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Birds of prey By Anthony Cervera.

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1 Birds of prey By Anthony Cervera

2 Bald eagle Known as the “American" eagle
Beat the Turkey for the election of country bird Diet: Fish, rodents, sometimes herons, carrion, game birds (ducks, grouse, etc.).

3 Snowy owl Diet: Mostly lemmings (rodent) Average life span: 9.5 years
Snowy owls are active in day or night!

4 Black kite Diet: fish and carrion
Follows bush fires to find dead or dying small mammals Related to red kite.

5 Tawny eagle Diet: Carrion, Rabbits, medium sized rodents, lizards, snakes. Mostly lives in Kenya Looks like the steppe eagle

6 Golden eagle Also known as the booted or true eagle
Diet: Medium sized mammals Golden eagle Is the national emblem of Mexico

7 Great horned owl Diet: Small mammals, rabbits, geese, herons, Amphibians, reptiles. Looks like the long-eared owl. Regularly eats skunks!!!!!!

8 Peregrine falcon Diet: songbirds, small geese, small mammals.
Can dive at speeds of more than 160 mph! Looks like the prairie falcon Peregrine falcon

9 Osprey Diet: Fish Similar to the bald eagle
The osprey builds the nest on manmade structures, such as telephone poles!

10 Diet: Large insects, amphibians, reptiles, bats, other small mammals.
Similar to the white tailed kite. Attacks people who come too close to It’s nest. Mississippi kite

11 Harrier Diet: small mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs.
Similar to the rough-legged hawk Relies on hearing to catch prey Harrier

12 White bellied sea eagle
Diet: fish, sea snakes, crustaceans, etc. Usually forage in pairs. Like the black shouldered kite.

13 Red Tailed hawk Diet: small and medium sized mammals, birds, and reptiles. Similar to the red shouldered hawk. In movies, the red tailed hawk’s cry was used for any other bird of prey!

14 Diet: Pigeons, small or medium mammals, reptiles, large insects
Like the peregrine falcon Latin name: Falco biarmicus Lanner falcon

15 Credits Thank you for watching! An Anthony C. production BIRDS ROCK!!!
FWI: PowerPoint classes, at 1312 E. Melton, on weekends I hoped you liked the show!!! If you feel the need to have information about birds, just ask me, Anthony Cervera, for a PowerPoint! You CANNOT go through life knowing me without knowing that I like birds.

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