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Kent Local Nature Partnership – realising the value of nature.

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1 Kent Local Nature Partnership – realising the value of nature

2 Our Purpose Drive positive change in the local natural environment, taking a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities involved and identifying ways to manage it as a system for the benefit of nature, people and the economy. Contribute to achieving the Government’s national environmental objectives locally, alongside addressing local priorities. Become local champions influencing decision- making relating to the natural environment and its value to social and economic outcomes Work closely with local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Health and Wellbeing Boards.

3 Key attributes of an effective LNP 1.It has a shared strategic vision 2.Broad membership 3.Effective and accountable governance and leadership 4.Sufficiently influential and knowledgeable 5.It has a good overview of what is going on in the county

4 LNPs in Kent The Thames Gateway and us granted LNP status by Defra in July 2012, along with 39 others across England.

5 What does being a Government- recognised LNP mean? Government sees LNP as a balanced, strategic and knowledgeable partnership that can add value to important decision making in an area. Have an important contribution to make to strategic planning matters within their area. –The amendment made to the Local Planning Regulations in 2012 now means that bodies bound by the Duty to Co-operate should co-operate with and have regard to the views of LNPs in the planning of sustainable development. –NPPF: “Local planning authorities should work collaboratively on strategic planning priorities to enable delivery of sustainable development in consultation with Local Enterprise Partnerships and Local Nature Partnerships” Be part of a group of partnerships with the same credentials who can network with each other to share knowledge and experience. Have access to Government, with the support of a liaison function within Defra and the opportunity to attend an annual Ministerial event.

6 Our vision “The Kent LNP has a vision for the Garden of England to have a healthy natural environment that is rich in wildlife, is enjoyed and valued by all and underpins our long-term economic, social and personal wellbeing”

7 Our mission “To enable a diverse range of organisations to work in partnership and to make best use of their available resources in order to achieve significant gains for Kent's natural environment. In doing so, and realising our vision, the LNP will act as advocate for the natural environment helping Kent’s residents and businesses recognise the true value, services and benefits a healthy natural environment provides, striking a balance between competing demands on our natural resources.”

8 Our role 1)Set the strategic direction and policies to conserve and enhance Kent’s natural environment, whilst influencing change and maximising the social wellbeing and economic benefits that can be gained from it. 2) Facilitate collaboration, and join up partner agendas and actions, in order to make best use of available resources and direct action to priority areas and achieve greater benefits for the natural environment 3) Promoting and encouraging best practice across the county and advocating more vibrant and healthy communities 4) Enable partners to work together across sectors and support natural environment priorities to create resilient ecological networks and protect and improve the natural environment so that social and economic benefits are maximised 5) Provide integrated advice and clearly communicate the value of the natural environment to the economy and society.

9 Kent LNP development to date Desk top study to highlight the value of nature in Kent. ‘Skeleton’ LNP formed by representatives from key sectors. Two workshops and online consultation to develop LNP role and vision. Interim LNP Development Group set up. 6 month development plan produced Framework for action Responded to Health & Wellbeing draft strategy

10 Kent LNP development to date Framework for action: 21 strategic documents reviewed for opportunities 4 underlying themes identified: Habitat Improvement - including Green Infrastructure Health & Wellbeing – including Access Support for rural and green economy- Sustainable use of resources Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Third workshop in Dec 2012 with partners to review framework for action and start devising strategic plan

11 What next Third workshop- Develop targeted action/strategic plan by : Reviewing framework for action results with partners. Identifying specific actions and targets under the framework for the LNP Establishing priority action and pilot projects and associated working groups for their delivery.

12 What next Demonstrate the benefits of the LNP approach by: Delivering demonstration, pilot project(s). Establishing cross-sector delivery groups. Reporting outcomes and promotion of results.

13 What next In addition: Further engagement of partners & key Kent forums Adopt LNP governance & structure Communication and promotion Secure funding for coordination

14 Working with Thames Gateway LNP Collaborate to develop complementary ambitions and priorities for restoration and enhancement, to facilitate positive change across shared landscape/ecological network matters. Work across boundaries to ensure seamless ecological networks where required. Joint working on engagement with LEP. Develop a joint county level health and wellbeing strategy. Work together to provide planning authorities with consistent advice. Joint reporting to demonstrate gains and good practice across the county as a whole.

15 Kent LNP boundary

16 Working with neighbouring LNPs Joint working with LEP We now have a SE Forum for LNPs Cooperate on identifying and delivering cross border projects and funding opportunities. Coordinate our approach when engaging organisations that operate across LNP boundaries. Joint thematic events for specific sectors to increase their understanding of the value of nature and secure their engagement in the LNP process.

17 Kent LNP – organisations involved so far Kent Association of Local Councils Kent Planning Officers Group Kent County Council Natural England Environment Agency Kent Wildlife Trust Kent Biodiversity Partnership Campaign to Protect Rural England Kent Downs & High Weald AONB Units Country Land & Business Association Medway Council National Farmers Union National Trust Network Rail Kent Countryside Access Brett Group Barratt/Ward Marine Management Organisation Dover Port NHS Kent & Medway RSPB Voluntary Infrastructure Partnership Voluntary Action Within Kent University of Kent Dover, Canterbury, Swale, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Malling and Shepway District Councils

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