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5 6666 11 7777 4444 9999 MAGIC SQUARE The Origins and Spread of Islam 3333 8888 13 12 14 2222 5555 10 15 1111 16 17 18 19 20

6 Muhammad was born in the city of… A.Madinah. B.Jerusalem. C.Makkah. D.Cairo. 1 1

7 In 610 C.E., Muhammad went to a cave in the mountains to meditate. According to Islamic teachings, what happened while he was there? A.Muhammad learned how to read and write. B.Four caliphs spoke to Muhammad. C.The angel Gabriel visited Muhammad. D.A winged horse appeared. 6 6

8 Which of the following was a result of Muhammad's preaching? A.His followers were persecuted. B.Most Mekkans began practicing Islam. C.Muslims began to give up their faith. D.Muhammad changed his teachings. 11

9 Which event inspired more Arabs to convert to Islam? A.Makkans failed to capture the Muslim city of Madinah. B.Muhammad married Khadijah. C.Makkans started a boybott against Muhammad's followers. D.Muhammad spent time in prayer and meditation. 16

10 What is the Ka'bah? A.a house of worship built by Abraham B.a cave where the angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad C.a mosque containing Muhammad's tomb D.a holy book of Islam 2 2

11 Who was Muhammad's first convert to Islam? A.Abu Talib B.Abu Bakr C.Khadijah D.Caliph Umar 7 7

12 The Dome of the Rock marks the place where Muhammad ended his Night Journey, according to Muslim tradition. In what city is this monument found? A.Medinah. B.Makkah. C.Cordoba. D.Jerusalem. 12

13 A caliph is a… A.prophet. B.Muslim ruler. C.messenger of God. D.king. 17

14 At the time of Muhammad's birth, Makkah was a center of religion and… A.agriculture. C.government. D.all of the above. 3 3

15 The word Muslim means… A.those who believe in many gods. B.those who surrender to God. C.those who follow Muhammad. D.those who act wisely. 8 8

16 Why did Muhammad move away from Makkah? A.Muslims were being attacked. B.The angel Gabriel told Muhammad to find a new home. C.Muhammad wanted to travel and gain more followers. D.Makkans forced Muhammad and his followers to leave. 13

17 Who was the first caliph? A.Ali ibn Abi Talib B.Caliph Umar C.Caliph Uthman D.Abu Bakr 18

18 The Qur'an is the Muslim holy book because it… a collection of sermons written by Muhammad. B.provides a history of the Arabian Peninsula. C.describes Muhammad's life in great detail. D.contains the messages of God that Gabriel told Muhammad. 4 4

19 Muhammad taught that… A.there is only one God. B.all believers are equal. C.the rich should share their wealth. D.all of the above 9 9

20 Muhammad and his followers left Makkah on a journey called the… A.siege. B.hijrah. C.Night Journey. D.Ka’bah. 14

21 This group believed that only people directly descended from Muhammed should be caliph? A.caliphate B.Shi’ah C.Sunnis D.People of the Book 19

22 What job did Muhammad have as an adult? A.merchant B.farmer C.professor D.sheep herder 5 5

23 Why did Makkans reject Muhammad's teaching? A.Makkah's leaders feared that Muhammad might seize political power. B.Merchants worried that pilgrims might stop visiting Makkah. C.People were upset about Muhammad's belief in only one God. D.all of the above 10

24 5,3 $500

25 Muhammad asked that Jews and Christians be treated as lawful members of society. What did Muslims, Christians, and Jews have in common? A.They believed in one God. B.They felt that Jerusalem was a holy city. C.They lived in the Muslim empire. D.all of the above 15

26 The Muslim empire built their capital city, Cordoba, in the present-day country of… A.Italy. B.Egypt. C.Spain. D.France. 20

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