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A World Class West End Camden’s West End Commission submission December 11 th 2012.

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1 A World Class West End Camden’s West End Commission submission December 11 th 2012

2 Delivering value for money services by getting it‘right first time’ Providing democratic and strategic leadership fit for changing times Developing new solutions with partners to reduce inequality Investing in our communities to ensure sustainable neighbourhoods Creating conditions for and harnessing the benefits of economic growth

3 The West End in Camden Centre Point Covent Garden British Museum Tottenham Ct Rd

4 Key facts Camden’s part of the West End has: A growing population (7,500) 70,000 jobs (21% of Camden’s total) 20% of our restaurants and bars Superb cultural and creative offer Lots of history, conservation areas and listed buildings Good mixture of homes for all Grown while seeing traffic fall by a quarter BUT: Pockets of high unemployment Below par public realm

5 Our vision The West End is vibrant and important; home to strong communities and vital businesses, jobs and tourist attractions Keeping it special is crucial to the success of London and to Camden Through our strategic approach to management of place, we will work with partners to make sure: it remains a vibrant and diverse place to live it remains a great place to do and grow businesses our transport and public realm is world class

6 Working together Working with residents, businesses and community representatives drives our approach to ‘managing place’. Key strategies include: –St Giles to Holborn Place Plan –Fitzrovia Area Action Plan These set out our approach to balancing resident needs with commercial interests Keeping the varied residential mix is fundamental to the area future, socially and economically

7 A great and diverse place to live We must protect diversity & not force out people on lower incomes Our Community Investment Programme will deliver more social and council housing Promote & celebrate the diversity of neighbourhoods (e.g. Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, Seven Dials) Give communities a say in their future through Neighbourhood Planning Make the West End safe for everyone Improve open spaces wherever we can

8 147 households claiming Local Housing Allowance in the two wards Decrease of 20 (12%) since April 2011 when reforms were introduced 14% increase in three westernmost wards (Kilburn, W Hampstead, Fortune Green) over same period Trend likely to continue resulting in fewer low income families in the private rented sector Figure in brackets is change since April 2011 Impact of Welfare Reform 1

9 162 households affected by bedroom tax in the two wards (8% of total) Of which 27 have a total of 43 children 40 households affected by Total Benefit Cap in the two wards (5% of total) Of which 24 have a total of 87 children Large average losses to benefits mean households are likely to have to move Impact of Welfare Reform 2

10 A great place to do business We will encourage development that adds to the vibrancy of the area, including specialist retail and creative industries Work with BIDs to give local businesses a stake in their communities Secure the full benefit from Crossrail for local residents and businesses Support local people to develop the right skills to compete for local jobs (including apprenticeships) Work with the Commission to explore all other options Invest in public realm improvements to support business growth

11 A world class public realm Our “West End Project” will build upon Crossrail and deliver massive improvements around St Giles and Tottenham Court Road It will enhance cycling & walking, and make the area a place to enjoy and spend time in Reduce the red wall of buses and overall congestion It will reconnect areas and neighbourhoods, reducing community severance We are working with partners to secure funding to deliver the vision

12 Key challenges The mixed and balanced nature of our communities is under threat as a result of welfare reforms Retaining access to a resilient local workforce Ensuring planning decisions deliver the mix of housing types/tenures we need in the West End Balancing a vibrant night time economy with protecting residents’ quality of life Retaining a competitive business environment

13 Options to consider These could include: Councils, our communities and businesses working together to develop a joint vision for the area Underneath this vision to develop a joint Place Plan or Action Plan for the whole of the West End –This could focus on joined up delivery, for example providing jobs and homes, rather than extra governance –Make key investment/strategy decisions –Involve the Mayoral family (GLA/TFL) –Task officers and business and the Mayoral Family to get on and deliver the identified outcomes

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