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Building With Superior Walls Introducing The Superior Advantage.

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3 Building With Superior Walls Introducing The Superior Advantage

4 For Every Superior New Home For Every Superior New Home

5 Superior Walls of America Founded by building contractor Mel Zimmerman in 1981 The world’s leader in precast wall systems with built-in insulation, galvanized nailers for easy finish 25 franchises across the USA…and growing Over 85,000 foundations installed around the world

6 Foundation of choice for the New American Home (2001, 2002) Received the 2001 Innovative Housing Technology Award (NAHB & Popular Science) Industry leader in precast, residential foundations Superior Walls of America

7 Superior Building Features & Benefits Custom made to your specifications Precise (manufactured in a factory-controlled environment) Fast Installation (less time waiting to build) Dry (requires no additional damp-proofing) Steel reinforced 5,000+ psi concrete

8 Pre-insulated (added value over traditional foundations) Pre-studded (cavity for additional insulation) Easy to finish (Galvanized lath and precast access holes) Guaranteed 15 years Superior Building Features & Benefits

9 Water-tight and damp proof (5,000+ psi concrete) Built-in steel reinforced concrete footer Crushed stone sub-footer drains water away Rigid insulation is a vapor barrier and thermal break Superior Building Features & Benefits

10 You provide a print We supply you with a quote Scheduled for installation on agreed upon date Building Procedure

11 Your excavator prepares job site according to our Builder Guideline Booklet Site check is done prior to installation by Superior Walls to approve delivery Building Procedure

12 Walls are custom made in a factory-controlled environment, contributing to precision & quality Building Procedure Walls are delivered to the job site on our trailers

13 Building Procedure The stone footer will prevent uneven settling while assisting with water drainage. The stone footer is easier to install and more efficient than a concrete footer.

14 Superior Walls factory-trained and certified crew compacts crushed stone sub-footer and completes final site preparation Our crane lifts the walls into place and Superior Walls crew installs the foundation – plumb, level and square Building Procedure

15 1.Pour your floor slab 2.Install the floor decking 3.Backfill It’s that simple… you’re ready in only hours! As Soon As We Are Finished…

16 The New International Codes Are Here… Introducing The Superior Advantage

17 Will Your Foundations Measure Up?

18 Code Compliance IRC now requires foundation walls to be insulated –Extra insulation installs easily with pre-insulated, pre-studded Superior Walls IRC now requires egress windows –Easily installed with precast window spaces

19 Code Compliance Superior Walls is nationally recognized –ESR-1553 (R-5) –ESR-1662 (Xi) –HUD SEB #1117 Rev 6 Complies with IRC requirements for precast foundations

20 Mold & Moisture Introducing The Superior Advantage The Newest Builder Concerns

21 What Is Mold? A fungus that releases airborne spores which are everywhere Thrives in high humidity Breaks down dead material in nature Feeds on nutrients that exist on most surfaces Can be difficult or nearly impossible to fully remove

22 Why You Should Be Concerned Linked to health problems & home damage Lawsuits & insurance claims have increased dramatically Moisture is the #1 source of residential concerns (Health House)

23 To Stop Mold… Superior Walls’ special high psi concrete mix needs no additional waterproofing Insulation forms tight seal Crushed stone sub-footer reduces hydrostatic pressure on walls Perimeter drain channels water away Stop Moisture! Stop Moisture!

24 Superior Building Options Discover The Superior Advantage

25 Multiple Wall Heights

26 Beam Pockets


28 Basements With Brick Ledges

29 Applications Discover The Superior Advantage Any Style Any Home

30 Traditional Foundations


32 Walkout Basements


34 Above Grade


36 Modular Construction

37 Photo Courtesy EXCEL HOMES Copyright 2002. All rights reserved worldwide. Modular Construction

38 Log Homes


40 Single And Multiple Family Homes

41 Large Custom Homes

42 “The basement has come out of the dark…builders that dig down are finding gold.” - Builder Magazine, 1999 Discover The Superior Advantage

43 Insulated Studded Precast access holes Damp proof Footer included Installs in hours Yes  No Superior Features Built-in features Superior Walls Traditional Foundation

44 Homeowners are looking for better basements... Give Them Superior Walls Give Them Superior Walls

45 BUILD WITH Dry Warm Smart Superior (See the limited warranty. Contact your local Superior Walls representative for details.) SUPERIOR WALLS

46 The Superior Building Process Builder submits blueprintsExcavator prepares site Insulation set (Superior Walls factory) Concrete poured (Superior Walls factory) Walls delivered by trailer Certified Superior Walls crew completes installation

47 Let’s Get Started 1.Provide us with your blueprint 2.We supply a quote 3.Approve and schedule installation 4.Follow instructions for preparing your site 5.Let our trained crew do the work 6.Start building the Superior Way

48 How do the Superior Walls Systems Compare to Block, Poured in Place (PIP) or Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Foundation Systems? Superior Walls Block Poured In Place (PIP) Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) 5,000 + PSI concrete?YesNo Walls Manufactured in a climate-controlled factory? Yes No Installed by factory-certified installation crew? Yes No Damp proof from factory?YesNo Rebar always present in a pre-engineered configuration? Yes No No No Concrete footer required before foundations walls constructed? No Yes Yes Yes Can use crushed stone footing? Yes No Limited by cold weather for pouring concrete? No Yes Always include a redundant perimeter drain to daylight or sump? Yes No No No Sill plate holes provided?YesNo Provided with a continuous layer of R5 or R12.5 insulation bonded directly to the concrete? YesNo No Yes* Holes provided for wiring and plumbing?Yes No Galvanized nailers built into the wall? Yes No Allow for increasing the amount of insulation without the need to install additional framing? Yes No No No Foundation installation time average 1 day? Yes No Ready to finish from factory?YesNo (* Or higher depending on system) Comparing:




52 Copyright 2009 Superior Walls By Collier Foundation Systems, Inc. For Every Superior New Home For Every Superior New Home 1-888-817-5537

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