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Page 1 Claremont Quality Survey 2013 Feb/March 2013, handed out to Claremont attendees over the course of 2 weeks – anonymous survey. Total responses:

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1 Page 1 Claremont Quality Survey 2013 Feb/March 2013, handed out to Claremont attendees over the course of 2 weeks – anonymous survey. Total responses: 129 (approx. 20% of the active membership total)

2 Page 2 I have been coming to Claremont for...

3 Page 3 I have made friends at Claremont

4 Page 4 I meet up with these friends elsewhere

5 Page 5 I have learned new things at Claremont

6 Page 6 I feel I give something to others at Claremont

7 Page 7 Claremont values all kinds of people

8 Page 8 I have improved my fitness at Claremont

9 Page 9 I can reflect and be creative at Claremont

10 Page 10 How important is Claremont to you?

11 Page 11 What classes do you go to?

12 Page 12 The quality of these classes is generally…

13 Page 13 Class prices are good value

14 Page 14 Claremont's building is …

15 Page 15 Generally, how do you rate Claremont's staff?

16 Page 16 Overall, I give Claremont the following score out of ten:

17 Page 17 How old are you?

18 Page 18 Or you female or male?

19 The staff are very friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work! very glad I joined -big dance-friendliness-both form staff and members its a wonderful place, I don't feel lonely any more a reason to get up and get out. I meet people excellent Claremont and its staff mean a great deal to me and my life. would be very dull without it. you are doing fine! It is a home from home. a safe place where I can be myself. On the negative side, people talk too much in yoga class. on the whole wonderful and affordable. this is a wonderful place a valuable place for the people of Islington I have only been coming to Claremont for about a month. already it brings me tremendous value understanding and friendship I’d been aware of Claremont for some time as I've been part of an evening hall hire for 15 years. the quantity of work round walls and notices impressed and attracted me. I've suggested joining to others its a most supportive environment means a lot I think it does very well at a value for money price Claremont means the world to me as my children are grown up and gone, so I live alone with my 17 year old cat Alice, so the only people I see are Claremont friends. being ill means I can't do some activities that are too energetic but writing is my favourite. Listening carefully without any sign of judgement The Claremont has helped me in many ways and to cope with my husband's passing after 53 years together a good place to go meet friends, made new ones. attend the Friday performances a very friendly and happy environment Have more understudies in ballroom Claremont means a lot to me and look forward to the early ballroom with Derek and coffee morning means a lot to me in learning and improving my dancing and in making new friends I am not very confident doing things on my own. but since joining Claremont this has made me more confident and I can go on my own. Page 19 General Comments: How are we doing?

20 a weekly haven of shared interested and enjoyable exercise to make you feel good. somewhere to go. enjoying it so far, nice people I find more to do at Claremont. more variety continues to be introduced. it hasn't become boring. I am concerned that some classes appear permanently full on the other hand, There are more activities starting out the normal hours or at outside venues. I appreciate that this requires a lot of work and staff needs time for breaks and freedom from interruptions, but making contact with them is part of the pleasure of Claremont. its a local welcome place to engage in group activities the staff at Claremont are all so welcoming and helpful. Apart from my home Claremont is where I want to be. Meeting friends and making new ones its like being part of a family dancing, performing, outings, sharing the ups and downs of life with friends. Really enjoy coming here. lots of chances to work and chat with people and share experiences. Claremont is delightful I feel safe and comfortable and that every effort is made to engage our bodies and brains in creative and meaningful activities you are all doing very well. it is a welcoming place. I can meet friends their and have a nice cup of tea and cake on Friday afternoons. Thank you all! for me its a real find I think it’s great. I do my bit to bring new people along. Although I don't do any clases now, I do talk to people and get members to pass it on, if I think it will help situation. its not a big part of my life but id miss it if it wasn't there! It gets me out to meet people and I am learning other things. I’m happy in myself again. Claremont is doing very well. Claremont means a lot to me. I look forward to coming to Claremont every week. Claremont very good and feel very good going, every time I come to do my dancing. I am already in your mail list Claremont is doing well. It’s a great place for socialising. You’re doing very well To me and others users it means getting out and meeting other people and having and enjoyable afternoon. Meeting my friends. very helpfully Everyone all doing a great job. a pleasure to spend my time, meeting friend and learning new things. I look forward to my classes weekly. I have no complaints at all. all staff involved do a excellent job. Very important for fitness and dance A place to meet friends and to keep fit You’re doing very well to please so many people! Claremont means friends, enjoyment-nice social meeting place regular exercise which does me good. I also enjoyed the guided walk around Highbury last summer a excellent place to relax Page 20

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