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1 Caffeine

2 Famous Quote “I’m all Jacked up on Mountain Dew!” – Texas Ranger, Talladega Nights

3 Food Consumption Most people are unaware that everyday they consume what is considered a psychoactive drug. A psychoactive drug is a drug that can produce mood changes and distorted perceptions

4 Caffeine, a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, is consumed by 90% of Americans daily
Reasons why include: Staying awake Staying alert

5 Where can I find it? Coffee Plant This naturally occurring chemical can be found in several plants such as: Coffee plant Tea plant Kola Nut Tea Plant Kola Nut

6 Killer Plants In each of the plants, caffeine also acts as a natural pesticide. The pesticide paralyzing and killing insects that try to feed on the plant.

7 How is it Safe? If caffeine is both a psychoactive drug and a natural pesticide, how can it be sold and consumed so regularly? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists caffeine as a “generally recognized as safe food substance” and therefore requires little to no regulation

8 Caffeine and the effects of a Spider

9 Side Effects Like any other drug, caffeine has side effects and over time a tolerance can be developed.

10 Side Effects Include: Blurred vision Dry mouth Dizziness Flushing
Cold sweats Increased heart rate Troubled breathing Diarrhea Anxiety Insomnia Nausea Increased urination Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine include headache and irritability

11 Where can it be found? Coffee Energy Drinks Soft Drinks Tea Ice Cream

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