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Caffeine Awareness Do you really know what’s in that drink?

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1 Caffeine Awareness Do you really know what’s in that drink?

2 Defining the Problem The consumption of caffeinated beverages by adolescents is an epidemic. In the U.S. greater than 30% of teenagers consume caffeinated beverages weekly. Target Population: Teenagers 12-18 years Target Products: Energy drinks, soda, coffee.

3 What is caffeine? A bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts, food and certain medications. A central nervous system stimulant. One of the world’s most popular “drugs”. Consumed by up to 90% of people in the world in one form or another.

4 What’s the Buzz Average consumption is 200 milligrams/day. Strongest effects felt approximately 1 hour after and lasts up to 4-6 hours. database

5 Effects of Caffeine Causes an increase in neuron firing in the brain which the pituitary gland perceives as an emergency-causing the adrenal glands to release ADRENALINE. Also increases Dopamine levels and the neurotransmitters become affected by the drug and may be the source of the caffeine’s addictive qualities.

6 Health Risks of Caffeine Effects your mood: Agitated Jittery Skittish Restless Excitable Anxious Psychosis Concentration Effects your body: Insomnia-can’t sleep Abdominal pain-ulcer Nauseated-heartburn Dehydration Elevated Blood Pressure Elevated Heart Rate Headaches Tooth Decay

7 Main Side Effects of Caffeine

8 Serious Health Risks Dehydration which is caused by the diuretic effects of caffeine by increased urinary output. When you become dehydrated you can also have electrolyte imbalances causing harmful effects on your heart.

9 Amped Up The energy drink arena has a hold on kids. They have aligned themselves with superstars, athletes in all sporting events, rock bands, and music. Promotions and products galore! Check it out at:

10 Product Promotion The power of suggestion is a psychological process that guides the thoughts feelings and behaviors of the individual-”if you do this you will have this”~

11 Health Risk of Caffeine

12 Now you know... It is important to have ALL the information so you can make a healthy choice and a decision based on what is in that drink. For more information visit us at our website:

13 Survey 1. Do you consume Caffeine? Y N 2. Do you consume it >3 a week? Y N 3. Did you know the effects of caffeine? Y N 4. Did you find the workshop helpful? Y N 5. Will you reduce intake of caffeine? Y N 6. Will you eliminate caffeine? Y N Thank you for participating!

14 Poster-Logo Contest Submit your poster by 6/1/11 for a chance to be our new Amped Up! logo. Top 3 per school district will win $25.00 each and they will all be submitted for a chance to win $500.00 grand prize. 1:30 chance to win. Theme: Health Promotion about Caffeine- awareness, dangers, effects. Good Luck!


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