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Energy Drinks

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1 Energy Drinks

2 Say What!?! In 2008, more than 270 new energy drinks were launched worldwide.* The energy drink market is a 4.8 billion per year industry.* As soda consumption decreases, energy drinks are filling in the gap. 35% of U.S. teenagers report that they consume energy drinks (as compared to 19% in 2003)* Energy drinks are marketed to kids, teenagers and college students.

3 Caffeine Drunk? Caffeine intoxication resulting in increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure is possible from ENERGY DRINKS that can contain as much caffeine as 5 cans of Coca-cola. Caffeine intoxication requires medical attention. Nausea, increased heart rate, anxiety, insomnia and increased blood pressure are some symptoms of intoxication. Potentially unsafe ingredients

4 My mom drinks caffeine Caffeine is a drug and should be consumed in moderation, if desired Moderation is defined as 300 mg. caffeine daily or the equivalent of approximately 2 cups of coffee Individuals differ in their sensitivity to caffeine, so listen to your body

5 Pros and Cons of Caffeine In small doses it may….. Help prevent type 2 diabetes & liver disease including liver cancer. Possibly improve treatment outcomes in patients with Parkinson disease Improve short concentration and performance In large doses it may cause serioushealth effects.

6 But Miss… Drinking these products during exercise may cause unwanted symptoms: Increase blood pressure Increase heart rate False claims promise improved performance in class or on the field.

7 These drinks can have the following side effects: Nervousness Sleeplessness Anxiety Severe Headache Upset Stomach Increased Heart Rate

8 And you thought it was safe… Energy Drinks are NOT regulated by the Foodand Drug Administration (FDA) or any governing agency. Manufacturers can mix a variety of ingredients in these products without any agency checking the safety. Manufacturers add taurine and guarana to imply health benefits. There is NO scientific evidence that these are beneficial.

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