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Other Birds of Prey Christopher Rolling Hills 2006.

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1 Other Birds of Prey Christopher Rolling Hills 2006

2 There are many raptor species in the world that are classified into five types of predators. Besides falcons there are vultures, owls, eagles, and hawks.Two others are kites and kestrels.

3 Vultures and condors are different then other birds of prey because they eat dead meat. There are three vulture species in North America; the turkey vulture, the black vulture, and the California condor. The most common in Southern CA is the turkey vulture.

4 All eagles are related to Buteo Hawks. There are three types of hawks; forest hawks, harris, and kites. Tree hawks perch in the shadows to catch their prey, instead of searching the skies. There are two species of eagles in North America, the bald eagle and the golden eagle. The golden and bald eagle, are about the same height. The golden eagle was reserved for kings in the old days.

5 Owls are another different type of raptor because they are nocturnal. Owls have night vision eyes so they can see their prey in the dark. All owls have four toes on both feet to help grip its prey. An owl's head can turn two hundred and seventy degrees in one direction. That is almost a complete circle!

6 Almost all birds of prey eat smaller birds and mice. All raptors have sharp claws to hold their prey but the only birds that don't have good claws are condors and vultures. All birds have sharp eyesight to see their prey.

7 All birds are related to at least one other bird; like the bald eagle and Buteo Hawks. There is only one raptor species that is not related to another and this is the owls. All birds of prey are connected in one way; they have everything reptiles do, except scales. I think birds of prey are cool because they have different techniques to catch their prey. I hope I will always see birds of prey in my life.

8 Bibliography Birds of Prey; Dialogue for Kids;©April 20, 2004; irdpreyfact.html irdpreyfact.html Stone,Lynn; Birds of Prey (A New True Book); U.S; ©1983 Wexo,John; Birds of Prey; Mankato, Minnesota, Creative Education; ©1986; pg.6

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