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Annual Public Meeting 1 September, 2012. ASB Community Trust  Established in 1988 as a result of the sale of the Auckland Savings Bank  15 Trustees.

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1 Annual Public Meeting 1 September, 2012

2 ASB Community Trust  Established in 1988 as a result of the sale of the Auckland Savings Bank  15 Trustees are appointed to four-year terms by the Minister of Finance.  Largest philanthropic grant-making trust in Australasia  Supported by ASB Bank

3 Eligibility Incorporated societies or charitable trusts that:  Have been operating for 12 months  Operate in Auckland and/or Northland  One grant per year  Can provide financial statements  Applications for under $40,000 may not require audited annual accounts

4 Investment returns

5 Investment returns and grants

6 ASBCT Applications YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2012


8 2008-12 Strategic Plan



11 2012 highlights  Far North grants: total 46, worth $2.2m  Whangarei District grants: total 60, worth $2m  Kaipara District grants: total 13, worth $231,000  Regional grants: total 28, worth $2.68m  Marae grants: total 9, worth $1.2m, all in the North  Total grants for the year: 651  Total value of grants: $36.6 million

12 Programmes introduced 2008-12  Maori and Pacific Educational Intiative  Maori and Pacific Strategies  Youth Health and Development  Community Housing  Emerging Artists Pilot

13 2013-18 Strategic Plan  Takes effect 1 April, 2013  Current applications will be assessed under current policies until 31 March 2013  Responding to community feedback  Five year approach to strategic community investment  Provides clarity about what we will fund  Increased responsiveness, more closing dates, quicker processing of applications  Working in partnership with others on key issues


15 Our vision To enhance the lives of all the people of our region by responsibly managing our investments and effectively making grants in our community

16 Our mission  prudently preserve, grow and manage the capital of the Trust for the present and future  work to support community organisations to meet the needs of our diverse communities through effective grant making  ensure that the Trust develops, delivers and promotes effective philanthropy  respect the partnership relationship enshrined in the Treaty of Waitangi


18 Guiding principles When working with us, you can expect us to:  engage and work with Maori and Iwi organisations in a manner consistent with a Treaty-based relationship  ensure that our funding reaches people in communities in Auckland and Northland with demonstrable levels of need  be collaborative and innovative  aim to operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.


20 Our values We believe it is important that:  we treat people with respect and value a diversity of views, ideas and cultures  we acknowledge the values within our Maori and Pacific Strategies  we act as guardians of the Trust’s investments in the environment in which we operate  we ensure effective practice in all our activities  we are committed to being fair, impartial, open and transparent  we are respectful, responsive, accountable and act with integrity  we promote and value innovation and leadership  we enable effective philanthropy


22 Effective grantmaking To enrich our communities by encouraging the participation of all peoples in our region to achieve their aspirations


24 Investment To apply investment strategies to preserve capital and maximise the funding available for granting, with flexibility to respond to opportunities.


26 Effective delivery To monitor, review and improve our governance and management practices. We will use best practice principles to ensure effective delivery of our vision and mission.


28 People We aim to fund for positive outcomes for all people of our region Strategic Objectives:  to support projects that facilitate improved outcomes for high-need communities in our region  to support strengths-based programmes that focus on positive outcomes for children, young people and their families  to continue to monitor and evaluate the Trust’s Maori and Pacific Educational Initiative.


30 Places We aim to fund projects that conserve, preserve and develop our region's natural and physical environment, and cultural heritage Strategic Objectives:  to support projects that conserve and preserve the significant history of our region  to support projects and organisations that protect and enhance the environment in which we live  to support marae development in recognition of the special role that marae play in supporting community cohesion  to support building projects that develop community cohesion, enhance community participation, or are of regional significance.


32 Participation Recognising the diversity of our communities, we aim to encourage and support people to be engaged in their communities through participation in artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting activities Strategic Objectives:  to support the growth and development of recreation and sport by increasing participation and engagement at a community, regional and club level  to support creative projects and organisations that aim to foster access to, engagement with and experience in the arts  to support projects that recognise and celebrate the diverse cultures of our region.


34 Community Support Grants  We will continue to provide general grants to community organisations through our Community Support Grants Programme  Funding will be prioritised for organisations which are working in areas that align with the Trusts strategic goals and objectives.  Quick Response Grants: up to $20,000, five closing dates a year, six week response time, moving to online applications  Applications for over $20,000: two closing dates a year in Places and three a year in People and Participation


36 Key community partners  Over the next five years we will continue to develop strategic partnerships with organisations under our Key Community Partnerships Programme.  The Trust will work in partnership with other funders and with community organisations, where there is a shared vision, for positive outcomes for our communities.  In these challenging financial times we anticipate that these partnerships will help our funding go further and will provide some certainty to grantee organisations


38 Catalysts for change  Under our Catalysts for Change Programme the Trust will continue to identify issues facing our region and then fund organisations in a sustained way over a number of years to try and address these issues.  This targeted approach will include additional support for increasing organisations’ capacity to deliver.  The intention is to create significant positive change through supporting innovative projects and practices.


40 Iconic and Innovative Projects  The Trust is interested in being a pro-active collaborator in funding iconic projects which will create a significant positive impact for the communities of Auckland and Northland.  These iconic and innovative grants will only happen from time to time and are likely to be significant regional projects that will have intergenerational benefit and wide impact.

41 Watch our website for details!

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