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Concrete Pre Cast Panel By Peter Spence ID: 400213872.

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1 Concrete Pre Cast Panel By Peter Spence ID: 400213872

2 Concrete Pre Cast Panel In the construction industry today Pre Cast Concrete Panels have become greatly used by all types of construction from Multistory Residential, to large Warehouses. The benefits in using Pre Cast 1.Off site manufacturing 2.Manufacturing under quality controlled conditions 3.Loading bearing single skin walls that allow greater floor space 4.Structural Soundness DesignManufactureInstallation Lifting Point Grout Holes Concrete Panel Slab

3 Roles of Architect and Engineer In the Design stage both Architects and Engineers are involved to develop appropriate drawings for all consultants Architects are responsible for: Giving the size of each concrete panel Identifying the location of the panels with the use of grid markings Design of rebates and ferals Engineer is responsible for: Developing shop drawings for manufacturer Detailing each specific component within the panel e.g. reinforcement, concrete grade, panel thickness, weight etc Certification of drawing for structural adequacy and compliance Ensuring panel can support loads and designing accordingly DesignManufactureInstallation Architect Drawings

4 Engineer shop drawings Concrete Grade 40 MPa Minimum concrete force at lifting points Panel Thickness Panel Volume Panel Weight Lifting points specifications Legend Panel Area Propping Specifications Grout Tubes Specifications Engineer Approved Stamp DesignManufactureInstallation

5 Engineers Specifications TILT PROP SPECIFICATION CODELENGTHCLOSEDMIDDLEFULLWEIGHT 9212.4m - 3.8m2.4m - 35kN3.1m - 32kN3.8m - 30kN35kg 9122.6Mm - 4.4m2.6m - 35kN3.5m - 32kN4.4m - 30kN37kg 9174.4m - 6.8m4.4m - 40kN5.5m - 23kN6.8m - 14kN53kg 9146.2m - 10.1m6.2m - 28.5kN8.0m - 24kN10.1m - 6.3kN78kg The Engineer will specify in drawings each individual component of the concrete panel. These specifications are determined by the load and force the panel will put into the each components. DesignManufactureInstallation

6 Manufacturing The stage of manufacturing is essential to the pre cast development. A Building Contractor may do there own audit on a Pre Cast manufacture to ensure compliance with all WorkSafe methods and that appropriate Quality Control checks at done at certain stages. For example Leighton Contractors may inspect La Pre Cast before awarding the supply contract. Some question supplied by WorkSafe should be answered prior to manufactureWorkSafe 1. Are those involved in the manufacturing of precast panels trained in current procedures and quality control? Training should cover industry standards on: manufacturing (including formwork, casting sequences, reinforcement, lifting inserts, concrete placement) and handling of panels 2.What Pre-planning has taken place prior to work commencing? Can the builder demonstrate pre-planning of erection? Do shop drawings clearly show all information needed to manufacturing? (eg: weight and dimensions of panel, Reinforcement, location of inserts, braces and fixings and concrete strength at lifting points) Example of shop drawings a manufacture will receive from architect and engineer. DesignManufactureInstallation

7 Quality Controller Review Shop Drawings Carpenters Formwork Rebates Recesses Ferrules Steel Fixers Placement of Bar Chairs Weld ferrules Placement of Reinforcement Dowel Tubes Lifting Points Concreters Pour Concrete Vibrate Toweling with helicopter Apply finishes if needed Manufacturing Flow Chart Design Manufacture Installation

8 Stage 1 of Manufacturing Once the shop drawings are reviewed and approved by the Quality Controller they are then passed on the carpenters to begin the assembly of the formwork for the slab. The carpenters must ensure that all work completed complies with the architect’s drawing and that all formwork is fixed secure to the pouring surface. The carpenter is responsible for: 1.Erecting formwork 2.Placement of formwork for rebates 3.Attachment of ferrules in the formwork 4.Any recesses in the concrete panel Once Work is completed the Quality Controller reviews all work so compliance to drawings and specifications Carpenters Role Formwork Rebate Ferals in Formwork DesignManufactureInstallation

9 Stage 2 of Manufacturing After the Quality Controller approves Stage 1 of manufacturing the Steel Fixers complete their job. At this stage all the relevant details in the concrete are place within the section of the concrete slab. All specifications are detailed by the engineer in the shop drawings Stage 2 comprises: 1.Placement of bar chairs 2.Placement of Reinforcement mesh, lifting points and dowel tubes 3.Tiring together of bar chairs, reinforcement mesh and lifting points 4.Welding of ferrules DesignManufactureInstallation Welding FerrulesTiring of Reinforcement Dowel Tube

10 Stage 3 of Manufacturing Stage 3 of manufacturing comprise another Quality Control inspection. The inspection at this stage should include: A check of the identification number of the panel Confirmation of panel size Verification that all structural components, including reinforcement, inserts and casts-in plates, all with comply with shop drawings The steps involved at during stage 3 of manufacturing are 1Pour concrete 2Vibrate 3Detach reinforcement tires 4Allowance for grout hole in panel. 5Trowelling by Helicopter Helicopter 6Appling finishes finishes DesignManufactureInstallation Pouring Concrete Vibrating

11 The Finished Panel Concrete SlabDowel Tube Lifting PointsRebate and Ferrule Locators DesignManufactureInstallation

12 Delivery After manufacturing has taken place the panels are delivering to site on a truck. Trucks bringing the panels to site must be certified and comply with all regulations The Trucks delivering pre cast panels need to have: 1.Ladder for access to tray 2.Hand Rails 3.Loads secured to tray by chain 4.Carrying loads not to be over specified limit If delivery trucks don’t have the above they will not be allowed onto site to drop off pre cast panels DesignManufactureInstallation

13 Propping And Anchoring Props on the pre cast panel are attached before its set into position. The ideal position for the props to be attached at the panel is to be 2/3 rd the height. The engineer will specify where the attachment need to be placed. Its Recommended that: 1.Two Props/braces minimum per panel be used for stability and load transfer 2.Props should be fixed prior to lifting panel 3.Anchoring system be adequate and support the loads from above. 4.Anchoring foundation should be firm and not move Attachments Props are attached to the panel by the ferrules inserted during manufacturing Dynabolts are used to anchor the props Propping Anchoring DesignManufactureInstallation

14 Fixing Panel Once propping has been attach to the panel, the panel is then lifted into position by a crane. A crane either on site or on the delivery truck will move the concrete panel into positions. Dowel Pins should already be placed within the concrete ground slab. The crane Operater with the help of a Spotter and Labourers will put the panel into position. The Dowel pins fit into the dowel tubes which were cast into the panel at manufacturing stage. Once panel is in the correct position the props are anchored and grout holes and dowels tubes filled with grouting solution. Concrete Slab with Dowel pinsGrout Hole in PanelPanel fixed into position DesignManufactureInstallation

15 Check Here to Watch Movie for Pre Cast Concrete in Housing Construction Check Here to Watch Movie for Pre Cast Concrete in Housing Construction Need Access to Internet Check Here to Watch Movie for Pre Cast Concrete in Housing Construction DesignManufactureInstallation

16 DesignManufactureInstallation Specified Corrugated Finish Trowelling Helicopter

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