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3 FUNDING RECEIVED FROM THE NLDTF THANK – YOU! We start off with some wonderful news! The National Lotteries Development Trust Fund has come through for us once again and we have received our much needed funding. The PNDSA can operate for another year and we are so excited to get going with some of the projects that have been placed on hold due to financial constraints.

4 PNDSA HEAD OFFICE MOVES Due to our constant battle with reliable funding, we had to move out of our lovely Claremont offices into an equally lovely space in Bergvliet, Cape Town. We are getting very good at limiting the clutter and moving forward with the essentials - never a bad thing! Our new address is 2 Hiddingh Road, Bergvliet, Cape Town, 7945 All other contact details remain as before.


6 Bavanisha is a Psychiatrist in private practice and an honorary senior lecturer at UCT. She previously held the position of the head of the Woman’s Mental Health Unit at UCT. Her clinical research interests are in the field of Women’s Mental Health. She is a mom who also had PND. Dr Bavanisha [Bavi] Vythilingum PNDSA Chairperson

7 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED Linda holds a Masters degree in Research Psychology from the University of Cape Town, specialising in postnatal distress. For the past 15 years she has worked exclusively in the area of perinatal wellness, facilitating support groups and seeing women on an individual basis. More specifically, her expertise lie in the area of emotional distress, both during and after pregnancy, as well as managing fertility difficulties, pregnancy loss or terminations. She has recently written a book based on her Masters thesis called When Your Blessings Don’t Count - A guide to recognising and overcoming Postnatal Distress. In her book she shares her own experience of PND as well as that of many other women who have overcome PND. She is married, has two children and lives in Cape Town. Linda Lewis Support Group Adviser

8 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED Colleen has been with PNDSA since its inception in 1997. She currently manages the office. Is married to Rob and has two boys, Chris (19) and Stuart (12). She is a keen runner. Colleen Knutsen Office Manager

9 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED I am who I am today because of my post-natal journey of self-discovery. I’m married with 2 sons, 15 and 11 and experienced PND after the birth of my first child. Personal growth and development is my passion so I freelance as a workshop facilitator, specialising in adult education and training. I work in both the education and corporate environments. I unwind and relax when I’m close to the sea and when I cook. A good read helps me escape from reality and all things mundane. Lynne Isaacs Public Advisor

10 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED Delphine is a qualified CA(SA) and CFA and has over 16 years financial services experience of which the past 13 have been gained directly in the field of investment management. While her professional interests lie squarely in investments, Delphine is also actively involved in various industry development and mentorship bodies but in particular is interested in promoting the greater participation of women in financial services and especially in investments. As a mother and wife and operating in a highly male-dominated industry Delphine is especially concerned about understanding the challenges and obstacles facing professional women, especially full-time working mothers. Delphine has taken a special interest in the long-term sustainability of PNDSA especially from a financial standpoint and also through her business network, in assisting to promote the awareness of both PND and PNDSA. Delphine Govender Financial Advisor

11 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED I work primarily as a Psychiatrist at Valkenberg Hospital and have an interest in community psychiatry and undergraduate training of medical students. I’m married (to the most wonderful wife in the world) and we have one child. My interests are road running and reading…. with an interest in African literature. Qhama Cossie Professional Representative

12 CURRENT 2013-2014 PNDSA BOARD INTRODUCED Alison Sampson is a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice. She has a special interest in supporting new Mothers in distress. She is the mother of two adult sons. My qualifications are Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (University of Natal, Durban 1984). Since 1986 registered with the Health Professions Council-PS 0017639. Working in Private Practice with a special interest in Postnatal Depression. Alison Sampson Professional Representative KZN Representative

13 PNDSA STAFF & VOLUNTEERS Cape Town “Farewell Alneré “ It is with a very heavy heart that we say “so long, farewell” to our friend and colleague, Alneré Turck. Al has worked with us as our PR and Marketing Manager for the last 6 years. Other work commitments have meant she has had to leave us so she can pursue other avenues. We will miss your exuberance and fighting spirit so much. Board meetings, Baby Expo’s and office time will not be the same without you!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the PNDSA over the last few years. We are going to miss you so very much!!

14 PNDSA STAFF & VOLUNTEERS Gauteng Rica Gibson Gauteng Representative PNDSA BRANCH NEWS

15 Port Elizabeth Lynette Dean Port Elizabeth Representative Lynette Dean is a Counselling Psychologist in Port Elizabeth. She obtained her BA Degree through UNISA before going on to NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), formerly UPE, to do her Honours and Masters Degrees. She obtained both her Honours and Masters Degrees, cum laude. She specializes in women's wellness, which includes infertility therapy and post partum depression. Her special interest in assisting couples who struggle with fertility issues comes from her own struggle with infertility. She is able to personally identify with the emotional turmoil the couple’s experience. She is also interested in Surrogacy and Egg Donation. In addition to working at various hospitals, assisting the Smile Foundation and mothers who have premature babies, Lynette is also in a private practice. She is married and has an adult daughter who is a special needs teacher.

16 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Gauteng Committee PNDSA Gauteng Committee Members, taken at our recent workshop. From left to right; Mara Zanella, Ana Frawley, Rica Gibson, Kirsten Miller, Feroza Arbee, Carina Marsay, Sally Baker and absent is Meryl da Costa

17 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Gauteng Over the last 6 months the Gauteng committee has grown to include Dr Carina Marsay, a Psychiatrist practicing at Sterkfotein Psychiatric Hospital and Meryl Da Costa a councillor from SADAG, who assisted with PNDSA Gauteng some years back. They bring with them a passion and wealth of experience that can only benefit the already committed and dedicated team. We have been involved in the Baby City Baby Expo, where the committee members assisted in manning the stand and using their skills in the area of PND. Some of our members have been involved in radio interviews coving the topics of post natal depression and its effects.

18 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Gauteng We held another workshop mid- September with 5 of our committee members leading with talks on various topics relating to PND. It was held in a rotation style, where the delegates were divided into small moving from talk to talk, allowing for intense and meaningful group discussions. The talks ranged from recognising the signs, to screening moms for PND, including how to manage PND from a professional point of view to the various medications available to moms while pregnant and breastfeeding, and Ana, our resident midwife dealing with Bonding and Attachment. It was well attended and the feedback was positive. AKESO has once again been incredibly supportive in giving us the use of their venue for free and discounted catering. We are extremely grateful for their partnership.

19 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Gauteng October sees Dr Feroza Arbee representing PNDSA on Great Expectations on 28 th October. Also in October Kirsten Miller will be sharing her personal journey at the Donald Gordon Community Awareness Talk on PND and at the end of October at the next Baby City Baby Expo we have been approached to speak at their Expert Lounge. We meet again in the next couple of weeks to plan ahead for 2015 and to see where PNDSA Gauteng can get involved and make a difference in the lives of women dealing with PND. Our other aim is in making healthcare professionals aware of PND and how to support and assist Moms suffering with it.

20 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS KZN Our core PNDSA group has continued this year to work with vulnerable Mothers, who are identified in Lindsey Watkey's Clinic and then benefit from psychological assessment, therapy and where necessary, psychiatric intervention. Some problems have been experienced with Mothers from Townships who struggle with transport-and may not follow through. We have seen an increase in angry Mothers, who are not coping with the demands of baby care and are irritable and act out towards their children. This aspect encourages us to strive to support them and develop their parenting skills(many woman did not receive good parenting themselves-)

21 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS KZN Our professional group congratulates Hayley Asbury on the birth of her long awaited daughter! We visited the family at home and all are thriving. As a group we have had the challenge of non- attendance at meetings and we are now focusing on a project based development.We are delighted to have been allocated funding towards an outreach into the areas around Pinetown. This project will be based at The Crompton Hospital Well Baby Clinic and be organised with backup from the PNDSA team in Cape Town. We will be relying on support on finances and your experience. I remember Linda's words at the last Board meeting."Just get in there and start something!' This new direction will involve Lindsy Watkeys, Bonny Chamu and Alison Sampson. We continue to affirm our goals that awareness of PND through education, reduces distress in suffering Mothers and gets them the support that they really need.

22 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Cape Town Support Groups Linda continues to run psychotherapy groups for mothers of young children who are wanting to experience a safe space where they can negotiate both the shadow and the light side of motherhood. Women need to commit to at least ten sessions which, most of the time, becomes far longer. Some women have been part of the groups for up to seven years - not because they are still depressed, but because the group provides an opportunity to take a deep breath and process their lives with an anchor of support from all the other group members. At present Linda is running 2 groups from her home.

23 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Cape Town Linda Lewis and her domestic worker, Gloria Mbovu have started a support group in the Khayalitsha area. The first group ran on Sat the 26th April. About 20 ladies gathered together and chatted about the up's and downs of motherhood and the challenges of raising children. It was a really uplifting and positive experience. A core group of mothers are providing a solid base to which others can join. Adjusting to Motherhood Project Khayelitsha

24 PNDSA BRANCH NEWS Cape Town One of the first topics discussed was "What is a "perfect mother" " which was very emotional for some in terms of what they hadn't received from their own mothers but how they can change that for their own children now. The group meets on a monthly basis. The next group will be meeting in the New Year at the Hempe Street Creche / Day Care, 36/64 Hempe Street, Makhaza from 10am -11h30am.


26 NATIONAL NEWS BABY EXPO’S Staff from Head Office in Cape Town and our incredible new Gauteng Branch joined forces to represent the PNDSA at the Mama Magic Baby Expo in Gauteng in May this year. The Expo ran over four days and we distributed over 2 500 pamphlets. At the beginning of August we were given the opportunity to exhibit at the Cape Town Baba Indaba. Mamma Magic Coca Cola Dome September 2013

27 NATIONAL NEWS BABY EXPO’S These expos give us a wonderful opportunity to speak to moms-to-be and new moms about PND and also make some valuable professional connections. The networking between ourselves and other organisations and businesses is always worth while. Opportunities such as increases in helpline calls, providing pamphlets for hospitals, baby groups and clinics to speaking opportunities and media exposure. We would like to thank both the organisers of Mama Magic and Baba Indaba for their generous support of the PNDSA and for assisting us in getting our message out there! Expo Bear....the most travelled bear in South Africa

28 NATIONAL NEWS BABY EXPOS 2013 - 2014 Mamma Magic Coca Cola Dome September 2013 Baba Indaba Sandton October 2013 Mamma Magic DICC Durban August 2013 Soweto Baba Indaba August 2013 Parent Expo – Crawford June 2013


30 NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA Alneré Turck presented a PND talk at the Mom's Circle Group at Cape Town Medi-Clinic. The young mom's braved some cold and wet Cape Town weather and we spent a lovely morning together chatting about motherhood and all the adjustments that come with it.

31 Sally Baker from our Gauteng Branch did a radio interview on Talk 702 about PND and did a fantastic job dispelling the myths around PND and explaining the various symptoms and treatment options. NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA

32 Our very own support group leader and Board Member, Linda Lewis, featured in an article entitled "Bundle of joy can mean a world of woe for new moms" in the Sunday Times in July. The Times ran a special feature on SA's Mental Health Crisis and we were fortunate to be able to shed some light on PND and how moms can receive help. NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA

33 In March this year, our PNDSA Chairperson Dr Bavi Vythilingum did an interview for Parent 24 with Ntombi Mlangeni. NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA

34 This was followed by another interview between Jennifer Sanasie and Linda Lewis in June for News 24. Both interviews were filled with information on PND from both a personal and professional prospective. These interviews can all be viewed on You Tube. These are valuable tools which can be used in any group for educational purposes. We will be putting all the links on our website under the "Media" tab. NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA

35 Interview between Jennifer Sanasie and Linda Lewis in June for News 24. NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA

36 Written by : Lynette Dean, PNDSA Port Elizabeth “I was fortunate enough to be invited by Headoffice of PNDSA to present a workshop in Cape Town in June. The workshop was based on a group we launched in Port Elizabeth, at St. George's hospital, sometime ago.” NATIONAL NEWS TALKS AND MEDIA GSH WORKSHOP JUNE 2014

37 “The group is called "Friend for Life" and is made up of a group of mothers who have had children born with special needs, including hearing difficulties, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and also moms that have had infant loss, shortly after birth. These mothers are then trained by me in basic counselling skills. These mothers are then called on to be "buddy" moms for new mothers who give birth to babies with similar conditions to their own, to offer emotional and practical support. The course was run over 3 mornings, totalling 12 hours, with an evaluation at the end.”

38 GSH WORKSHOP JUNE 2014 “I presented the workshop at Groote Schuur Hospital. We had about 20 GSH Staff members attending from various departments including Neonatal ICU Staff, Social Workers, Psychologists and Occupational Therapists.” The topics covered in the workshop were: Program introduction: how the group began The course outline Topics in the course included: 1. Understanding crises and reactions of families 2. Person-centred approach to counselling 3. Listening skills 4. Communication skills 5. Assertiveness 6. What to say, or not to say 7. Coping with siblings of special needs children 8. Reactions to the public 9. Stress Management, and relaxation: "Caring for the Carers" It was lovely meeting up with the Cape Town PNDSA Head Office Staff and Board Members again. Lynette meeting the PNDSA Board


40 Social Media has definitely changed the face of the world we now live in. We have noticed a substantial drop off in the number of calls we receive on our helpline and an increase in the number of people visiting our website.

41 SOCIAL MEDIA The EPDS Test which you can do on our website free of charge, has proven to be an incredibly useful tool. We are receiving upwards of 5-10 scores on average per day. We now have a follow up email system in place. On completion of the test, the mom receives an immediate score and depending on the severity of the scoring, receives an email with steps she should take. Follow up mails are then sent out at regular intervals enquiring as to their progress and whether they sought help or are still needing help.

42 SOCIAL MEDIA Our website receives between 800 and 1000 hits per month. We think the anonymity of the website is easier for moms to deal with and are finding the information they need there. Researchers rank best online advice for postnatal depression Researchers at the University of Sussex have identified the top five internet sites offering support for women struggling with postnatal mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Around 10-15 per cent of new mothers are diagnosed with postnatal mental illnesses, while around one in four women may have significant post-birth distress without meeting the criteria for a disorder. Many women turn to the internet to seek advice and reassurance over these conditions. Health psychologists Donna Moore and Dr Susan Ayers sorted through thousands of web sites and whittled down their selection to the top five sites for new mothers seeking information about postnatal depression and anxiety and the top five for healthcare professionals looking for ways to support patients. For mums they are:

43 SOCIAL MEDIA Our Face Book Support Group is growing in leaps and bounds and has finally started bearing fruit. We are nearing 800 Group Members now with moms from as far afield as New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, Kenya and many from the UK and Australia. Fear not, we have many SA moms too who have been wonderful at supporting and offering advice. It still amazes me that it is sometimes still so difficult receiving help and support for PND even in very westernised wealthy countries! For the first few months things were very slow in the group but right now, it is difficult to keep up with all the posts! The support and connectivity has been incredible! In this respect, Face Book has been a marvellous tool connecting moms from all walks of life and making it possible to feel like part of a greater global family with one goal.......recovery.

44 SOCIAL MEDIA “Doing a bit of research.....please let us know where you are from. Thanks! The PNDSA Team.” Ormskirk, England Limerick Ireland Pretoria, South Africa London, England West Yorkshire, uk Cape Town. SA. Wales, uk Moscow, Russia, living in Barcelona, Spain Brisbane, Australia Singapore Cornwall, England Sunshine Coast. Australia Joburg, SA Farnborough, England Scotland, UK Adelaide, Australia Wirral, Merseyside, England Perth Australia Bunbury, Western Australia Windhoek, Namibia Original from São Paulo, Brazil but settled in London Devon, UK Melbourne, Australia Hertfordshire, England Birmingham, England Shepparton, Vic, Australia. Durban, SA East London. South Africa

45 SOCIAL MEDIA “Hi moms. Many of you have posted messages saying how much you appreciate this group.We would like to share some of those messages at our up coming AGM. Due to confidentiality, we will not use your previous messages but if you are happy for us to go ahead and use a message of thanks, please post a message below. No names will be used, just the comments.” “Without this group, I may not have found the strength and encourageme nt to get through those dark days. A caring and selfless group of ladies willing to support and encourage you through your darkest of moments. Thank you for having a safe place for us to share x” “With the help and support of this group, I had finally worked up the courage to see my doctor and ask for help. Without this group I would have no one to talk to because no one seems to understand. Without this group, I would not have made the beautiful Friendships I have !” “Such a group didn't exist when I had my crash (2007). I suffered from severe PND and had only one person to talk to, who also had severe PND. My battle was an incredibly lonely one. I really believe that the stigma of PND can be blown out of the water if we all stand together. The work that this organisation does is invaluable: it can save families and lives. This Facebook group would have given me such comfort in my darkest hours. Thank you for giving of your time to manage it and for all at PNDSA for giving moms suffering from this horrendous illness hope through realising that this is a REAL condition.”







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