a place which is: Successful, enterprising and innovative Where young people can aspire and achieve Green, vibrant and sustainable People active and involved Diverse, fair and inclusive Welcoming, safe and secure

8 Sheffield: Successful, enterprising and innovative By 2020 Sheffield will be: An international centre of excellence for advanced manufacturing, low carbon and green technology. A leading international centre for research, development, knowledge and innovation industries. A leading conference, arts and events destination. A national centre of excellence for new media industries A place of enterprise with outstanding opportunities for new businesses, the commercial sector and social enterprise A place of creativity and design, with artists playing a key role in our economy A retail destination of choice A city that has enriched the City region, as the most attractive and sustainable location for services, jobs and facilities

9 Sheffield: Green, vibrant and sustainable By 2020, Sheffield will be: The greenest city in Britain, proud of its rich variety of open spaces. A national example of best practice as a low carbon city and the use of sustainable resources. A city with an accessible, high quality and well used local green and open spaces. A city of attractive, sustainable neighbourhoods, offering everyone a wide range of facilities and services and thriving district centres. Air quality? A place with excellent and sustainable public transport links and facilities for safe walking and cycling. An international centre of excellence for the development and use of green technology. A city with high quality buildings and spaces which protect, preserve and prize our local heritage.

10 Task What are the key outcomes you would like to include in Green,vibrant and sustainable? (Outcome: final impact of your delivery) 8 outcomes in total? Feedback at end of session, but … Draft to be finalised by your partnership by 8 th September.

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