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Raptors of Virginia. Vultures The carrion eaters.

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1 Raptors of Virginia

2 Vultures The carrion eaters

3 Black Vulture Black head, White outer wing patches, Short tail White wing patch on outer wings

4 Turkey Vulture Red head, Flies with wings held in a V, Trailing edge of wing is white. Long tail Trailing edge is white

5 Buteos Large conspicuous soaring hawks. Broad wings and broad, fanned tails. Often hunt from a perch in a dead snag or from power poles.

6 Red-tailed Hawk Red tail on adult. Large. Dark patagial marks on forewing. Immature birds usually have a dark belly band. Dark Patagials Belly Band

7 Red-shouldered Hawk Black and white wing bars, Black and white tail, Red shoulders, Reddish breast. Screams a lot especially during spring and summer. Two or more thin black and white bands Red shoulder

8 Broad-winged Hawk Two wide black tail bands, Grayish brown chin and bib. Grayish brown bars on chest. Small, Prefers mature woodlands with streams and seeps. One broad dark band and one white band in tail

9 Rough-legged Hawk Artic Visitor. Dark solid belly band, dark wrist panels, Dark sub-terminal band in tail. Legs fully feathered. Courses over fields for mice.

10 Accipiters The secretive woodland hawks.

11 Sharp-shinned Hawk Small. Rounded head. Squared tail with barring. “Bug eyed” Head behind wing wrists in a glide.

12 Cooper’s Hawk Common but secretive. Round tail. Squared-off head. Head beyond wings.

13 Northern Goshawk A large gray and white hawk. White eyebrow stripe White eyebrow.

14 Falcons Fast bird eating raptors. They have pointed wings, Dark eyes with a malar stripe. Toothed beak. Long bird catching toes.

15 Kestrel Smallest falcon. Hunts mice from telephone wires. Often “pump” its tail when perched

16 Merlin Winter visitor. Small. Slate colored. Weak malar stripe.

17 Peregrine Falcon Largest falcon in Virginia. Bold mustache. Blue-gray and white.

18 Harriers Coursing raptors. Hunt by sight and sound. Owl-like face.

19 Northern Harrier Coursing bird. Owl-like face. Long tail with a white rump patch. Males gray, females brown.

20 Ospreys T he fish hawk. World-wide distribution. Knobby feet to catch and hold onto fish. Dives into water feet first!

21 Osprey “Fish Hawk” Brown and white. Large. Bends wings at the elbows.

22 Eagles Largest raptors. Many types.

23 Bald Eagle America’s symbol. Large. Don’t mature until 4 to 5 years old. Catch fish by dipping feet into water.

24 Golden Eagle - Rare visitor to the east. Large & powerful. Golden hackles.

25 Owls The nocturnal raptors.

26 Great Horned Owl – The largest owl in Virginia. Large ear tuffs. Broad chest. Yellow eyes. Ear tuffs broad and apart. Breast striped

27 Barred Owl – The “hoot” owl. Round head with black eyes. Prefers swampy woods. Call = “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?”

28 Screech Owl Smallest year round resident. Ear tuffs. Two color phases – red and gray.

29 Barn Owl Deep facial disk. Best hearing of any owl. Roosts and nest in man- made structures such as barns.

30 Short-eared Owl Winter visitor. Small ear tuffs. Courses over fields in search of voles. Small ear tuffs

31 Long-eared Owl Winter visitor. Slim. Large ear tuffs. Prefers woods and field edges. Ears long and close together Diamond shape breast spots

32 Northern Saw-whet Owl Our smallest visiting winter owl. No ear tuffs!

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