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Prospect Surgery Patient Participation Group Survey December 2012.

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1 Prospect Surgery Patient Participation Group Survey December 2012

2 Practice population December 2012 7702 Number of surveys completed 325 Percentage responded 4.22%













15 Do you know any local groups the PPG could contact/visit to work with on future projects and gain views from? Carers Wakefield "Team" Wakefield. Parents forum for children with disabilities Nursing home patients / relatives Breastfeeding Friends Any group related to inpatient services as there appears to be gaps in knowledge of procedure





20 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make I think the staff have been very friendly and helpful Listen more to the Patient The practice is well run and a couple of the doctors are very thorough Nothing more to say 100% good / no Text If it is not possible to see a Doctor on the day you ask is it possible to see a Nurse? I think everyone at Prospect Surgery are extremely pleasant & helpful Good Practice 10/10

21 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make I am very happy with the service given Your prescription team have been especially helpful and responsive, which we really appreciate Brilliant No problems getting appointments good service I think the text service is because its sometimes very hard to get through on the phone I appreciate being able to make "same day appointments" The nurses being in the surgery are beneficial to me

22 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make Appointments to run on time and a text to say running late if not It is very hard to get appointments, even if you ring as soon as it opens or they give you a stupid time, some people have to work you know Phoning at 8:15, hard to get through and sometimes appointments have gone! More-pre- bookable appointments needed please Receptionists who smile and sound like they are bothered (note some are but not all) Booking appointments online would be useful if there were more appointments available New customer recommended

23 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make It can be difficult to contact the surgery by phone on a morning. I got through at 8.20 yesterday and all morning appointments had gone. I was offered an appointment the next day - so I was happy with the service on this occasion The staff are very friendly. The surgery is always clean and tidy Phone in appointment always seem to be on a Thursday why? Still too long to get appointment - Waiting times too long also The doctors are perfect

24 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make I don't have a mobile phone or the internet I'm on the landline phone Better time keeping of doctors/nurses appointment times by said. More welcoming approach from some service providers Great service We have to stand outside to make appointments in the year 2012 - think not The receptionists / people who deal with prescriptions could have better attitudes Receptionists should undertake customer service training !! Very difficult to book an appointment

25 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make Would appreciate some greenery and or art work in waiting room I am happy with the service at this practice it is sometimes difficult to get an appointment or make advance appointments As the group meets during the day it is impossible for me to join as I work Making an appointment on the day you are ill is impossible - appointments are filled by 08:16!!! Very hard to make an appointment by phone I phone at 8:15 & all appointments have gone! I do think the practice has improved but lack of appointments & rude receptionists need to be addressed

26 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make Blood tests vary visits weekly or fortnightly Reception informed me when trying to make appointment, that blood nurse is only available one day a week - I am informed this is incorrect Found service has improved since joining Due to lengthy delays waiting for appointments which is understandable, some books toys for children would be appreciated and appropriate - like in the other local doctors. I have seen your response to this in the PPG feedback and your instruction to parents asking us to control our children - I find this ridiculous and not patient or family friendly

27 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make Later appointments (evening required) more daily appointments required Waiting room needs to be more child friendly toys/books, children get board and we have to keep them occupied Excellent service carry on. All the best for xmas and the new year Seating is in better position - very good The front line staff (i.e. reception) would benefit from basic mental health awareness training

28 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make I would like to know why its so hard to get an appointment when you walk in and there is nobody sat in this waiting room Never can get to see my "own" doctor without waiting /ringing back etc Why are there minimal or NO appointments available on line even when you are promoting the service pointless system. In the last 3 months only twice has there been an appointment when I requested one, non suitable due to work, non urgent so tried many many times daily. Had to phone at 08:15 Staff at the end of the phone are now more helpful & not abrupt as times in the past

29 Please detail below any additional comments you would like to make My family are rarely able to get appointments with our own doctor (Dr Cole), otherwise appointment availability is good I find it very difficult that repeat prescriptions cannot be ordered by telephone Sorry I am not into this modern living texting etc Keep up the GOOD WORK

30 Additional Benefits As a result of the survey an additional 4 patients have put their names forward to me members of the patient group

31 Comparative Data 2011/2012 List size December 2011; 7543 Surveys issued December 2011; 955 Surveys returned December 2011; 340 Return Rate December 2011; 35.6% Practice population responded to survey December 2011; 4.51% List size December 2012; 7702 Surveys issued December 2012; 656 Surveys returned December 2012; 325 Return Rate December 2012; 50% Practice population responded to survey December 2012; 4.22%

32 Comparative Data 2011/2012 Registered for web services February 2012; 12 Website hits February 2012; 500 On line prescription requests February 2012; 6 Appointments booked on line February 2012; 0 Consented to text alerts October 2012; 8 Registered for web services December 2012; 740 Website hits December 2012; 2041 On line prescription requests December 2012; 91 Appointments booked on line December 2012; 21 Consented to text alerts December 2012; 449

33 Actions Suggested by PPG for Practice Produce slip for patients to complete re text message service to be available in surgery PPG Newsletter Invite groups identified to attend PPG meetings Provide Breakdown of age ranges in relation to preferred contact method to see if any outlying groups Use PPG notice board to answer some of the additional comments made Encourage practice not to forget those who prefer traditional methods of contact Re-publish patient information on appointment system Group suggested publishing when available any impact text service has on DNA rates.

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